Tour of Dumaguete Merkado/Palengke (1of2)

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  1. You should do one on the hard ware stores there I thought I was going to have to ship tools from the US until I got to visit them. I gotta go to Dumaguete on thursday for my visa. Thanks by the way for your video on how to find the imigration office, saved me alot of trouble. 

  2. Stumbled on your videos. 
    Both are Spanish words, only spelling is different.  Mercado – market in Spanish;
    Palenque (in Spanish)  – open arena. 

  3. Great video Henry and one of the things I love most about SEA are the giant public markets, as you already know we have nothing like this in the US, we are forced to buy our food from grossly overpriced chain groceries with union employees which means the food costs 5 times as much, I could spend hours wandering around that market and talking with all the vendors thanks buddy.

    1. as a third world country, that’s why even average filipinos don’t have health care, they actually don’t need one because they don’t get serious diseases due to the benefits of consuming much fresher food and avoid taking much processed food like in industrialized counties. that’s the better side of the country. like we know, cancer exist most on developed countries.

    2. donnyab it is very well known here in America that union’s are great for the employee and very bad for the customer, one of the fallouts of a union are higher prices to the customer. The second fallout is shitty service because once the employee gets his union card it is nearly impossible to be fired. 

    3. @Philo M the ‘smart’ thing for me to do is get my veggies every 2 days here at the marketplace.  now that i have lyn with me and i am cooking at home more often, i think i’ll try to do more shopping here.  it’s cheaper and without the processing seen in many large food providers.   for a very good documentary on the large food industry, check out this video;  (worth watching)…

  4. It always amazes me how none of the perishables are even on ice.  I guess if you bought it first thing in the morning and got it home to the fridge right away, I suppose you’d be OK.

    The young lady in the striped Pink/White top, as you were entering the market, wasn’t hard to look at.

  5. Glad to hear she has you on a day schedule…..for your health sake.  Apparently, she moved in. It’s better that you aren’t burning the candle from both ends.

    1. Henry, it’s good you are back to normal sleeping patterns. You looked healthier compared to your old video when you were in Bohol. You are getting domesticated hahaha!

    2. @Beyond Idaho yah, even i’m amazed to be waking up at 6:30am each day (to drive her to work), and then stay awake all day.  by 10pm, i’m about ready to call it a day.  she’s also cooking from raw ingredients so that makes for some healthy meals as well.  but we do go out to eat if neither of us feels like cooking.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Right on. I love the authentic Pinoyness of palengke and would rather spend time there than in an air-conditioned mall. This is one reason I think Philly is the country for me.

    2. @johnthefinn to me it’s the ‘heart’ of the daily life for many filipinos.  one of my previous g/f’s is very wealthy and yet would dress down a bit (for safety sake) each week to go to the carbon market in cebu for her veggies and meats.  she likes the activity and people all in one place.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I toured one of Oscar Mayer’s packing plants here in the states many years ago.  While their official slogans have changed several times over the years, the unofficial one remains the same.  “Everything but the squeal.” 🙂

    2. +giveitbackNOW2 I totally agree, I’ve had food poisoning twice and maybe that’s why I’m a bit leery. But that really does make me nervous.

    3. @giveitbackNOW2 pretty much all of it by the end of the day.  i imagine what is left over goes home with the vendors for dinner.

  6. Great video Henry, showing what goes on.
    But I must say been to Thailand a few times and the people are very welcoming and most cannot do enough for you. What I have heard before and seen here is not such a welcoming attitude towards foreigners especially from Philipino men.
    I find it a little worrying  

    1. @Ken Hughson for cebu, my first two choices for a clean, affordable, secure place is the GV Towers in central cebu.  a few blocks from there is the Mercedes Hotel where i’ve stayed often as well.  as for dumaguete, i’d recommend either the Bethel Inn, which is right on the boardwalk.. or the Check Inn, where i’ve stayed when i first arrived in duma.  also check out the Honeycomb Inn, which is now under new management and also right on the boardwalk.  (just google for reservations).

  7. Dumaguete is one of the place mentioned in yahoo as one of the cheap and nice place to retire. I might visit this place when my time is done here in US.

    1. Ha! ha! ha!,enrique, we don’t experience traffic that much here in southern california. I get used to it everytime I’m there. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

  8. Woooow, Just Wow.. I am Very Familiar about this place, this is where we buy our stuff for cooking in our Food Place otherwise known as “Carenderia”. hehe
    By The Way I`m From Dumaguete,(well Sort of).

  9. hello im planing a trip to Cebu next year for two week i want to know if there any good place where to stay if you have any information i ill love to heard from

    1. +orlando rodriguez it depends on how much you want to spend. The Mercedes Hotel or the GV Towers are middle-end places at about 1,000P a night. higher-end there is the Waterfront Hotel at about 4,000P/night. Mactan has several places such as the Hotel California and Europa. but do not take a room that is 600P or less in Cebu, it won’t be very secure. also check out the comments at

  10. Henry. What do they do with all the fish that are left over in the market? Do they keep them in a ice box are do they actually sale all there products.

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