Top 3 FAQ’s – Thailand, Money and Camera’s

This video is sh1t. I’m answering your top 3 most asked questions though.


  1. Agreed on the phone use for YT. I do everything on a Huawei P30 Pro. There are plenty of producers that will only work with phones.

  2. Well, 9,000 views in one day isn’t too bad for a sh1t video. It is always a good idea to practice Glasnost and reveal what viewers want to know. Other channels have referred to a FAQ link for commonly asked questions, but it usually is text rather than a video. This might be a better idea for you to try because the sh1t one is so full of your wrinkled t-shirt, uncombed hair and stubble-beard face that it distracts from the information… 🤣

  3. You definitely promote the hell out of him 150 you should get paid for it and I love your hair regardless of what they say and yeah that moped was pretty crazy crazy awesome though

  4. Great video Chad…very informative about living in Bangkok…oh by the way..I always stand an salute every beer truck(or cart in your case lol) that passes by when I lived in Trinidad…keep sending those videos man …its the only thing I look forward to these days cause im stuck at home because of the beer virus….rice on!

  5. Love your youtube channel.keep up the good work 😉
    Another great video,always 👍🏻 up (as i told ya on instagram ) this is my first comment but saw all you videos 5555
    Thx for sharing

  6. Right on Chad ….kinda shitty yaa gotta explain yourself to simpletons …but i guess i get it . . . Sorta kinda ….not really though you shouldn’t have to explain your life through your utube channel take the content for what’s it’s worth & keep on trucking people , all i can say beyond that is . . Keep It Simple ….Stupid

  7. After a couple weeks of hotels in BKK & Pattaya & again in BKK now as you know …i’m now staying at my girl friends appartment in Samut Prakan , she works 6 days a week & fortuanatly i’ve only been stuck inside her place for a couple days …& while i’m writing this on this saturday night we are together right now …plan is coffee 123 ..she’ll drive us there of course .. & then to the Bangkok Airport …i’m gonna rent a car & stay 1 more night at my girlfriends condo & leave monday morning when she goes to work same time & drive to Ubon Ratchatani …got a few places i wanna see there …i’m gonna roll the dice & hope i can get there without any road blocks between provinces …if you have any insight chad on traveling within the borders of Thailand …would be much appreciated ..

  8. WHAT? Did you actually think I wasn’t gonna comment?😎 I’ve been Googling “Trust fund baby”….and some guys named Harald and Tim K. keep popping up! 🤔🤔 I’m 6’4 also and lived childhood in a trailer too! Reppin trailer ricers!! This is your best video. Cause it really gives a deep shot of who you are. You’re a ROCK STAR in progress! Send Apple and Sony a bill dude! Thanks for a great video and for sharing some personal shit! Peace✌

  9. Thanks for the video. I hope to go to Thailand again after this is all over. ( I know it will be maybe a couple of years from now before it returns to normal). I also like using my Cell Phone for pictures and Videos. I have a LG and it does a lot better than the camera my daughter gave me. I just need to be carful not to use it in wet weather. Keep going and hope you find your money maker soon.

  10. As a photo/video and music producer it’s incredibly hard to get people to understand it’s not the gear it’s the content. You can record a crappy song in the greatest studio in the world and it’s still a crappy song. If you capture Bigfoot on an iPhone 6 it’ll be far more valuable than capturing your lunch plate selfies on a Sony A7Riv….. incidentally I have the A7Rii and it doesn’t make my selfies any more exciting either…… Enough with the questions, get on with the action videos!

  11. No trust fund baby he worked for everything he has. Became an bad ass in photography in the car scene where we grew up in Atl. I have known this dude since around 2003 and he is one guy that I have always respected.

  12. Dont worry mate you will make tons of money soon if you keep creating content like that!Especially with the automotive content you create you will skyrocket in a bit of time and you already have a pretty fast growth

  13. I’m coming when they open stuff back up for like 6mos…first time outta america, the fact people speak english and cost of living is huge.

  14. Your not poor Chevy Chase is your dad mate😉 don’t ever sell your golf man. Thai people are so lovely Evan thoug one stoll my wallet and I can’t wait to go back

  15. Chad, I’m a big fan of your channel, especially when you show quirky stuff in Bangkok (I never ever thought of checking out Kheha). I love Thonburi Riverside. Keep it up and I’m glad you’re able to make ends meet. One place you could check out is Bang Phli, with a canalside Old Market and a temple with, supposedly, Thailand’s longest Reclining Buddha. Life on the khlong like it used to be in Thailand.

  16. haaaa chad your so funny bro , you dont like to just sit down and talk about sh** ,
    thats funny bro .
    i like your videos , by the way amazing photos on your instagram .
    keep up the great videos chad amazing work bro .

  17. When I wait for the next video like I would wait for news from my young brother then I think you have reached your goal . Through Youtube I now have quite half a dozen of brothers and sisters in Thailand and it is an happy daily routine to follow theirs adventures. You all bring me some useful informations and a great escape from my shitty country. Still 2 years before the retirement,and 15 months before the next trip to MY Kingdom. Thanks a lot Bro Shad.

  18. 1:28 Yo man chill out ! 🙄🤔
    I said I will look to see what you posted about it but you already make me thinking to unsubscribe man !
    ” Talking shit ” ?!? Hey pussycat people who ask this 3 questions are people’s who followed you , they subscribed to you because they like what you post and from where you post this video ( they are humans too ! )! Yeah it’s on internet, but same Like in real word when you meet a person on street or park or anywhere else and you start to talk with her /him and become ” friends ” they start asking questions…
    Same here on vlog they are curious about you your life… When you posting this videos you should assume the risk ” to receive questions ” !
    Or you could not show your face and not care about any comments or suggestions or questions or anything else …..
    But you took the ” friendly face ” and now become ” aggressive ” for some questions….
    Well yeah I don’t watch the video from the minute 1:28 and definitely unsubscribe !
    If you was straight character person you could say ” I don’t want to answer to this questions ! ” or choose any others questions or not answer to any …
    Instead you come aggressive….
    Please don’t bother to reply, I will simply not read it because I don’t waist my time with sick people’s like that … all this time I could do something else better instead to open your eyes…. 😒😠

  19. Dude, outside of my personal life. You’re channel is now favorite entertainment. I check in here before I turn on the tv. Love what you do.

  20. Dude your far too critical of this video. It had a lot of great info. I can see you are really smart in your field of work and will see continued success. Keep the content coming

  21. Another great vid 👍
    I’m considering moving to Thailand in a few years. Would be great to see a vid from you covering the challenges of owning a modified car over there. Whether it’s better to import your own or buy one there. Fuel quality/type available etc.

  22. Given you don’t use a gimbal, with the walking footage at 20:05 you stabilize when editing in Premiere? Or does the iPhone have stabilization built in? I’m an Android guy.

  23. Good work mate, flowed nicely considering is was chat show.
    Good to know you have your thumb in multiple business pies, diversity is always good!

  24. Being an early subscriber should be like an investment. I subscribed since in the 400+ subs, now it’s almost 60k subs. I should get profit like in the stock market!

  25. I’ve heard that the cost of the “automotive lifestyle” in Thailand is very high. I’m a serious car nut, and was thinking about Thailand for retirement, but the cost of importing my cars would be totally impossible. How do you see the cost of the automotive lifestyle in Bangkok?

  26. As long as your happy, who cares if you are making a ton of cash. Man that camera is frickin expensive! Of course I immediately went and checked. You priced me out of your market. I was thinking of making some videos to put on YouTube myself. But nothing really where I would try to make money off of it. I am 62 years old and semi retired from truck driving. I may have a few trips left in me, but not enough to be able to become a Vlogger or anything. Sadly! But I was thinking of picking up some kind of GoPro camera or something. The editing would be a challenge since I don’t know crap about using a video editing program. But if this damn COVID-19 virus goes away by next Nov/Dec, I did purchase an airline ticket. I am planning on spending about 9 weeks in Thailand. I thought it would be cool to make some videos of my trip there. Well have a great day. As always, I do enjoy your videos. Update: I just watched more of your video and saw that your are using an iPhone. What do you thing of the new Samsung S20 Ultra? I am thinking of getting that phone before I go.

  27. 2nd video I’ve watched. I think your’e spot on: Content is king, your editing is concise and flows, and the quality of image/sound by the Iphone 11 is pleasing. Nice work. Good info. Will now find video #3…and I have no idea how many you’ve done, but sounds like I get to explore SE Asia throughout which is something I’ve been looking to find in a well-created Youtube series. Thanks.

  28. Chad, I really appreciate your channel. I am glad to see someone who is working to live as opposed to living to work. I am a recent subscriber so I have the pleasure of binging your videos. The Golden Triangle Tour was excellent!

  29. So listen youtubers lets get alittle Quality camera work just watched this video. Its too bright in the background either use the light and reverse your shot or use a light quality your face is dark i have 37 tears in camera work snd youtubers dont get the camera work its not rocket science use the light it will look better especially when your on camera

  30. Hey man, I love your videos! I know that you’re looking for different ideas for videos, since you’re restricted on travel. I have a few suggestions for videos that I don’t think you’ve done yet. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of your videos, so forgive me if I’m wrong and you already have videos on these subjects.
    A) How about a video on “idiot pants”?
    B) A video about tuk-tuks, especially a more in-depth video about that Turbo paddock tuk-tuk.
    C) Explain to us a bit more about how you, or youtubers, get paid. You’re talking about an algorithm a lot but I don’t understand what helps you most. Is it view count, minutes viewed, click count, comments, likes; how does it all play in to benefit you?
    D) What about a video on the benefits of buying a motorcycle vs renting one? Renting seems cheap and easy, how I like my women, but what about purchasing? Is there a reason you still rent vs own?
    Thanks again, bud! keep up these awesome videos, we all love them!

  31. I heard you say in your crazy fast boat ride video that your audience is all guys. Wrong. I watch your channel with the hubby. We love Thailand and motor sports. We both used to race short track.
    As soon as this Corona stuff is done we are heading back to Thailand. We will have to hang out. I had a bunch of videos up of our last trip but I took them down. Now just doing a video once in a while Off-roading in lake Havasu Arizona while we are stuck at home.
    Good luck with your channel. Enjoy your videos and commentary.

  32. Congrats, you are about to hit 100k soon !! About living in Bangkok and not Tokyo, you are spot on with your conclusion. I (a German) am traveling to Thailand twice a year since the late 80s, living in Tokyo for more than 20 years now and planning to retire in Bangkok soon ! You forgot one important point in your video – the Thais, they are very nice people, easy going and always open for fun/ sanuk 🙂 Japanese are cool too but way to serious about everything. There are a few petrolhead J-vloggers like effspot or スティーブ的視点 Steve’s POV (maybe you know them already) which could be some kind of inspiration for your upcoming videos. About content, I like your style and there is so much more to explore about the car scene in Thailand, like classic car clubs or super cars or the bike subculture etc. Take care and keep filming!

  33. Man Wow! Ur story is kinda inspiring! 👍 ..You are here in Bangkok for 5 years! I was for only 5 days but planning to be soon back for longer time for sure! Take Care n thanks for sharing info!

  34. So you have a decade of experience creating content?? Is this the first time you shoot video outdoor?? Little advise from a newbie…. INVEST (and USE!) in a microphone with WINDKITTEN…. your sound is amateuristic

  35. You won’t be able to afford to live in Thailand in a few years. Thailand is slowly becoming a wealthy nation due to auto manufacturing and other higher end improvements in their economy..

  36. Hi Chad Im enjoying the content both content and cars! We stayed in Bangkok for a 4 nights on Khaosan Rd during Water festival, on the way back from Cambodia and thoroughly enjoyed it! 
    I bought 6 stud Lenso’s and posted them back to Australia Lol

  37. Chad, Manila cost of living is currently 15% cheaper than Thailand. …….Just a heads up bruh :)..But i love Thialand too BTW!…..Woever hit dislike needs to be HUNG!

  38. Talks about making and targeting specific based adds onto people, immediately pops up a American woman add. What you tryna say bro Lol

  39. Lots of Thais speak some English, but I think we owe them 100 words and phrases in Thai. It isn’t that diffficult, and when you start to make yourself understood it’s brilliant. Even apologising is fun – Kor toot. Cow a fie – or something like that, goes a long way. The five interrogatives – a rai, thao rai etc – are easy. Kho dai, and then whatever you want – Kho dai plaa? – got any fish? – just makes you feel so much more at home, and it shows a bit of respect.

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