Tour of ICM Mall in Bohol, Philippines; Part 1 of 2

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  1. How did you find your place in Bohol? Thats a nice place because its close to the Mall. Are you renting? As far as i know Americans cant buy property in the Philippines if you are not married to a filipina right?

  2. I found out about this home by sheer luck and providence. A close friend of mine here I’ve known for 3 years was looking to buy some land as investment. They asked me to come along to Bohol one day and I knew I wanted to move here. Their sis-in-law knew about this house.. next thing you know, I’m moving in after my friend bought it. 🙂 Can’t own it in my own name.

  3. I have two other videos.. one is a tour of my neighborhood in Bohol and the other is a short hike in my neighborhood. They are on my channel, you’ll find them there since I can’t put links here. Enjoy!

  4. At the supermarket, in general I’ve found that most items are either equal to or maybe 5% lower (on some items, such a vegetables & chicken) than prices in Southern California, USA. American-brand items and chocolate are more expensive and peanut-butter is also very high. About $3.25 for an 8 oz jar! So it depends on what you buy, but overall I’d say I spend about $40/week for a Single-guy. Families buying in bulk save more, but with kids tend to get the junk cereal, cookies, etc.

  5. For instance, raw chicken is about 130P for 1 Kilo.. so, ballpark figure that’s about $2 a pound, I think. (converting P to $, Kilo to Pounds at same time.. not my forte) If I remember correctly, shrimp was about 325/Kilo.. so that’s about maybe $2.90/pound (?). But you have to remember, this is in the supermarket.. veggies/meats are cheaper at the open marketplace just across the street. There’s a video on that in the channel; ‘Tagbilaran Fish/Veggies Market’.

  6. Still gathering some good data on that for a future video/article. Will post when ready. Although I cover some living expense for apartments/studios in the video, “What Island Should You Visit?” on my channel.

  7. Hey Henry,
    Another good video I love it there. Hey that trip to Alona Beach sounds good do you ever go? Cant wait till I can retire to Bohol soon. The sacrifice you make to bring theses videos is surely appreciated.

  8. Glad to do it. I see and ponder so many new things it’s nice to share it with others. Everything here is completely new to me. A few things familiar, but always with a twist it seems. (in a good way usually) 🙂

  9. A medium-size Buko juice (seen in the video) is about 16 ounces and costs 30 pesos.. about 65 cents USD. They are SO delicious but I try to not have them too often as they have condensed milk, sugar and kinda fattening. They also put in pure, young, soft coconut along with ice so it’s not only cold but sweet and semi-chewy as well. Very delicious.

  10. Yes, I was happy and had a lot of fun while living on Mactan/Cebu.. but living on Bohol is simply amazing. So green, peaceful and relaxing. But still some stuff to do if I feel like ‘getting out’ from the jungle for awhile. And then Cebu is only 2-hours away by ferry. 🙂 More vlogs on the way.

  11. Hello enrico thank you for uploading this video just FYI the one of the manager there in ICM mall is my auntie her name is ” Jane Mardrio” if you got some time hope you can include her on one of your interviews … I was born and raised in Bohol I loved and enjoyed i watching your I videos feel like I’m home!!!! Thank you and aloha!!!

  12. Which manager? The one at Frankie’s Cafe?, not sure which one is her. It was fun, perhaps I’ll run into her tomorrow since I’m going there in the afternoon. 🙂

  13. Your right your not good at math… lol thanks for showing the mall. I have been there and we eat at the restaurant you interviewed that guy at. I like Boahol too

  14. ha!.. yah. Numbers on the fly totally mess me up. I do better with conceptual ideas. Frankie is a nice guy, came to sit with me my first time eating there in Bohol. His place often is the magnet for meeting other expats. Good food too, real cheese even. 🙂

  15. Is it still happening? I haven’t seen that yet, but maybe Youtube was just doing some server updates or something at the time. ??

  16. Hi there thanks for ur replies. Yah I think it’s a buffer issue cause im using ipod touch. So far no problem it’s ok now! The mall is nice same as what we have here in Manila. Take care man. Enjoy!!!

  17. Glad to hear you were able to see the vid. When I was on Mactan, the Grand Mall was 3 blocks from my studio. It was much smaller and older than the ICM mall so now I’m kinda spoiled since the Grand Mall didn’t even have a cinema. I just went to see ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ last night at ICM for 100P (about $2.25) Me like. ha!

  18. enricosuave263
    how much is the tricycle ride from tagbilaran seaport to icm mall? do you now reside in tagbilaran? how much your house/apartment rent there in bohol….must be nice to live there for retirement. finally a national bookstore in tagbilaran.

  19. From the Pier to the ICM mall it “should” be only about 8 to 16 pesos. But foreigners get charged more. The cheapest I got them down to for that ride has been 40 pesos and only because I had a local with me. At my main site (link in the ABOUT section, above) I just did a full article on the cost of living here which should give you lots of info. I’m loving it here. 🙂

  20. Hi Henry,great and glad to hear and watched your videos,articles which is very interesting.Actually I am a filipina who was born and raised in Balilihan Bohol the province where you at.Married to an American and moved in Wisconsin USA 5 yrs ago.This mall (ICM) was my shopping place.Back in 2011 I and my husband had a almost 2 months vacation there by my parents and family.Because I value both of our privacy I dont want too much infos here.I have an email add and facebook if you will consider.

  21. Yes, anyone can ‘Add’ me to their Facebook by searching me on FB at: ” henry.velez “. There is a period between my first.last name so just copy/past it into FBook search and you can add me there. 🙂

  22. Hello! I enjoy watching your videos especially that part in Bohol where you went to ICM and other places. Actually, I am from Bohol and we just visited the country last July and I already miss these places. We went to Panglao Beaches and our family enjoyed it much! Thank you!

  23. I’ve since then now purchased a Honda scooter.. makes getting around the island such a joy. Well, aside from crazy traffic. But it really opens up the island for me. 🙂

  24. Love your stuff pal, but I have to question the comment of $80 from Tagbilaran to Alona Beach. Whenever I have needed a ride from the ferry port to Alona, a taxi cost 500 pesos one way and a tricycle was 400 pesos, one way. I guess that’s around $12.

    1. Yes, taking a taxi one-way or tricycle is the way to do it.  The expensive prices I gave are what the hawkers try to convince upon people as they arrive, for renting a driver/car for the day.  But if all a person needs is a ride to Alona, taxi is much better than those guys.

  25. I’ve thought about moving out there. If I were to move to Manila what can I expect to pay as far as rent goes. Ya know, a basic one br/one bath. Also…since I’m a huge sports fan, what are the sports bars situations like. NFL??

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines It’s good for the kidneys too. Helps dissolve impurities or stones in the urine if you have urinary tract problems 

    2. ICM is a fairly large mall for Bohol, the biggest one as far as I know.  (SM Cebu is bigger)  And I’m a big fan of buko juice.. love that stuff.  It’s more natural made at home, without sugar and sweet milk.  I like it just the coco water and young coconut meat in a glass.  🙂

  26. Henry, come to the main island and visit the Mall of Asia or Mega-Mall if you want to see a real huge mall closer to the size of the Mall of the Americas in Minnesota.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Henry, MOA or Mall of Asia is in Luzon, the main largest island in the Philippines. It is located in Pasay City close to a lot of other tourist areas like Manila Ocean Park, Manila Zoo or Luneta or Rizal Park as it is commonly known. It is also near the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the U.S. Embassy, and is by Manila Bay.  It is the currently the 10th largest mall in the world. It is the 3rd largest mall in the Philippines with SM City North Edsa  finishing 2nd largest and Mega-Mall currently the largest mall in the Philippines.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines stayed mostly in local area, went by the sea took in the beach, went to one of the cave there forgot the name but i really enjoyed it. came back home only thing on my mind is how to get back there soon as possible seems the place and people i met got me hooked 😀

    2. @ace24680 did you make it over to the Tropics nightclub on the weekend?  the Metro is kinda small and fills up quickly.  Alona Beach is another favorite chillaxing hangout i enjoy there.  Oh.. and if you’re single.. the department store cosmetics section is FILLED with the prettiest filipina salesgirls you will ever see in one place.  🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines i lived in Oklahoma city back in the 80’s and i was at cross roads mall every week doing what they are doing in Philippines now, it a shame to see the mall here is now dead 30 years later

    2. @mike3367 probably longer than in the usa, in fact, newer bigger malls are still being built in cebu. the reason is because in the PH, the mall is for everything. it’s a social hub, it’s for groceries, dentistry, the usual mall stuff, big restaurants.. anything that people would prefer to do in one stop rather than drive around in the heat. but in the usa, much of what is sold there is non-vital, luxury items. a few places to eat and movie theater, but that’s not enough to fuel a mall’s survival.

  27. I really love watching the country, I want to buy a winter place to fly to, Maybe you can steer me in the correct directions, I am from Wyoming, Cold as heck all winter, Thank you,

    1. I suppose “to fly” means you want to paraglide in winter as well 🙂 – I would recommend Brasil. Btw. Why didn’t you come to Switzerland 

    2. @Chuck Belus i’d say if you want some city life, choose cebu over manila. it’s a bit more manageable. if you prefer ‘country’ type of living, many places to choose from. bohol, bogo, iloilo for starters. do some google searches and read/view what you can of those places.

  28. I was disappointed at not being able to pick up a copy of ‘Dune’ at the National Bookstore for beach reading, but I did score a copy of ‘Rendezvous at Rama’. 😀

    And I’ve got to admit, with this video playing in my head, it made the ICM feel pretty familiar even the first time I visited there. 🙂

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