1. great New iPhone, perfect colors, its great for vlogs, congrats you to this phone and again, it looks like in germany there, same colorful trees. btw we have new logdown (Light) starting tomorrow until end of November, going 20000 cases per day here. keep safe and thanks for your video

  2. Hey Jason, hope all is well with you. I have been constantly communicating with my Filipina fiancé about typhoon rolly. She lives in kalayaan Laguna which is about 3 hours from metro Manila. I’m praying for her and her family to be safe. Keep bringing your awesome videos my friend. Please stay safe.

  3. Good afternoon Jason. Just an update on the situation in Melbourne. No new cases overnight in past couple days now we are out of stage 4 lockdown. Still have 25 kms from home still active. Find out next week if restrictions will ease here. Many stores n shops open for business. No business in more than 110 days here.

  4. Im here in Mabolo now going on 2pm..Fair weather here now….miss my family back in N.H
    I feel safer here… No cold..Im sure youll be back here soon!

  5. You’re wrong, Thailand only letting in Russians and Chinese and it took ages just to get them in, apparently from Guangzhou which is a “low” “risk” ” area” its all about money

  6. Just checked out Brit in the Philippines he lives in Naga, he was live streaming and I think his power got cut, had time to say he suffered some roof damage. In the UK there is another lockdown, how long most people will put up with it is hard to say, certainly glad I stayed in Thailand

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