PAL, Philippines Airlines is planning to start international flights from some cities in June as well as some domestic flights as well. Most of the Philippines is now in GCQ so many government offices will open including Immigration offices. Buses, taxis, Grab cars, and vans are also scheduled to start operating in many areas. Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu Lapu and much of Manila and other provinces are also on GCQ and starting to open up more malls, stores, restos, etc.


  1. Great video, Rod! Why the heck is this guy wearing a mask? Quite ridiculous. People need to realize that you should wear facemasks ONLY when you cannot social distance. I wear mine religiously when I cannot social distance, or inside a store; it’s very important. The thing that gets me is when I see people here in Hawaii wearing a facemask in the middle of a park with NO ONE around them. Also, people wear facemasks while driving with the windows up! I even see foreigners to Hawaii wearing facemasks (respirator type) in the ocean water! Holy Smokes! Anyways.. love your info – you’re the best!

  2. Yep Rod.. There are still more questions than answers.. If you set out to take care of something, BI for instance, it seems like you will never make it there without several attempts.. Getting something from a Barangay in a reasonable amount of time, is like pulling teeth.. Taxi’s, and businesses getting permits to travel or open will take time, and there will be many lines to compromise in the process.. So I think June 1 is just a date to proceed through the many hurdles you will have to jump.. Will still take several days, for foreigners, and Filipino’s alike.. Thanks for the update.. Bruce Boggan..

  3. Well itโ€™s good to hear that itโ€™s starting to open up. Thanks for the information. Will be checking with EVA and the BI site.

  4. I think these dates are running very much the same world wide. Here in Delaware June 1st many of businesses are going to open back up ,but not at full capacity. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. Yaaayyy! Slowly but surely we are getting there . I will contact you for dinner when I arrive, bring the misses w/ you! Godspeed my friend.

  6. Flight info has changed. The Civil Aviation Department has told ALL airlines they are not allowed to have domestic flights within the Philippines. My flight has been cancelled due to this. Therefore, I’m still at a standstill here.

  7. I’m 69. American. Married. Senior citizen are still Lockdown or can I get a barangy pass to go in and out of Cebu or Mandaue. I live in Talisay area. Will call out barangy Monday June 1st.

  8. Thanks Rod for this info, just wondering, do you know how the ferries between Cebu and Tubigon, Bohol, are placed at this time? Our niece up north at Sogod, has been unable to visit her husband and daughter, (Alexa, our little darling) for 2 months, because of the lockdown restrictions. Its an emotional time for them as family. Ok for us here, as we chat on Skype and Facebook almost every day.

  9. If ever passenger arrives in,clark what is the requirement before leaving the airport goin to other city like olongapo zambales hes visit visa category

  10. Good vid. But confusing what will happen on monday…. some say people under 21 and over 60 must stay in the house still… other say you are free to go out. Gosh… what to believe.

  11. Thanks Rod good info. Do you know what JR charges just to renew the passport? Do we pay in advance or when we see the invoice? I did send him an email as well but just wanted to check with you.

  12. Here in northern California you cannot enter any business establishments like stores, pharmacies, groceries, big box stores, home improvement stores and food take out stores without a mask.

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