Trip to Tambobo Bay, Siaton – Brownout Getaway 1 of 2

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  1. Good luck best wishes to you and your family Ned 🙏❤️👣👍💙♥️👍 baby Zoey 👣👣👣👣😷

  2. Nigel is rich
    Was hoping for you to interview him
    Baby zoe looks super
    Ive never mentioned this but you are over 50 and your wife looks 25 (maybe)


  3. Looks like the perfect getaway during a brownout. Did you try any of Chichay’s burger…what is good? I’ve seen that most vloggers in Dumaguete complain that they can’t get a good cheeseburger there. I did see that Brian from PhilliyInThePhilippines posted a Vlog for a Smashburger that recently opened in Angeles City and he said it was the best burger he had in the PI. Maybe Dumaguete will open one there sometime?

  4. Brown outs,what an absolute nuisance and inconvenience it is,i wonder my fellow pilgrims,is it only Dumaguete that suffers this situation in the Philippines,Noreco dua you are a joke?

  5. Thanks for the consult the other night. You are one if the few You tubers who doesn’t waffle on too much and when you do waffle, it’s entertaining.
    I have purchased your ebook and even after the first few pages I find it cathartic. Cheers Ned

  6. Jeep was a Jeep YJ from the 1980’s. Just bought another one last week to work on and play with then sell. #15.Fun little hobby for me and usually make a few bucks. Will put some videos up in a little while.

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