Travel is an adventure here in Cebu City, Cebu, the Philippines with travel passes, police and military checkpoints, and boundaries that cannot be crossed. Shopping and delivery services are an option at some locations. I hired a shopping and delivery company to S&R store with a list of items I needed.


  1. Can’t imagine you on a bike Rod, LoL. I think the authoritive restrictions imposed there are a tad over the top, especially, most people are just trying to find food for their families. Imagine going out to get food and being arrested, meantime, the kids go hungry.
    Here, cyclists on State Highways and Central City streets are a pain in the butt, but the self entitlement issue shows through.
    The route we take each day is a 100kph (62mph) dual lane highway has cyclists pedalling along the side. Many have been killed by motorvehicles. Its the Greenies pushing for more people using on bikes, sharing roads with heavily trafficked motorvehicles. Crazy stuff Rod, especially during the early morning darkness.

  2. I got my first Quarantine Pass in Talisay City, this Monday, after all these months. They previously felt that giving my wife one was enough. It felt good to be able to go to a small local mall. Still waiting on being able to go to SM Seaside or S&R for shopping. Stay safe!

  3. I’ve also been getting things that are important to me delivered. I order on Lazada, and Ninja Delivers it. It takes a month, but it’s better than going without.

  4. Rod not being funny but you need to go to teller to get cash as well. Im amazed at the seeing it so baron not a soul hardly about. How do the people survive i mean the poor ones that live of what they sell that day. Colon Street must be a desert omg. Rod your street wise take care ok I still think your better off there then USA they have lost the plot there. Im sure you have the mind to realise that if you walk the streets as a foreigner your a prime target. be safe my friend take care and most of all love your partner.

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