Totally Lost in the Jungles of Koh Samui Thailand

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New video from my Koh Samui trip: My attempt at getting as high as possible in Koh Samui did not go as planned. Are any of you surprised at this? LOL

New Bangkok Adventures and then MORE CAR STUFF coming. Stay tuned and PLEASE tell your friends about my channel.


  1. At least you got a nice cold beer after shitting yourself on those hills
    And a scooter is not the best for that terrain
    Nice video hope you made it home ok 👍👍😍😍

  2. Your channel is the best of both worlds! Modified cars and Thailand. Keep up the channel! Makes me miss Thailand. Def need to go back. 👍 From San Francisco CA

  3. ขอบคุณที่มาเที่ยวประเทศไทย​ครับ

  4. Every morning before sunrise i go up the mountains on my 250 KLM to look at the sunrise 👍 Made myself a happystick or 2 😁 to smoke and just chill and see the Island wake up 👍 , but be careful driving. Stay safe 😁

  5. Respect your “go for it spirit” while exploring remote areas. Dude – Are you in Thailand for the foreseeable future ? Travel bans increasing over CV concerns.
    Dig in Brah !

  6. That place looks like a lot of fun, nature at its finest. The total opposite of the city here in Dallas. That beer looked mighty delicious also 😋

  7. How much is shipping for example if u wanted to start your own website and sell us stuff ? Will shipping be expensive for clothing too?

  8. Thanks for the car content it’s what brought me here but the rest of your content made me stay. Beautiful jungle becareful with wild cats!
    Take care!

  9. hi im Kritsada im from aranyaphathet ,sakaeo , thailand i like your video so much i hope you to visit to my hometown one day. this is my number 089-8026542 you can call me anytime

  10. lol I knew when you went down that steep hill you would end up on somebodys land. Thats what all them little paths lead to. The first time I drove up the mountain in 2015 I found the standing buddha by accident. Since then I have gone up there a few occasions looking for it again but failed everytime. So annoying lol Great Video!

    1. CB Media YEAH BUDDY awesome!
      Attitude is everything brother!
      Look forward to checking your site out , I’m literally almost absolutely broke right now but I AM the Money so hopefully in the near future I can do something to put a few dollars your way.
      I and everyone else Admire your work 👍👍👍

    2. Hahha coming soon I promise. Sorry working on the new CB Media website, merchandise store and handling more crap I can keep doing this for a longtime to come 💪

  11. Hey bro , it’s Vancouver Island Leo again …i have been sharing & forwarding all your vids to family & friends & really love your content …super informative & super funny i’m definatley now a super fan of yer shit good stuff & yes I’m still on schedule to arrive in BBK on march 16th i will be staying about 1km from Nana Plaza sukhumvik obviously just thought i’d totally tard out an mention sukhumvit aside from all that shit be awsome to hook up with yaa for a beer or two …my bro now loves yer shit too …👌

    1. Thanks for sharing Leo! Yeah you’re going to be in the dead middle of the chaos! Have fun dude and if you see me around yell at me haha I’m around there often

  12. Is crime a problem I’m sure it is in certain places just like anywhere else it seems to me like a great place to visit I’m enjoying your vids I just have to convince my wife to go

  13. I played the first 10 seconds 2 times just to make sure I heard that right. And sir you don’t have to leave my back yard to do that… instead of the other side of the world.

  14. Sir you need A handheld gps, no data…….. just the sky. And they have maps, not sure about world maps. But how about a cell phone that will use gps when it can’t get cell service. I think my sky net phone had it?

  15. The best things in life usually are sketchy as fuck and terrifying …. awesome adventure man….. 5555555 “is this someones house?” I am rolling in the floor peeing myself dude!!!!

  16. I can’t wait until my trip to Thailand next November/December! I did find out that I need a visa becasue I am staying over 30 days. Hopefully they are not too inquisitive in giving it to me. I think that I have to go to the Chicago consulate and get it personally. Otherwise I have to mail in my passport and I am leary about doing that. I hope you are in Bangkok in November or Chiang Mai in December. I want to rent a scooter and cruise around. Maybe you could show me the ropes. Lunch is on me!

    1. Herb Williams I’ve extended that probably 10 times lol they don’t even ask to see a flight just pay them 1900 baht and you’re good. Watch my video about it.

    2. @CB Media From what I was reading, if you don’t already have the extended visa and your plane ticket shows more than a 30 day stay they will not let you board the plane.

    3. You can come in on 30 days without a visa, then go to the immigration office before the 30 days is up and extend for another 30 days for 1900 baht. Watch my video called “don’t deport me from Thailand” and I explain everything in that video.

  17. You crack me up man. I was in Ko Samui three weeks ago. Love that place. I’ve been going there since 2006. Its nice break from our Alaskan winters. I’ve always wanted to rent a jeep/samurai and rally the jungle trails. I plan on doing it next year this time. If your still around then you should join me and make a video of it. haha.

    1. @CB Media Atlanta?? Holy southern surprise Batman!! I had to watch it again, and yep talking to the dogs, your JAWGA BOY voice came out. Respect doubled!!!

  18. Why did you not refill your phone in any of the 2000 places you passed going to the mountain ? And please buy yourself a decent helmet, the one you are wearing now is probably a 120 baht one and you don’t want to have any accident with that. A good one is under 1000 baht.

    1. Because I didn’t want to lol I like getting lost, it’s fun. As far as the helmet goes, it’s not my helmet, it’s not my motorbike, I don’t own a motorbike, this is what the rental place gave me dude. I actually brought this up in my other Koh Samui video…check it out 🙂

  19. Hahaha I knew you were on a road to someone’s house. It’s great you rode up anyhow. My wife lives in the province in Philippines….beautiful place also and similar to Thailand

  20. Chad B, long time since I’ve seen you. Rudy sent me a link to your videos. Pretty dope! I’ve been watching your videos while I walk around the neighborhood for exercise during the coronapocolypse.

  21. Did this very same trip through the middle of the island from one coast to the other a couple of years back .. Got totally lost.. Was a blast and the paths were so steep that you had to run along side the scooter to get up the hills .. Got some cool drone video from the top… Highly recommend !!!.. . Just luv Thailand if you have not been … you are missing out.. its alot more than the tourist traps .. you just need to venture out.. Keep up the cool vids..

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