Tokyo Japan | Are Tokyo streets empty?

In this video….

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  1. Thankfully the stay home order was extended here in Michigan today…. I feel like I’m doomed because of the actions of some fellow Americans. I would voluntarily give up my rights to save my family. We can’t ignore the warnings.

  2. Uk only food stores are basically open or pharmacy stores. Not much else open. In Bristol another 4000 bed field hospital has been opened. Seems things are going to get worse,so I have bought some n94 masks online as not available in shops.

  3. Tokyo is dead ? Or dying slowly ? Not only Tokyo, but all other big cities in the world are in heart seizure in ICU ! Praying for forgiveness from God…. Easter is just around corner… Hang in there, Drew !

  4. Pls translate into Japanese language or other different languages to let more people know how to protect themselves. Virus can be dispersed via salivary, Youtube Hong Kong Dr. Kwong has taught us how to make temporary face mask. His method is by wearing double clothes face mask to block salivary, place kitchen paper or thick tissue in between two clothes face mask to block Virus. Change kitchen paper or thick tissue every 4 hours interval. During the night time, use soap water to wash clothes face mask and iron them by using heat to kill remaining virus tomorrow after drying for re-use. 請翻譯讓更多日本人知點保護自己 . 病毒可從飛沫傳播,Youtube 香港 Dr.Kwong 教人整臨時口罩,他方法是用兩層布口罩隔濾飛沫,兩布中間放廚房紙或 厚紙巾作阻隔微c細病毒,每隔四小時更換廚房紙或厚紙巾. 晚上回家用皂液洗布口罩,明天乾了再熨鬥用熱力消毒重用。

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