Tokyo’s ARAKAWA RIVER PARK | Off the Beaten Path

Tokyo’s ARAKAWA RIVER PARK | Off the Beaten Path
#tokyo #offthebeatenpath

In this video…. we explore the area from Ukimafunado station to Toda Station as we pass over the Arakawa River Park. A truly beautiful river area with soccer and baaseball parks, camping and fishing and so much more!

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  2. Sorry to hear you are getting locked down. sorry i missed this but you posted as i was walking out of the door and it ended just before i got home. loved the stream thanks for the share! stay awesome bro! p.s. i think darc should be contacting you soon if he has not already said something to me about a video if not let me know and i’ll pay you to mail it to him. just let me know when you get a chance. P.S. 2 the first cases just started showing up in my county so we will see if i live through it.

    1. Darc and I have talked a few times….. just can’t connect up yet. I never thought mailing it too him actually…guess you better give me his address….state of emergency just announced…not going anywhere anytime

  3. I like how it’s law not to tell the Japanese people what to do…
    Always fun walking around with you Drew look after each other 😷 ♥ 🌸 🇯🇵

  4. pros with Corona virus…earth can breath again..Corona is here to stay for the next 18 months and each day will become worse./.British PM is in intensive care and some say, he is already gone and I liked him a lot.Japan just announced a state of emergency over coronavirus and the story continues…

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