1. Something just came to mind, if the azolla is a fern most of the fern I know of grows in cooler climates so I wonder if the water temperature getting higher after a few days could be part of the problem ?

  2. Did you ever test the water from your number two well to make sure there’s no chemical in it like salt or anything because the only one you’re having trouble with are the ones that have the water from the new well the first wonder all seem to be working good i would test the water for self or calcium or anything

  3. BRIAN, JUST WATCHED A VID โ€œMAE BERO TVโ€ entitled feeding guide for our chickens and features AZOLLA DUCKWEED AND OTHER FEED. HER AZOLLA IS RAGING.the azolla is incredible and a different colour green to yours itโ€™s thriving. Have a look she has it down pat in pits mate

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