Trip to Reef’s Farm, Tanjay City, Negros Oriental – Sunflower Central!

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  1. Great video, nice place to visit. Zoe is growing up soooo fast. And when she started talking while being held, believe it or not, after raising 2 daughters, I understood exactly what she was saying! “Thank God for such amazing parents”

  2. Love the thumbnail, beautiful shot. That is the cutest house in the background. Where are the bees? If they grow sunflowers they should have their own apiary, it’s a win win.
    Someone needs to feed her baby or she won’t not lose her balance and perform a classic faceplant.
    Zoe looks more Buda than the Buda.

  3. Famous landmark here in Philippines go find it yourself,figure it out yourself🤣 used to owned a house going to twinlakes the signage was pointing into my front property,many made a wrong turn😅cute bb girl,your wife is ilongga?

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