Tour of ICM Mall in Bohol, Philippines; Part 2 of 2

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  1. ha!.. he’s not into the whole 15-minutes of fame thing. But he asked one of the girls to stand-in for him. Much better looking. 🙂 As for Frank, he’s pretty much at the cafe most of the day beyond afternoon if he’s not running errands in the mall.

  2. I went back to Frankie’s today.. had the Calzone ‘Works’ and it was pretty good. Only about 165 pesos and a decent size. Very tasty.

  3. I really like it here, in fact I’m at the ICM right now at the net cafe just chillin’ out enjoying the faster net connection. Net signal in the jungle is only about twice that of dial-up sometimes. Uggghh.

  4. The girl in Franks resto is cute.hihi. Yah, buki juice is good especially for removing kidney stones! It’s 100% true cause I tested it for 22 days and the next day I saw the stones are coming out. Hihi

  5. That’s right.. Home & Fashion. I usually cruise the cosmetics section there.. wow, so many pretty sales girls there!!! ha!

  6. Hi Henry,
    I’m a new fan. How long does it take you to upload to YouTube from that internet cafe? Do you have to compress your movie files to 720×480? I hope to follow your footsteps one day and visit the land of my birth. Great videos. May you continue to have a great adventure there. 🙂

  7. I shoot everything in hi-res MP4. I then convert it to 640w x 480h in AVI which gives me a workable file size for editing. I then get a final, decent file size on the finished video.  Uploads from the net cafe depend on how many kids are gaming at the time. ha! About 4-5 minutes upload time per 1 minute of video.

  8. I am a new subscriber and I really enjoy your videos. I currently live in California and am getting tired of the politics, economy and just overall the mentality of people wanting things for free rather than working for it… (Rant Done) anyway how much does it cost to live there in US dollars. I want to move there so bad, I am researching areas to live in or visit… Any suggestions … Thanks

  9. I did a large article on the cost of living here, it’s at my main site; LifeBeyondTheSea(dot)com . Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it. Don’t plan on working a physical job here, unemployment here is higher than CA and the jobs only pay about $15/day. So you’ll need income either from rentals back home, retirement, online income, investments, disability, etc. More info at the big article “Cost of Living in the Philippines” at my main site.

  10. p.s. I’m from SoCal, lived there all my life and I agree.. it’s bankrupt, mismanaged and heading for implosion. Taxes are out of control, regulation is driving businesses OUT of the state.. well, nothing you don’t know already. Sad thing is that much of the US is going the same direction.

  11. I love your videos and articles.Actually ICM mall was my shopping mall.I am a filipina who was born and raised in Balilihan Bohol.Married to an American and moved in Wiscosin USA 5 years ago

  12. Cool. I’m glad I could re-show you your shopping locale online. 🙂 I go there perhaps every other day for some lunch, groceries, movie or just the air-con when the power goes out. ha!

  13. I hope I never get kidney stones but I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I drink lots and lots of water here always. Staying away from soda helps too.

  14. Those are good. I never cared for South American mangoes so it took me a while to try the ones here. The PH ones seem sweeter and less ‘slimy’. ha! Love the shakes. The Watermelon shakes I like also.

  15. Dim Sum – steamed buns such as cha siu baau, dumplings and rice noodle rolls (cheong fun), which contain a range of ingredients, including beef, chicken, pork, prawns and vegetarian

  16. love your video’s, very informative, I want to say on a personal note, i’m dying of envy of your lifestyle, raising in so. calif. (hawthorne) south bay area, moved to oc (Huntington beach), i’m retired now and really debating leaving the usa ( too expensive, plus it’s really going down hill as a country), I could live there in a heartbeat, but how’s the banking and/or money transfer situation between usa banks (mine is bank of America) and phil banks ? i don’t think there are any branches there

  17. I simply use Xoom(dot)com to transfer money from my USA bank to my new PH bank. Not a problem. I believe SSecurity and Disability checks can be direct-deposited to a PH bank as well.

  18. You are the best on you tube with philippine related stuff. i live on a small ss, my filipina wife has some also but not too  much. it is easier for me to be married to somebody here, if u get along good. we been together 16 yrs now. i live in her house, she own one an inherited another we live in the smaller one by the beach, it is 25 yrs old but all fixed up and no rent. we use gas cooking cost about 30 bucks or so every 6 months. we only go to baguio one wk or so in summer to look around. she is retired teacher here also and we get free philhealth health coverage but u have to pay first and get reembursed for some of the bill. we are both healthy now, both 65 yrs old. i could never retire in america or even travel back and forth every year but i do miss the country. all in all the man rules in america the wife rules here,that is the way it is but we are ok eat fresh veg and fruit year around and water delivered to the place every 2 weeks. spend 200 a mo for food 100 am mo for transportation 25 a mo for internet 25 a mo for electric and no water bill. ill be staying for good. keep up the good videos. love buko juice mixed with milk, yummy. the best jay in laoag city..

    1. Sounds like you have a nice area to live. Your cost of living is very reasonable for sure. I am 65 also, and very pleased to be living here. I have doubts I will return to the US. I have a daughter in the USA, I miss her, but it is more practical to bring her here to visit than to go back myself. You are from way up north, Looks like you might have cooler evenings, that north and that close to the water.

  19. wow ..great fromnwyoming, lived in southern CA for 1 year…ive been thinking of moving to the philippeans for some tie….how do you like it, big leap of faith…but you look happy : America is soooo, changing for the bad, now days.

  20. Cute she has a ‘ Frank Sinatra ‘ style hat. Nice looking Mall. That is nice to have a high speed upload for videos. Some times mine take all night to upload. Even my local cafe is slow, sometimes slower than mine at home.   

  21. nice place i love bohol i lived there for few years i hangout up there at ICM quite a lot saturday is the prawn farm buffet so good the nicest place in ICM

  22. does anyone know how I can get some San Miguel or Red Horse beer imported, since I have been home in Ireland I have looked everywhere for it, when I am drinking beer now it is not the same, only Guinness I can handle. Hopefully someone here knows how to import it. Great vid’s by the way, wish I stumbled onto this before I went over to find out the little tricks here and there, but planning to go back again as I still have places to go to. 

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