2019 was a year of travel and adventure. 2020 is just a little different. Who said you couldn’t make travel vlogs from home…Here is what my lockdown has looked like from the POV of an action camera. Get your own DJI Osmo Action for only $229 til Monday – (honestly it’s a crazy steal of a deal)

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  1. Love this! You’re my favorite travel vlogger. I so appreciate all the value you provide and all the hard work you put into bringing us this content! You’ve inspired me to start my own travel channel in 2020! So here’s to a new beginning!

  2. That’s funny. I was wondering where you were Christian, because I haven’t seen a new video in a few weeks, so I check your channel and now a new video! An awesome surprise! haha

  3. I got inspired to start my own travel channel after watching your videos. Shot an entire New York vlog in 2019 but 2020 has been such a hard year for travelers – there is no content to shoot!

  4. 45 days: grim dawn, gta5, mad max, modern warfare, doom, witcher 3, kingdom two crowns, metro exodus, lara croft, path of exile, far cry new dawn… list just goes on….

  5. Almost as good as my video about creatively using an action camera (in my case a GoPro) at home;-) Just kidding, maybe I’ll be as good once thanks to your amazing Lost Creator Academy (I joined right at the start and I love it). Thanks Christian for the inspiration and motivation:-)

  6. Katie….la misma cara y Las mismas palabras le dije a mi esposo cuando le deje un hueco en el mismo lugar….me he reido tanto…gracias por grabar lo que muchas hemos hecho pero no quedo en video…..

  7. You both are my favourite travel bloger
    The way you take the cinematics n the way you edit is just awesome
    Want be like you someday

  8. Nice to see your lock down videos finally. You could do them daily,always nice to watch them with morning coffee.I dont cry , and same for shower. Love your lock down videos and travel vlogs

  9. seriously apart from studies and work, the best way to get over quarantine is watching your travel vidoes specailly Bali and Thailand. Once all of this is over they are surely some of the places I would like to visit. Till then stay home stay safe.

  10. Yea 2020 has been unbelievable. Never would I have imagined something like this. But we will get through this and hopefully back to traveling soon.

  11. Traveling to and exploring places (very) close to home is traveling too! Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Good to see you’re making the most of a bad situation.

  12. I imagine it must be really hard putting out valuable content during this pandemic especially for travel vloggers whose job is mostly to film outside of the house. It’s good to connect with your followers and show the realities of life in quarantine. Stay healthy and keep your head up in these trying times.

  13. Yo bro! I been watching you for some time now and I always love the content. Learned a lot as well! Just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts bro, keep up the good work. Inspired me to start vlogging as well. Stay safe out there brother! Love.

  14. Sometimes seasons can be very, very challenging for all of us and to get used to something which we hadn’t done for quite a while how it is stay at home for an indefinite time could be a big challenge for our minds, greeting for everyone who could read this comment from other place in this planet, now we have all of the time we couldn’t to learn we can now it’s the time. Don’t lose this time, make it count!

  15. I am wondering why DJI is sponsoring so many videos with the Osmo Action right now? Could be because they want to give the Action another year or because they want to sell all the old units before a new one comes out? What is your opinion?

  16. My boyfriend of 6 years and I usually watch you together after we eat dinner. I haven’t seen him in 6 weeks… This is hard but we are in it with so many others. Good to see you and Katy safe 🙏🏼❤️

  17. The whole world has changed and now is the time to embrace the perspectives of the world. Here’s to new “home ” adventures and that 2021 brings a restart.

  18. Thank you for sharing, I hope Katy’s family is also doing well! Love all your videos can’t wait until we get back to traveling.

  19. Surprisingly this was a good video. I love your hometown, it looks so peaceful with lots of space to get out and exercise and enjoy some fresh air. I would love to live by the sea.

    Maybe when lockdown ends you can do some travel videos around Canada, until you can travel abroad again. I’ve tried a few travel vlogs and you are the only one I have stayed subscribed to for over 2 years.

  20. Heads Up : Here in the kootenays alot of people are out ATV riding in the back country. distancing in style should do some backcountry Canada vlogs for your Worldwide audience

  21. You really make amazing videos! I love the way you show all of your travels. I have a YouTube channel too where I post travel videos and it would be great if I could get some support and feedback! Thank You!

  22. Can’t express this enough, that u are so inspiring and push me to things that I have never experienced before and learn new things out of my comfort zone 🦋❤️❤️

  23. Can’t express this enough, that u are so inspiring and push me to things that I have never experienced before and learn new things out of my comfort zone 🦋❤️❤️

  24. Hi Chris and Katy. I missed your videos/clips so much. But thanks for this one. I enjoyed the dreakfast cooking scene. It was a nice change. The whole “home” videos. Waiting to see more.

  25. Jeejh love to see some new work from you! Started watching your Bali vlogs to get inspiration for our honeymoontrip.. but will probably cancel for this year. You guys help us to stay positive! Best wishes from The Netherlands

  26. No shit, mental health is something that people already say that is questionable with me. My grandparents moved in with my parents so we cannot go visit or we may infect them all. lately even the dog they are keeping it from us. My younger brother has a toy of his own and lately, being alone fine tuning his expertise. I get scared that I may get pregnant from stepping in the shower. Lucky me he is here for the duration of the pandemic. I live in Chicago, so going outside is dicey regardless what is happening in the world. With my brother now staying with me, mental health will take a dive for sure. So looking forward going back to the office but I work for a government lab that is closed for pandemic. If that is not already really shitty they are threatening to have trump visit real soon.
    Now I see you and your chica and I wonder where did my life took a wrong turn.

  27. Travel is going to change forever. Expensive flights, slow travel only, remote work for all. Travel vloggers will have a very similar lifestyle to everyone else. Staycations & camping will boom in 2020 too, which is kinda nice. We all have many nice places right on our door steps.

  28. Let’s hope we can get back to traveling and creating soon! We also try to use this free time to perfect our editing skills and be ready when we start a new hitchhiking adventures and make even greater video! 📽️😲
    Greetings guys ❤️

  29. Good to see you two again,this virus really put a close down on air travel.I had to cancel plans to the Phils. Twice this good thing I’m working 7 nites a week now. I’ve been watching your videos for almost 5 yrs and your one of the best.Take care enjoy your time off stay healthy thank you both 👍❤

  30. Seeing you with Kia whilst on the skateboard made me smile 🙂 Best Youtube channel by far! Keep up the awesome videos and stay safe guys! x

  31. Good 2 c u bak on tha grind 📸 I’ve been out filming twice a wk here in NYC about Covid interviewing ppl, ironically with a action cam 🔥 Check it out .. wheres everyone planning to travel to after all this? ✈

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