Airlines are planning for more international and domestic flights in the coming month. Some nations have more restrictions than others and are planning travel bubbles or green lanes with neighboring countries or countries with few cases. In SE Asia, the Philippines is gearing up but no guidance yet. Thailand and Cambodia have stated some restrictions.


  1. Thanks for the update Rod, oh well, that’s Cambodia off the short list of possibilities. It sounds like I might not be going anywhere for a while yet. Greece is opening, but not to tourists from UK, Spain or Italy. Portugal and Uk are discussing no quarantine for UK tourists. Let’s hope there are some changes to the situation before too long.
    Take care and stay safe there always.

  2. Here In Europe they more or less start opening up soon. EU removed external borders by 01 of July, leaving it up to countries themself to decide. France earlier Stated they could first see non-eu travleres end september, now they open up for this 01st of July. This is due to tourism and here Will be High season, I Think many countries Will reopen once they come closer to their prime seasons.
    How do you see this? And when you Think Filipinos Will be allowed to travel out of Philippines?

  3. These countries are committing Touristic Suicide. Hand over $3,000.00 to some Cambodian Immigration Officer? Ha HA HA Have fun getting that back. Thailand seems to be dreaming up more restrictions by the day. Asia is sending the message that they don’t want Tourist. Its O K by me , Plenty of other places to go. Im considering being a Full Time RVer .I already own my Travel Trailer and my Dodge Diesel truck . I can live for the same amount R Ving as in Asia. If these countries set a bunch of Mindless Idiotic Requirements it will totally kill Tourism and be the Dumbest thing that they have ever done, But , What else is new?

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