Here is some news about immigration and visas in the Philippines and an update on some of the latest news. Visa extensions, ACR card renewals, etc are more difficult now with travel restrictions and I believe there will not be any penalty for those who cannot get it done on time during this issue. Travel news and options continue to change every couple of days as do the options at resort and hotels.


  1. It seems like right now, most countries for retired expats are getting nervous about having to take care of old foreign folks just in case they get sick.

    1. @Daddybob Well, I think it boils down to who gets the most priority, the local or the foreigner. However, that dreaded scenario might not hold true when it comes to covid patients. Doctors and nurses work under oath which is to treat anyone who needs medical help.

  2. Every day the politicians have a talk fest about all these issues and sometimes they actually make a decision….
    BUT they always seem to succeed in not having thought things thru…
    Nothing seems to work or everyone has a different translation on what to do…
    Here is an example…
    I am 72 and because of my age I cannot leave my house…There is no provision to leave to buy food or get medicine….
    I live in an area where my neighboring houses are shut up,,construction sites or people are not there most of the time and do not speak reasonable english…
    I phone the Barangay Office but they hung up every time …I guess they do not speak english..


    It is obvious….I got a taxi and went out and bought food at the risk of breaking the law…
    This is just one example of a stupid decision NOT being thought thru…
    There have been dozens of decisions like this….
    Like NO MASK>>>>NO ENTRY…..Masks just cannot be bought…

    1. That is a predicament and I would have done the same thing you did Jim. I sent a friend out today and she had to wait in a cue to get into 2 stores with everyone kept 1 meter apart and limited people allowed in the store at any given time. Maybe this will set up ordering online and delivery services. Stay safe.

    2. The ‘no mask no entry’ policy seems ridiculous to me but not strictly imposed. Because you can actually wear any protective gear you could make by improvising. Because the immigration didn’t specify if the mask needs to be surgical or N95. A home-made mask is already enough I guess. They know that masks are not sold freely now since health officials already clarified that healthy persons don’t require a mask. Face masks are only for the sick and the medical or health workers.

  3. Rod,
    Do you mean to build suspense by the silence from 0:10 – 037? I thought it was my speakers. As this pandemic is unprecedented, you can expect change to be the one constant throughout the duration. Live 1 day at a time.

    1. Interesting Daniel. I was having some issues with my software while recording and did a couple of sections twice and seemed to have it all working properly but I guess not.

    1. I sent my friend to get a list of things today and long lines separated by 1 meter waiting to get in the stores Robert. I think most would have to find someone to do their shopping.

    2. Most older people here in the Philippines live with families. Even if they live alone, neighbors are always willing to help. I think even in most other countries, neighbors would always offer help to those who are less privileged. It’s human instinct I suppose.

  4. Thanks for good info again! Im in IT park.. would be nice to have a coffee with u… but not possible.
    The supermarket close tomorrow… so not possible to buy food.
    Well… time to die 😏

    1. @MW Maybe the guard didn’t quite understand your accent or what have you said. Because if you read the news article that came out today in Sunstar website, you’d see that the guard wasn’t quite right.

    2. Who said so? It is fake news, I’m sure. Supermarket and groceries and other shops selling essential needs are still allowed to open under limited or adjusted hours. Read some news or TV broadcasts.

  5. What’s happening to workers who lose their jobs up there? They don’t have the welfare system we have here in Australia. Are they supposed to starve?

    1. @Kevin Riddell today my barangay gave out 3kg of rice to each residence. I asked them to give it to someone who needed it but they said no each residence gets 3kg. So we took it then gave it to someone who needed it. They couldnt say when the next lot would be doled out but it looks like this is going to be the dole here.

    2. @lionhearted1969 . That wasn’t the point I was making. I know anyone can get the virus.
      There have been lots of jobs lost here. But we have a Social Security that pays unemployed people. The government have even pledged extra benefits.
      But I know that the Phils doesn’t have the same system,unless you were able to contribute to SSS. I think the same system as the USA.

    3. Dole, which is the Department of Labor, is supposed to have some $$ for affected workers. LGUs, Local Government Units, like barangays also are distributing food and cash in some areas Kevin. Not sure about all of the details though.

    4. Waged workers here will get some form of help good for the entire period of enhanced quarantine. This covid pandemic really is an equalizer. Both poor and rich are in equal footing as there’s no drugs yet to cure or vaccine that can protect you from getting infected. Look how rich countries are doing now in Europe, USA and even your own country Australia. They log in more cases and deaths than poorer countries. That means that no matter how many millions of dollars you get, you’re surely bound to get infected if you’re expose to it and even die if you get badly hit by this virus or you immune system is weaker. Whether you live on the street or live in a palace, virus is out there to get you. Prince Charles, I’m sure, is one of the privileged people in this world having the best medical protection system but that didn’t prevent him from getting infected from the virus. So don’t think about being poor is more vulnerable to the virus than the rich.

    1. Everything was somewhat normal until today. Lockdown announced by the goofy government. We went to Metro in Ayala Mall Cebu and the pre-panic is on here. The line was about 2 hours long to get in and the whole process took us 4 hours to get what we needed.

      They posted some “No Hoarding Law” in various areas of the store. We need mike for two babies and they posted max 5 of each brand per customer. I normally go to the store every two days but this time we loaded up I spent almost 20k pesos today just because I want to be sure not to go through the 4 hours again anytime soon. Everyone that could afford to by more than the needed was doing so.

      I have heard there are a lot of military troops deployed in the US has anyone seen that? I have not seen it here but I did see three empty military trucks on Guardo

    2. Thanks Roger and yes, I have been able to get everything I have wanted locally. Over 65 are on 24 hour quarantine so I send a friend to do the shopping.

  6. In addition to ACR card and overstays which don’t apply to SRRV Holders I’d like to hear about SRRV ID Cards. What I’ve been told is that expired ID cards for SRRV holders cannot be renewed at this time. They’re considered a travel document so you need an updated card to exit the country but I have not heard from anyone that has tried to exit the country with an Expired ID card for SRRV.

    1. I don’t know the answers to those questions Stephen. It is a predicament and the government is making up the rules on a daily basis.

  7. Thank you for the information My wife to be lives in Cebu and she had a little concern about travel because she wants to visit her mother and father there elderly and to bring them food and take care of them until the pandemic is over So your information is greatly appreciated

    1. @Amazing Philippines I just went update you She made it home to her hometown Again thank you for all your information I like to watch your channel By the way she lives in I’m mahanlud malabuyoc cebu

    2. Things are changing by the hour Leo. There are thousands cuing up at the bus stations to go home as they are out of work. The buses are allowed fewer passengers so long waits to get on one. Good luck to all and stay safe.

  8. Today in Capiz Sir Rody I went to Robinsons Mall first time since Saturday. Upon entering they asked me my age though they didn’t request ID. At supermarket, sign said they wouldn’t let you in w/o mask. Had to sit in chair outside store “social distance” separating each before entering. Had to wait 15 minutes then they let the 5 of us in. Cashiers now have face shields similar to the welders use. As you say day by day things keep changing.

    1. Interesting Lawrence. My friend had the same experience cueing outside of stores 1 meter apart and limited number of people allowed in.

  9. I’ve seen zero distancing in PH, lots of masks, loads of masks even, but zero attempt to distance in queues, Jeepneys, buses, and other transport.

    1. @DΔRIO MΔRCHESI He definitely does not have a southern accent. I’m guessing mid-western or non-descript. I should let him speak for himself but southern is unmistakable after you hear a comparison.

    2. @Amazing Philippines I’m a new sub by the way, and I must say, I like your narration, it’s just easy to listen to, I’m from England but I’m guessing its a southern accent?

    3. @Amazing Philippines Ok I an just cycle to lidl round the corner, obviously some things are missing, but generally I can get most things, however its DEPRESSING, people in gas masks and head to toe protection, it’s just depressing.

    4. My friend went to 3 different grocery stores because there were such long lines cueing to get in at 1 meter apart and only so many allowed in the store at a time here in Cebu City.

  10. Thanks as always for taking the time to make useful and informative videos Rod. We have strict quarantine here also. Only allowed out to buy essential foods or medicine, for exercise ( waking, cycling) alone and keeping 2 metre social distancing, or to help vulnerable people. Nearly all people are off work and staying home except frontline health workers. Stay home and stay safe Rod, even if it is hard for people like us who like to be outside always.

  11. Common sense at all levels is in very short supply in Philippines. Very seldom do they think of the unintended consequences of all of the new rules. Somehow they think that enforcement of rules is more important than solving the problem.

  12. When you are over 65 and stuck inside your place due to the lock down, you have to ask yourself “How much does a girlfriend cost?” PRICELESS

  13. Rod,
    As I suspected the “Real I.D.” D.L. program has been pushed back 1 year here’s part the email I received from AZ MVD ; AZ TRAVEL ID DEADLINE

    The October 1 deadline for the new federal TSA REAL ID rules to take effect has been delayed ONE YEAR to October 1, 2021. As a result, MVD customers should postpone plans to get the AZ Travel ID. With this delay and the need to reduce customer traffic at MVD locations, all AZ Travel ID appointments have been cancelled.

    1. @Amazing Philippines It’s not a process, it’s the physical document itself. Your DL has to have newer security features that make it more difficult to alter.

  14. Thankyou for the Info rod.very channelling times now.need to respect the current situation of corona virus shut down..Great video? Stay safe.god bless

  15. Stay safe rod im locked down in Barili to old to leave my house 66 thank God for Netflix Spotify and Amazon prime and San Miguel beer and Landers pizza LOL

    1. Thanks Frank. That is convenient that they have a source there. I saw a couple people leaving because they didn’t have masks when I was there.

  16. In some places, including where I live, there are travel offices that provide the service of going to Immigration on your behalf to apply for visa extension. Even after the lockdown period has expired, it may be wise for older folk to avail themselves of such a service.

    1. Good point Clifford. I don’t know if anyone is allowed in immigration offices at this time because of the lock down in Cebu and Mandaue City.

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