1. Fleas can turn a cat into a diabetic. I know because it did it to my mama’s cat… he had so many fleas on him 🙁 I had to put him down. I cried as if it was my own cat :'(

  2. I know around my farm when stuff goes wrong generally it’s the whole herd so you may want to check the other dogs or just run the medicine through them

  3. Brian,,,,,, I’m in US now,,, but I’m interested in buying pigs……
    I’m new to sending msg’s… sent you 1-2 no answer/reply….. I’m checking if possible to transport them to another island. I have boat available if so, I will/should know when I wake 5:00 pm your time… do you know if you can or not while I’m having them research for me…???

    Girlfriend is asking Mayor as I’m texting…😂
    He should at least know coast guard requirements..?

    Any info would be helpful.. Thanks…!!!

  4. Yeah Brian those tic’s are a curse for dogs. Our dogs on Cebu also had tic’s which sometimes fell off onto our floor when the dogs came inside during the heat of the day. Not good for humans to get them either, they can make you quite sick.

  5. Brian you can mix flea and tick dip in a trash can and dip all the dogs at the same time, it can be reused a few times if you keep a lid on it. A little trick a vet taught me.

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