Tourism is a priority in opening up the economies of SE Asian nations including the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and others. Flights are slowly increasing and there are more hints that countries will start allowing foreign tourists and expats to travel in the coming months.


  1. Rod, I just heard on the internet that the Supreme Court passed a bill that stated inorder to vote in upcoming elections one must have a photo ID. This only applies to the states. Great video. Reminds me of that old song Arlow Guthrie sang about taking a trip and never leaving the farm.

  2. Fake flights to nowhere. Sounds like a good storyline for a good zombie apocalypse movie. As long as people still want to travel , there is hope for the travel industry to rebound. For the year 2020, all bets are off. Be safe everyone ……

  3. Hey guys leave the travelling till next year. It really is pointless to travel to any of these Asian countries now. Too many restrictions.

  4. *_As for Thailand, expats are only allowed to enter Thailand if they are in any way related (by blood or marriage) to a Thai national or those having work & resident permits._* Foreigners entering Thailand are limited to 200 per day. They would probably consider allowing foreign tourists in the next few phases of lifting lockdown restrictions.

  5. Think about this. I realize that if you have to travel for example a visa run overnight and return. It’s safer now then it will be over the next year. This virus cases double every few weeks so if as of today there’s twelve million cases in the last six months then in a few months there is going to be twenty four million. And in six months fifty million cases. It’s out of control and it’s not going away until we get immunization. So why Waite to travel?? It’s only getting worse. One to two more years of this!!!! Promise!!

  6. As soon as a guaranteed round trip flight to a close country for a visa run I’ll be leaving. I still have time to Waite a few months. Under the current situation they should not require a visa run for us that live in the Philippines and have family

  7. lol, I also read that article regarding the “travel health ins.” & was going to ask you about it. It all comes down to $. Yes, a little optimism now but it all may change again by the weekend like so many things do.

  8. My understanding is…if one is going to travel, they have to contact their respective embassies for any documentation that they might need. Insurance comes from travel agents.

  9. Flights to nowhere??

    What kind of asininity has humanity sunk to? As if this $cam’demic wasn’t enough of a nightmare. Well….enjoy the “new abnormal” (which is really just good old fashioned prison.)

    I underestimated how far humanity has devolved… Feudalism 2.0 is here…and the serfs have cheered for it!!! Pathetic ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคค

  10. What if Iโ€™m going to my own home ๐Ÿ  to quarantine for 72 hours until the testing results are issued? Someone please respond. Ty

  11. A friend of mine is married to a Filipina. He currently is in Manila under quarantine. He flew directly to Manila from LAX. The cost they are charging him is $40 US dollar a day until his results come back. However he was tested for covid prior to leaving the US. Philippine authorities never even check his paperwork for that. Once he is cleared from Manila, they will give him a pass to get to his final destination. Once he is in Alburea, Leyte, he will be quarantined again for another 14 days at school. And after that, he will have to be quarantined again at his home. However, the home has to have a room and cr separate from the the house. Fortunately he has that. It’s still quite an ordeal for him to get there. Hope this helps anyone

  12. Roque is saying that the overwhelming majority of new cases are mild or asymptomatic. This is true everywhere but many news outlets are treating all of it as potential deaths. They are saying it is out of control, when the opposite is true. As long as they continue this narrative, we are grounded.

  13. I bought Travel Health insurance that will cover the cost if you contract Coronavirus to travel to the Ukraine, the Ukraine government required me to go through a Ukraine registered insurance company or insurance company with offices in Ukraine. Most likely Philippines is taking the same path by having foreigners or Filipinos that live in other countries to have insurance that will cover the cost if the traveler contracts Coronavirus. Also these policies cover the cost of repatriating the trip back to the destination of origin if needed.

  14. Glad I checked first, today I was able to book a nonstop 10-hour direct flight back home. Before this, my route home would have been via a 2 stop flight with Japan and then LA or SFO as stopovers and it was 40+ hours to get home. The cost for that flight “started” around $3,000. To get a reasonable price and get around the 40+ hours trip time, I was planning to go to Korea and pay for the 14-day quarantine ($1,400+ in a government-assigned 4-star hotel, 3 meals included). Then, after 14 days I thought I’d do some exploring there while waiting for a direct flight back home. Total cost would have still been less than the 40+ hour flight and I’d have the Korea adventure included. But today, I booked my direct flight with Phil-Air and checked the travel insurance box, the total price was around $1,000 all-in. Departing in a month, to give me time to figure out all the hoops I need to jump through and get those done. Note: taking a previously available sweeper flight would have ended up costing around the same as the 40-hour flight with no guarantee of avoiding quarantine, and then getting the final flight back home.

  15. At the moment i was looking at travel insurance from the UK, cheapest i have got is ยฃ165.00 english pounds so its gone up from last year by about 35%, im hoping it will come down around October when i want to travel.

  16. Thanks for another great video and good information.. I think the whole world is cluster you-know-what-ed..just my two cents worth.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿบ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  17. Our way of life/economy is not meant to be shut down and just hide in our “basements” for months. Without tax receipts, where do these politicians think they are going to get the money to pay for social welfare/services? By borrowing? The politicians should have their pay/benefits cut, then voted out of office. The way they handled this CCP-19 was very wrong.

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