Tree Woes

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  1. Good suggestion, the tree could still be saved probably. But the problem is how to straighten it back to its original position. I think there’s a proper way to do it, some expert might have ideas.

  2. dig a hole twenty feet away, put in a 1/2 iron rod with end welded in eye hook, cement it in the hole… there you go. You have the pulling point and the fastening point, case closed…

  3. That would be a Northfolk island pine lol. They get massive. Early explorers thought they would be a good source of masts on the sailing ships, but the timber was prone to snapping. I’d be thinking out the branches so the wind can blow through it instead of blowing it over.

  4. Hummm. If you can stand it up, perhaps you can drive some small I beams into the ground and weld some kind of frame around it. No wires. I don’t know. I hope you can save it. The roots are ripped. Might be a lost cause.

  5. AUSTRALIAN Norfolk island pine ,,, grrrrrr
    They prefer acidic soils ,, I would guess Bohol in general has more Alkaline ( “Base” for Yanks ) soils?
    Either way cut the blinken things up ,, including the smaller one nick named LEANING tower of Pizza.
    Plant more trees don’t waste time and money on those

  6. If you right the tree and it survives, and the landlord doesn’t want it, they can always have it cut down. If you just let it sit there and die, there’s no bringing it back once it’s dead. I very much doubt the landlord would want it to continue to be laying on the roof if it manages to survive by itself. I would say righting the tree would be the best course of action. Right now, the tree is doing whatever it can do to try to survive. The new growth continuing to flourish is an encouraging sign. The longer you wait to act, the more you risk damaging any progress the tree has made in the process of righting it and re-traumatizing the tree. Whatever you choose to do, I would start on it soon, before some user reports you for tree abuse. 😉

  7. Interesting about that tree being a remnant from the dinosaur period.
    Of course one has to remember, 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs were terminated.
    The world looked very different, the continents, were nowhere near, where they are now!
    Australia ( off the east coast of which , Norfolk Island( which by the way is less than 4 million years of age) sits, for example.
    Was not far from Antartica( 85 million years ago, was actually joined, with Antarctica and South America!!), so was in the Antarctic circle.
    However, since the climate was much milder then.
    Most of the land area was covered by evergreen forest, similar I imagine, to the present forest around Siberia and northern Canada in the Arctic Circle.
    Thanks for stimulating me guys, something to do at 3.00am !! Lol

  8. BRIAN, truck load binders and a 4 foot pipe. Also you can’t cut anything off the crown of the tree. You might saturate the ground with water as you go to settle out the air.

  9. But no matter how well you secure it a big typhoon can blow it into the house again. Not worth the amount or work, pesos and time to try and save. See if you can start a new one from that tree and plant it there to continue.

  10. Common sense. Never plant any pine tree or pine type close to your house. Your looking to get your house seriously damaged or. Someone killed. I’d down that Dan. Thing

  11. wisconsin hello yes i agree …stand it up ! guy ropes / wires stakes . we transplant white pines here not alot smaller [ buy hand ] . with my kids , we have done many ..
    note ; you may choose to do selective , branch trimming ahead of time . to reduce
    the weight .. hey we do… salamat ..

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