Top Ten Things to do While Under Quarantine Old Dog New Tricks May 10 2020

Top Ten Things to do While Under Quarantine Old Dog New Tricks May 10 2020

Baby Mae´s Bikinifond:
Baby Mae’s cooking àdventures:
Mae Espraguera:
Paul Mcgill:


  1. Cool video Old Dog 🐶 How did you manage to find all those girls during lockdown? I can only imagine you will turn that $400 usd house into the infamous ,”Animal House” when the lockdown lifts…. I envy you Old Dog 🐶 We all missed your livestream today… 😂

  2. Been watching now for a while, and I know your brighter AND enjoy a good joke. And it is OBVIOUS that #1 is a joke! So in the position of common sense, I will stay subscribed. LOL

  3. If only these poor filipinas had any idea about the evils of Hillary. And how so many of her former security detail turned up dead. 💀 ⛄️🔥🥀🧛🏻‍♀️☠️👹

  4. Paul man! So many ladies in your house! How do you do it? Do you hold pool parties there?? Lucky guy.

    Your story about losing everything in the crash of 2008 really struck me. But if you had all your money in real estate, then why was it a total loss? If you hold ownership to a duplex or something, the tenants will not immediately move out. Or did you hold your savings in investment funds or something?

  5. Nice little idea for subject matters on your YouTube show. Like David Letterman’s top 10 list, you could do the same on subjects related to life in Dumaguete. For example, together with your counseling center for unwed mothers, you could start a clubhouse for the poor girls at “the why not”. So they can continue with their law school education… you could call it, “the dollar ballet”.

  6. Fun times, Paul. You poor soul, it’s so obvious that you’re suffering unbearably. I don’t know how you’re doing it. (No, honestly … I don’t know how you’re doing it.)

  7. Totally enjoyed this video; looks like you’ve found your place and you’re having the time of your life! All these ladies are beautiful inside and out. Suddenly, and for the first time ever I’m thinking of taking a trip to the Philippines!😀

  8. Good video and good format Paul. Thanks for presenting
    these young women in dignified and respectful ways as well as providing great
    fun and entertainment. Hopefully some vloggers will take a page from your

  9. An you do a video on if you go to retire there but you want to work part time. What or how to go to the proper channels to work.

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