Typhoon Rolly Update: Manila Flights Canceled, Projected Damages

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    In this video I discuss, “Typhoon Rolly Update: Manila Flights Canceled, Projected Damages”

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  2. Catbalogan city Samar is very far South was signal 2. Maria’s at school trying to graduate.. she said there was high winds a lot of rain and the boarding house got flooded out… But did not lose power.

  3. Hi there Reekay, thanks for sharing this update. I hope there’s no one died due to this super typhoon. I know that it can ruin people’s properties as well as government properties but what matters is I hope all of my fellowmen especially those places which is hit hard by this typhoon will all be safe. Iloilo city wasn’t affected but it’s raining every now and then. This typhoon is similar to that of typhoon Haiyan but the only difference is that back then during the typhoon haiyan people aren’t prepared and wasn’t aware that there’s a strong storm that’s coming while this time people was been warn few days before its landfall. Keep safe Reekay.

  4. Hi Reekay, thanks for the news and information , sounds like more serious problems for many people there. What an awful year 2020 has been, cancelled flights and vacations are the least of the problems. Take care and stay safe you two.

  5. This is one advantage of being in Davao City we may get a little more rain but that is all from it. We are way to the south and Davao is in a valley. The last one to come through we didn’t even get the rain. All to the north be safe and take cover.

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