Flights, domestic and international are slowly increasing but with several restrictions to and from most regions. Philippine immigration is allowing Filipinos, their spouses and children, and some business and diplomatic travel but they still are not issuing tourist visas.


  1. Thanks for the update Rod, and nice to have a look around there again. It looks as though it’s going to be a while before I can get back there again unfortunately. Take care always.

  2. The biggest problem here are the four million stranded in-country filipino workers. Job is gone in Manila, Cebu, Davao but they have no way to get home. THAT’s 4,000,000!

  3. will be glad to fly to cebu city
    .once i get.permission to fly and get visa.for Philippines..Australian government still very carefully on covid19…great video rod…thanks..

  4. thanks for the update 26,000 cases and 6000 recovered I heard some big jets coming in ofw fights for Filipinos coming home from overseas jobs that are no more.

  5. My heart goes out to those taking their lives during these trying times. There is no greater pain than losing a loved one……Thanks for sharing Rod.

  6. Too bad some people decided to end their lives, instead of patiently waiting, there’s hope outhere and the only thing that’s very disappointing that I heard is that the seniors are not allowed anywhere, that’s the best part of being retired! Hope they changes the rules or else we will retire where we are

  7. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. But i’ve heard new out reak in China capital Better becareful with them Chinese tourist.

  8. I don’t want to come back here right away, I want to go back to the states, and wait it out till it is clear to come back.. I have plan B together, but I need the go ahead to get on a international flight out of Mactan.. Hope the news is good from the IATF… It seems like they are going to wait till the last minute to tell us tonight.. Thanks for the video, Rod.. Bruce

  9. Is Vietnam one of the countries included in the travel bubbles? I’m a US citizen who’s been living in Vietnam for the past 18 months.

  10. Thankyou, for latest info. I am waiting for Cebu to open to international travel. We want to spend our cacation there. She is Filipina, I am American.
    We are so ready for travel.
    Thankyou again.

  11. As a point of interest I thought you might want to know a bit of information that I know first hand and I have not heard anyone else talking about. I flew back to the US in Jan., while in imagration I saw a large plane of Chinese young people coming in to be processed. They were all dressed very nicely and looked wealthy. Each one had one a mask, something that was strange to see in the US at the time. I think we can guess who their parents were and why they had been set out of China.

  12. The plastic sheeting hanging everywhere looks quite comical Rod. Such a nutty world we currently live in. I’d guess even if they open up everything tomorrow it’ll take a year before many feel comfortable traveling again. Thumbs up! Great info.

  13. Thanks for the updates Rod. You always provide information that we can count on. I am patiently waiting for things to open up so I can retire there….

  14. It will be interesting to see what happens here in the US next. With all the looting and rioting going on, i can just imagine what would happen if Governors or Mayors tell everyone to lock back down? And just imagine if Trump says lock back down, the media will go back into a freakout…But for me, with a better than 97% success rate in overcoming the virus, i’ll take my chances…

  15. It’s so sad. This “v” is fake, a scamdimic. The tests used to determine if someone is positive was not meant to be used for this “v”. It’s a Great Deception. Will enough people discover the truth and fight back is the ?. So far, not looking great.

  16. My gf is stuck in lapu lapu… Unable to go back home to surigao with cancelled ferry. If I’m not helping her I don’t know how she would survive. What a strange situation were living with many desperate people as a result. Thanks for the update sir.

  17. Good video…I have heard over 300,000 OFWs are trying come back to the Philippines so that’s about 1000 flights all at the same time which is a very big problem as they are getting 14 day quarantine on arrival

  18. My wife just became Canadain citizen as was just told she is now considered a foreigner, so she has to apply for dual citizenship before we can travel there. We are in the process of buying some agricultural land and we were hoping to go there soon…what a mess :-(.

  19. Lapu-Lapu is where my apartment is. If you go across mactan bridge and go straight until the right side shell has station is where I stay. I’m so excited. Just being there is more than a blessing.

  20. So I flew into Manila on 10 and received test at airport and ushered to a quarantine hotel. Last night got my results last night. Leaving in a few hours to cebu. But just today cebu has moved back to lockdown. So looks like I will be stranded until 30 june

  21. Hi Rod, thanks for the video. I am watching from Lagos Nigeria and eagerly waiting on the tourist visa to open up so I can get home to Bulacan

  22. Question Rod. My wife is a Filipina. So can we get into the country? I am an American. We have a home in Minglanilla. Best wishes Bob.

  23. Malaita province in southern Mindanao is lock down you cant take a bus threw there It was lock down again it was lifted last week then they got some new cases so back to lock down.

  24. the coronavirus still growing up in many countries. and I assume the philippines and the japan didn’t have too much cases cause they are nice and they have religion belief .lol

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