Tube Chassis K20 Dragster + 2JZ Heaven in Bangkok’s Insane Race Shop | Supra + Skyline + S15 + Evo

I recently visited AOR 77, one of Bangkok Thailand’s most insane automotive race shops. They specialize in building some of the country’s fastest tube chassis drag and streetcars.



  1. Quite a few civics are running deep into the 7s now both FWD and AWD. K AND B series. There is a 5sec 2.3L 4cyl Chevrolet too. Full cast iron and no billet crap…

  2. Brother Chad, do you have any videos which include the one they call “Homer”? I keep hearing Tim K and Alex referencing him but I’ve yet to see this character. The Chad perspective on “Homer” would be appreciated. ))

  3. As much as im fascinated with the cool rides, im curious about their food courts.. Maybe some vids of you chowing on some lomein and giving an input on their food once the food places open up after the craziness..

  4. I wouldnt say drag racing is dropping in the states if anything it’s the strongest it’s ever been just not with the major players like NHRA. There is alot of new racing no prep, small tires 10 wide, 275 and alot more street racing like in the 60s70s. Cars are just extremely fast now its insane.

  5. If you had to suggest a vid of yours to a new sub, which vid of yours would you suggest and is your fav you have made? I stumbled on to your channel with the turbo diesel boat vid haha thats been my favorite so far. Flippin wild ass boats and bet crazier in person 🤘🤘🤘🤘🍻🍻🍻

  6. Subscribed! Break the Thai stereotypes, their motorsports scene is an eye opener but content is limited. You’re channel is sitting on a gold mine, expose it! Their cars are tasteful and fast. Check out Zeus Custom and Muklada Sarapuech. Keep up the good work!

  7. That Honda is an Elysion; pronounced El-e-see-on.

    Mostly produced for the JDM, when it first came out, it was dubbed by Honda as being “the fastest MPV to come off a production line”.

  8. Chad, I hope the car magazine “The Drive” is all square with you, there useing alot of your work mate. Hope it’s thumb’s up, all good …… Looking forward to seeing some drag racing in Thailand, car type.

  9. Not sure if there is any Muay Thai event during this period, but if yes, suggest you do a video about it. Otherwise, I would suggest food hunting (Tom Yum dishes) or Temple hunting. Still enjoy your car video because I’m a car guy too.

  10. Like I said before, those Thais are sooooo clever with their craftsmanship! That dog sniffing your finger was so funny….You could see it was thinking “farang or chicken….oh wait, yeah farang..” Great vid Chad, beer time…..

  11. Chad, what is the markup/cost of being able to do stuff like this in Thailand? I know you mentioned in a previous video regarding the import tax and laws that prohibit people from bringing in cars from other countries. You also detailed the amount of money that these people are spending for GT-R conversions or even more money for real GT-Rs (north of 250k USD for some of these cars). The people building these back-halved drag cars with complex IRS setups, tons of parts from across the globe, and what not obviously have sponsors and their own money. What I’d like to see is what middle class Thailand looks like and if a younger guy or girl could do an exhaust, intake, and tune on their car without going bankrupt or saving money for five years to do it. Maybe the middle class can’t afford a hot hatch or an older used sports/performance car and they generally don’t modify their means of transportation. I honestly don’t know and would love to get some insight into the car communities of not only Bangkok but other parts of Thailand and SE Asia as well. This way you fully mix your travel with automotive content and can please both sides of the fence. Whatever you put out, my wife and I watch together and don’t really care what its about because you always put out quality content no matter what you are doing.

    For some perspective, it took me about $1500 USD for an intake, custom downpipe and mid pipe, ECU tune, and TCU tune on my MK7 GTI to make over 300whp and 350wtq. The car has no problem upsetting more expensive cars with more power because of the nearly instant gear changes with the DSG and 3100lb curb weight. Is something like this possible over in Thailand without sacrificing a kidney and your first born as payment? I’m curious as to what you could do on a low end six figure USD salary ($100-150k/year) in Thailand when it comes to buying, modifying, and repairing a car with some level of performance.

  12. Honda E L I S I O N…pronounced e-LEE-shion. The English word elysian’ refers to Elysian Fields, which was the paradise reserved for the heroes immortalized by the gods. My grandmother named the road they lived on “Elysian Lane”.

  13. Holy shit if you didn’t know any better you’d think you were in a shop in america lmao. Had no idea Thailand had access to race car shit.

  14. honda elysion is everywhere in south east asia. honda make it to compete with toyota alphard and vellfire. normal elysion like in video is to compete with alphard and elysion prestige is to compete with vellfire at that time.

  15. I’m thinking of the camero; mustang 2j swaps I’ve seen. Hell even my father is converted. From someone who owned a brand new f150 inline six, on the tree with four wheel drive. I can still remember old blue now and wish for something around mid to late 80s pickup truck for myself before body style dropped off the map completely.
    Screw it, i might as well go after the nash rambler wagon and 2j swap it. The wagon itself is already set for a inline six; currently running one.

  16. Over all how is the location or country in general doing or feeling? Is their a planned closer set in place and to what extent is the furture of proceeding travel.
    What about real estate, and other businesses?
    How are the markets, from auto to food? Does some sort of social distance market work in the country or hurting it and others as well.
    As of current im able to work but, because of the shut down. We have no in home daycare and my wife has had to take time away from her nursing job to watch the kids. Plus get are oldest started on online school.

  17. That 240 or 280 at the beginning of the video, in the alley way. Classic! Are their tracks prep, doesn’t seem like it. Another great video thanks man

  18. I can’t watch your show because your language is phenomenally bad so therefore if my kids can’t watch it I can’t watch it so just like everybody else you’re stupid

  19. Excellent work, We are big into drag racing in Australia and always been wanting to have a look in Thailand. Hey can you speak Thai at all or do you just buy a few beers for the boys to communicate. Just wondering 🙂

  20. “ in a america drag racing is starting to die off” is there another america……? cuz the one im in doesnt have drag racing dying at all

  21. nice troy michigan usa built apollo trick titanium bellhousing on the honda rail car… when you wanna go fast beyond belief your gonna need some apollo parts.

  22. The Honda Elysion comes from the factory with a K24A or J30 or 35. That’s not a swap. I know because my sister in Antigua has one and I rocked it for 1 week last year. And its not an Odyssey, way smaller and only seats 7.

  23. White full chassis in the corner is a toyota solara body ps: how funny al car are so super dusty sand including engines that’s crazy🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂

  24. As always i am overwhelmed, thanks for the great knowledge. So cool to see how other people work to accomplish similar goals! Sadly i missed the livestream 🙁 , but hopefully i can catch the next one! Keep up the great work, and be diligent in your safety precautions! <3

  25. Boosted Bois have a bigger turbo then that, they have a 1100+HP Mini Van too
    PFI speed…?.
    Do a search. .!!!.
    Honda’s run 7 all day..

  26. 1992 Toms Castrol Supra use a 4 cylinder engine, it uses 3SGTE engine not a 2jz because of the weight distribution, so really 2jz lover shouldn’t hate this.

  27. we are South East Asia peoples..
    when we talk about Thailand…
    nothing are impossible to make..
    in motosport… 1st, prefer you see their drag bike..

  28. Not a car guy really, but I do appreciate good engineering. The ability of these guys to produce works of art while sitting cross legged on a concrete floor is amazing.

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  30. Can’t find the video but you said if women were watching to leave a comment So hey!!! I love your content even the car stuff! You present things very well. Can’t wait till the city is back up and you can film to the fullest!!

  31. hey chad , woww great cars omg.
    so cool bro .your in your elliment there with all the cars ,some amazing fast cars .
    you take care bro and keep safe ,
    keep working the great videos

  32. Killer vid Chad … as a fellow petrol head you just nailing it with content like this. Chad a travel tips vid how to get out to Bangkok Drag Avenue or another track when based in BKK Nana / Asok area eg BTS MRT or get a driver like Grab Uber ? I really like to get out Drag race event next trip you mentioned prev vid events go really late into night hate get stuck @ track

  33. I love the Thai guys sitting around the floor working on the engines. Brings back memories of the maintenance shops in the factories I visited.

  34. So, for the algorithm . . . . you have your own party with lots of …….. ? LOL If I were single in Thailand. . . . invest in Trojans.. . . . . . .I’m NOT a ricer…….well that’s all I have. . . Oh wait. I wonder how much a party would cost……I’m going to have to delete this later. .. . .. .

  35. Hi, as you all know that in Thailand is sick crazy abt motor sport, just loving it. Perhaps you could get into motorbike scenes too. Thailand bike stuff are sick too!! That may increase your rating. BTW I’m a car n bike craze.

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