Traveling In Thailand. Cha Am to Prachuap.

Vlog#871 Leaving Cha Am and heading to Prachuap Khiri Khan. Meating up with Joe and Gift, along with other friends. It doesn’t matter anymore what day it is living in Thailand.
Hotel in Cha Am:
Resort in Prachuap:
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GoPro Hero 5 Black (Secondary camera) Used on dash driving video
GoPro Hero 7 Black (Primary camera)
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Samsung Galaxy A7 (used during all Live streams)
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  1. Thank you guys for watching us and leaving a comment. Please make sure you are still subscribed to our channel. See you on the next video. 4th of July special.

  2. Got to love Joe and his lady. I wish more people have his heart. To the person that gave the thumbs down how about take it and put it up your ass!!!

  3. Squirrel! Bless you stars you are there in Thailand and not here in the States we are headed to going to lockdown again. Covid-19 Big Time!

  4. Wow! I had no idea about the scenic route into Prachuap that you guys took. We took the main road out of Hua Hin, but I wish we would have taken the route you guys took, so pretty! It was our pleasure meeting you an Paige. After following you for a couple of years, i felt like I already knew you. However, spending time with you guys at Joe and Gifts place was very pleasurable. Truly appreciate you promoting my channel Chuck, I know that you would not do that unless you found me genuine, so THANK YOU! I feel it’s so important for quality expats to gain friendships with one another. Separate and apart from the YouTube vlogging world, meeting new friends is so gratifying. Honored to call both of you our friends here in this amazing Kingdom. Nam Yen and I didn’t want to do anything but spend time getting to know all of you, and that was better than any attractions we might have visited. Rick & Kay were also a blast to be around. For all of you long-time subscribers of Notime2bsad, if you have not yet been fortunate enough to meet Chuck and Paige in person, let me just say, they are both truly genuine, caring people. Look forward to a trip to your beautiful part of the Kingdom someday soon Chuck. Peace and love to you and yours, TTT

  5. Hey great video watched you guys on the fourth with Joe and all. I am a US Army retired veteran been living in Paraguay for the last 17 years you guys got me thinking about going to Thailand for a while if I do I’ll look you up. Thanks for sharing keep up the fantastic blog. Cheers! Scottie

  6. Hey, I am also thinking about bringing my retired self over there in the near future. You guys make it all seem so worthwhile and very enjoyable.

  7. Hey Chuck “e”…Dang the dog🐕 was cool, is that like lieutenant Dang, and then Paige she’s such a stoner… LoL
    High Paige🙏

  8. Good to see Joe and Gift. The girlfriend and I went to Prachuap Khiri Khan back in February. I loved the place. More than Pranburi. We stayed at Sea Smile Resort in Khlong Wan.
    When I can get back into Thailand I’ll be stopping by for a t-shirt at your place in That Phanom.

  9. Hello Chuck n Paige.. My gf and I met Joe n Gift a couple weeks ago n are planning on living in Prachuap Khiri Khan. We are traveling , currently in Surat Thani . Hope to meet everyone sometime.

  10. Since Thailand is so harsh about drugs, does Paige’s hat with the herbal leaf on it bring any undue attention over there?

  11. Kind of eerie with not many people on the road. California is pretty much back to normal as far as traffic in spite of our Governor.

  12. I love Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces, mountains, lakes, rivers waterfalls, beaches some great nature preserves and good fresh seafood, another great day in paradise for you guys, thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  13. pillow firm, fluffy, thats us, wife like a firm pillow, that will give me a crick in my neck, I like a fluffy pillow, or sometimes I ball up a sheet & put fluffy on 1 side of my head, & sheet on other, so basically nothing under middle of head, thats whats comfortable for me & wife shakes her head, lol.

    Paige favorite is cheese cake? there is a version called chess cake, thats my absolute favorite, not sure if thats style she likes? or what I normally see for cheese cake, but if not had the version we refer to as chess cake, try it. I been hoked on it for over 40 years. lol.
    looking forward next video, have fun!!!!!

  14. That coffee bar across the street from where you ate breakfast in Cha Am is really good! I stayed at the resort just south of your resort. Cha Am is a really great place, very friendly, comfortable and the food on the beach was phenomenal, fresh and inexpensive.

  15. I find recently on youtube that if your writing a reply to a web site and a add come up you lose all that you have already written…very frustrating…I give up.

  16. Nice area for sure…. the part that looks like Florida…. love that state… lived there for 12 years. I noticed a few comments about Paige’s red hat… that’s the same one Soi Mafia ( mom) usually wears on trips too.. Watched the 4th party and enjoyed it. Good to see everyone together. Ok … c u on the next one. :-))

  17. Hello Chuck, Seems ‘KhaoTom’ is your delicacy. Saw you many times on rice soup. Have never seen you on ‘KhaoNiao khaiYang’
    Great trip Sir.

  18. Wait for The Water Festival and say, “I love you so much.” Then, give her a good blast from a water pistol, and say, “April Fool’s!” Whether or not she forgives you after that will prove her love to you. lol April Fools Day. Interesting Holiday. Long ago, people celebrated the changing of the New Year on April 1st. Those that continued to celebrate April 1st as New Year’s Day after the The Gregorian Calander came into use were called “April Fool’s” In French, it is called Poisson D’Avril. Ha! I guess that means “Fishy Day!”

  19. Good times being had by all! Great build up for Joe’s party. You guys made the Holiday special for those away from the US. Thanks for allowing us into your life! looking forward to the rest of your trip. I need a vacation.

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