Together We Are Stronger. I Am Not Dealing With This Very Well..

Vlog #832 Why Are We So Divided. Today I will share why I am not dealing with the current situation so well. Every day is a new day for me, but the restrictions have taken it’s toll on me and I will tell you Why.
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  1. Update Alcohol sales start tomorrow. Thank You very much for all the positive support on the comment section of our channel through people sharing there experience and information during this time. It is important that we respect others scenarios and how this effect one’s own circumstance. We must all deal with this in the best interest for ourselves and the people directly around us. Situations are different in other countries along with individual households. Be safe and God bless all.

  2. At least all those that are fortunate enough & can afford it, can now have a beer in peace without being lectured to by the Temperance Movement. 🍺

  3. Losing my mind in NYC as well. I just come back early feb to take care of business and head back there for good. This goddamn Wuhan flu ruined all my plans.

  4. Great vlog has usual.
    Personally i feel this is to bring about, compulsory Vaccinations.. so much evidence pointing to the fact that this a pLaNdemic Bill gates has got a lot to answer for.

  5. Monkey see monkey do. Government are just copying what others are doing because they have no idea hence the blanket measure. not helping are also the so called “competition” to not top the “chart” I have faith thing will be back to normal not “new normal” Have faith and more importantly patience. Cheers and ride on!

  6. I must be one of the few who’s having a blast during this quarantine – seriously it’s been so peaceful and quiet. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing!

    Things’ll work out Chuck! I know it’s tough but if anyone can get through this with a smile, it’s you!

  7. I get it chuck. I keep getting told I am stupid usually by old men on Facebook when I say canada needs to get back to work. Our government has put us into a deep recession they have given out money to everyone but I guess me being a female I’m stupid

  8. Good post Chuck, i can fully understand how people feel when they have nothing to eat and cant earn, i was coping well until i saw some place on TV and said to my wife i would like to go this place and then realised, for the first time in my 71 years i cant do what i want thats not in a selfish way but i also like to roam and see things, that has put me in an almost panic state.

  9. Chuck n Paige, I can’t say how much your videos have helped stay calm and be patience during this difficult time… Really appreciate your work on videos n sharing 👍 same here in India they will open liquor shops from 4th. ☺thanks, Vinay from Earthcamper Bangalore India.

    I think it’s necessary to open up business….. For so many reasons.

    We are affected so much business and personal and professional life…

    Need to open in stages…. Patience is the key here….

    In India lot of daily wages people I am thinking of them how they will survive…. Without day’s payment. Govt is giving some food. And few peopl are donating food…. But how long it can be done. They need medicines…. Pay rent… Feed kids.

  10. the ftg as you’re on the bicycle is incredibly smooth. Can you tell me is that an electric bike, and the camera must be on a gimble or something? It’s very nice footage.

  11. Chuck your place very nice peaceful the neighborhood always smiles can you send my greetings to Paige and soi mafia and paw red the members of Sunday funday stay safe take care

  12. People scared to out? That’s completely irrational. There’s more chance of being struck by lightning in Thailand, than catching COVID. And even if you did get it, unless you are very fat, or very old, there is a less than 1% chance of dying from it. Riding a motorbike in Thailand, is many many times more risky, as are many other day to day activities. The irrationality of how people have overreacted to this thing is hard to comprehend.

  13. I know the alternative meaning to shells. Anyway this being Saturday the news is the alcohol ban ends tomorrow. I guess the government changed their minds.
    Yippee 🍺🍻😛👍 A big Cheers to all.

  14. Hi Chuck, I think as you rode along asking questions, you were deep down answering them and resolving what is getting you down . We enjoy your videos and you will enjoy travelling when the lockdown ends.

  15. So, I wonder what the percentage per 100,000 people between motorcycle wrecks and corona deaths in Thailand? Seems to me that just getting on the road would be riskier.

  16. don’t have to justify your opinions to anyone brother. BUT….what you gotta do is get Soi mafia her money before she comes looking for you with her baseball bat 🙂 hope the ride didn’t kick your ass

  17. Billy​ Idol, Eyes​ Without​ a​ Face​ is​ the​ official​ theme​ song​ for​ the​ new Covids​ fashion.

  18. I bring my OFF Deet .40
    Works excellent!!! And also bring sunscreen, good ones are very expensive.
    Chuck, hang in there buddy almost over.. until the next one lol.
    In all honesty, people at least will be more aware and definitely hopefully more hygienic!!! Lockdown definitely helped but if authorities in CHINA informed other countries back in November 2019, it definitely would have been better handled. Anyway that conversation is one to have face to face lol. Take care, and enjoy the bike ride.

  19. It’s a tough situation but we can’t have it both ways (of course). I don’t think this thing is even close to being over, not until there is a vaccine. Here in the U.S. some states are preparing to open up a bit. I may be a conspiracy theorist, but I think that is to placate the masses. Open up without a cure and there will be a surge in cases and then people will see and realize that this is not just about them. It is about us all. What is the solution? The hell if I know. Just have to hang in there and help one another.

  20. Hey Chuck, seems the current situation here in Thailand and the “funny” rules created, is bothering really deeply…..beginning you mentioned you will talk about your bicycle but afterwards you only clear your brain concerning your thoughts…… 😆

  21. We outsiders want to know what Thais think about us (Europeans) right now. Are we OK there? China is not OK with us. This situation is good indicator how the country handle with other human race.

  22. 3 year ago! i flew to Laos on my vacations i was there was 3 weeks foods and drinks was very cheap , this was my first time in Laos then i will go to Thailand soon! . i would love come to Visited at your hometown i have never been in Thailand before i’m looking forward coming soon by 2021

  23. Thailand infected numbers are very low. In America, those that have recovered from Covid-19 are donating blood plasma that has helped cure others. You are correct some states are beginning to open businesses regardless. Hard Fact: In America, about 70% of the Covid-19 infected have been African Americans living in highly populated cities.

  24. Hey chuck….just to let you know…I work on an ambulance and I do non emergency inter facility transports. I am a guy who has daily chores and a wife to make great thai food although now she is in an essential job working six days a week. So all the talk actually doesn’t effect us much. We are busy working every day, like normal but wearing a mask. So we actually do not think much about some end point or the end point is the lack of complaints about something which is an inconvenience not true suffering. Life is work sometimes and I hope help will come to those that truly need help. Also about the rent you mentioned….remember the family is a big part of your show, without them the show is not as good I think. Give the in laws and family friends there do…maybe a show focused on them.

  25. here’s the thing… you need to pick your argument and stick with you. you can’t, one second, say that your objection to the quarantine is because, at this stage in your life you value your freedom and you want your travel and, since you are, by nature, a stubborn person (not necessarily a bad trait, for the record) who dislike being told “no”, it bothers you. then around and say that the argument against quarantine is that people cannot afford it. so is your concern your personal freedom or the poor people who are affected financially? are they both valid? ABSOLUTELY. but you cannot dance around and just move the goalpost.

  26. it is not about disease it is bout control and also another round of getting rid of the ai farang…….martial law and racial hatred….old stories actually

  27. Hi Chuck n Paige, Malaysia opening all sectors on 4th May. Hope everything ok n undercontrol.
    Take care n stay safe always

  28. People are hurting financially as well as mentally in this situation, unfortunately there is not an easy solution, I believe if you go out and put yourself at risk then you should take personal responsibility and not go around other people that are not willing or able due to health problems to take that risk, for example I went to Bike week but I self quarantined myself for 2 weeks when I came back. Tyson had around 900 cases at two separate plants 30 and 50% of the employees working at the processing plants, now if the workers not infected refuse to go back to work they may not be eligible for benefits, if it was your parent or family member working there what would your advice be to them? It’s a difficult time with difficult problems and I don’t have a clue to the answers. I’m trying to make the best of the situation and stay as positive as possible while fighting off what I hope is just a seasonal cold.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻🍻🥃 🥃

  29. HI CHUCK DONT WORRY PEOPLE WILL GET SICK OF BEING SICK.people willget out because they america the media and the left love thi to destroy trump.but people wont live this way.big changes will come and its going to be good.this is not the end of life as we know strong.this will end with a bang

  30. This is the biggest hoax of the century, it is not more deadly than a normal flue season. Doctors trying to report this is getting deleted from YouTube, Facebook, Google etc.

    Now Bill Gates have left his job to invested in a vaccine ID tattoo company, 7 companies developing corona vaccines for 7 billion people and also a company growing your fake meat. And this is the guy who in public says we must depopulate the world. You guys wanna get your flu shot from this guy?

  31. It’s not so much about me as it is about workers safety. Workers, especially service type workers, have no control over the people they must serve and there are many people that have the virus but do not know or do not care about spreading the virus. The restrictions are a great inconvenience but I spend my energy supporting those in real need through food donations and free online teaching. Thailand will open more places as the people in charge see people using safe practices and the infection rate stays low. By the way, chicken feet are the best part.

  32. A very interesting and thought-provoking post today, Chuck. I felt that I had handled the lockdown situation quite well up to now, but yesterday I had a terrible day – I don’t really know why it started, but as the day went on, I felt trapped and just got this awful feeling of melancholy overcoming me. I couldn’t get people who I had lost in my life out of my head. I guess we just have to accept that every now and again during this we are going to come face-to-face with our inner demons. Keep doing what you are doing mate. It is reassuring to know that others are sometimes struggling with their feelings too.

  33. First time ever I sort of disagree with you Chuck.
    You say you understand, about so many things, yet in your next breath, you want to go go go.
    Seems you want it all.
    Not to be rude, but get a grip Chuck.
    We all have to do what were doing now.
    I’m on a so far so good island too, Kauai, as you are safe in That Phanom, but a majority of the world’s in deep Kim Chee.
    But just because we’re safe, doesn’t mean we can just do what we want.
    After all Chuck, we’ve had to follow laws we don’t agree with all of our lives.
    Now I let off my rant.
    Remember, if you were in jail, I’m sure you wouldn’t be eating like you do. So take it easy.
    If we don’t get sick, we’ll be okay. Sluggo

  34. You would be dealing with it a lot less well , if you were on a ventilator struggling for air and life .
    Count your blessings .

  35. Stop thinking like “White men mentality” my body, my freedom but then when they got sick, it’s your (doctor) problem. It won’t be forever. I’m in UK, a lot of people thinking that way and government let them be. Like yesterday, there were a lot of people got back from abroad, the government has no protection facilities to contain them or quarantine them. They were all allowed to go straight home. How many more will infected? They are not going to quarantine themselves at home that for sure. 26+k and counting every day in UK.
    My home country might look like government controlling them but for the sakes of main population. Stay safe!
    I’m really miss my family right now.

  36. The trouble with this virus is you could catch it and end up killing someone else. When you are infected, it doesn’t last a year, only about two weeks. Right now there are too many hotspots so it’s uncontrollable. If you can eliminate most of the hotspots it becomes containable, then things can open up, and the testing will be very good at identifying a new hotspot do it can be eliminated.

  37. Hi Chuck,what you talk about today there really is no answer.I have been in Thailand five years now and happy to be here at this time. My country before I came too Thailand was New Zealand.maybe the best place in the world to live some people think.They have done a pretty good job of dealing with this virus by staying in their homes,They dident enjoy doing it but it’s looking good for them at the moment. If you look at Sweden they carry on and ignore the virus and now they are paying for that with many people ill and dying.Your country America from what I see it’s a mess, some people want to stay at home and many want to go back to work.Like the guy from NY said is it worth dying for.I don’t have a opinion I just look at the places that seem to be doing ok.I have seen the stories of the people who have died with the virus,young healthy people with young kids at home and it’s a horrible thing to have in your body and I would be afraid to get it.Stay safe every body.

  38. Chuck: After following your vlogs for a couple of years, it still amazes me how much we think alike. I really believe some of it stems from a few years in the military when you were told what to do, where to do it, and when to do it. Once we returned to civilian life, we question anytime someone tells us we can’t do something. Sure, we have laws to follow, but there are still individuals who try to impose their “authority” and power over us. Keep up the excellent vlogs my friend. See you in Sept. Rich and Nuch

  39. Stay at home – is not designed to have people stay at home until their is a vaccine, it is get the situation reasonably contained. At the same time you have to have a test and trace program up and running full tilt (i.e. army of tracers so to speak; I would estimate that Thailand could need up to 50,000 tracers) and widespread testing to identify sources of outbreak earlier. At that point you start opening up with an eye to the overall number and and at the same time the lock-down has to be much more granularity (if a town is a hotspot you could have a building a subdivision or a town in lock-down). A total lockdown should be able to reduce the infected population to zero in one month if it is drastic, or a couple months if more lenient. There are less tools available to lock-down in Thailand because of the lack of social programs etc and the need for people to earn a living and go to the market daily (lack of a kitchen in larger cities – Thai condos; lack of refrigeration in rural Thailand). If the numbers are accurate and 44 provinces have been clear of cases for 14 days, I am surprised they have not reopened more in those 44 provinces — since the lockdown should not be needed in 14 days (though I would keep bars and other social environments with large number of people in close proximity — closed for now).

  40. I live in Los Angeles and peoples here are getting reckless, beach are close and peoples are going nuts. When first lockdown happens( I was on the plane flying back from Thailand) it about flattening the curve so that hospitals not over run and we did that but now the goal have been changed and politician cannot give us a straight answers. Peoples don’t mind stay home but when June roll around all our bill is due including our taxes that why peoples need to go back to work to make moneys to pay bills. We need to have honest discussion on both side.This virus going to be here with us for long time there going to be dead with lockdown or without lockdowns. When the first outbreak happens prediction is 2 millions American will dies, we are no where close to that, and a lot of us asking questions ,numbers don’t add up to justify closing economic downs. Having politician fighting with each other and media keep lying to us doesn’t help. We need to honest to each other . Living in the states with business and a house during this time is not fun, can’t open business ,the though of losing the house because your business can’t be open. But watching your your channels do help me calm down so thank for that. Thank you

  41. Have you ever tried running with a mask on? I have through the streets of this country and it is not easy. But as the Marines said “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”. This will be along road to “Normal”. I suspect travel restrictions will be in place for all of 2020. For those on Long Term Visa/Ext of Stay the trickiest part of the year will be: Do I leave and then try and get back into Thailand? Covid 19 Test, Medical Certificates, Mandatory Covid 19 Insurance and Mandatory Quarantine will make getting in or back into the country this much more difficult. Good luck to you and Paige and always stay safe/healthy.

  42. This is one of the aspects of your channel that I am a bit envious of…… a chance to “vent” your feelings about topics or particular life issues that are important to you. Since I have moved here, full time since I retired, I don’t really have an outlet besides my wife… and I don’t believe she can really understand. So…. it’s you Chuck.. that I can share a bit of my thoughts with and even though it’s not like being able to get it all out, it makes me much appreciative of “Notimetobesad” ….and most generally I agree with you. Thanks….:-)

  43. Chuck I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    and count your blessings my grandfather used to say I used to be sad because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet then I thank God for all I have everyday and every other day

  44. I think that this Virus issue after the appliance to myself let the decision to stay home or go out to be up to you not control the other people.
    however it is what it is we just have to live with it and accept it.

  45. Master tuition is I live in Turkey I’m 81 years old and I’m forbidden to go out by the government all I have to pay $1,000 fine. At the same time I need to walk everyday an art of the Moon time my circulation and good help but I cannot I’ve been on the house for 7 weeks now so I walk up and down the hall if my home about an hour everyday that’s the best I can do. so that’s life. My personal belief is that when you’re born it is written when you will die and nothing can change that so you have to accept your destiny and live with it and thank God for all I have

  46. starting to see the light in the end of the tunnel, so keep walking towards it. After all this is over I hope we appreciate the little things of life a bit more. I know I will appreciate my vacations to Thailand a lot more in the future instead of taking it for granted to go there 1 or 2 times each year.

  47. I am with you 100% Chuck. It is becoming clear to me that it is only a small minority of people who are vulnerable to this virus, if you are under 70/80 years of age, healthy you are very likely to be fine.. It was right to lock down for a while to reduce the death rate but it must end at some point. We cannot stay holed-up forever, it’s crazy. But like you say it is to appease some people that we do it. Some folks it seems to me enjoy all this lock down, the drama of it and all!! Anyway in the UK we are soon to start relaxing the lock down so I am feeling more positive this will end soon. Thanks Chuck

  48. Hey Chuck, Good to hear your thoughts on this current situation.
    Pook and I have continued right through all of this with going to the park to exercise each day and jumping on the scooter to get out and make a video for our channels, or just go for a ride to get a change of scenery and some fresh air.
    We wear our masks when others are around and keep our distance from them.
    We’re not putting ourselves or others at risk. I think a lot has to be down to perspective and plan old common sense.
    All the best to you and Page.

  49. Every country is dealing with it slightly differently – for my country the key focus was to not overwhelm the health system as if this happened people would die that didn’t have to. As a country, because of the social distancing and closing of bars etc we have a very low death toll, the flip-side is that we don’t have ‘herd immunity’ and so as internally things will gradually start to get back to normal incoming and outgoing travel will have restrictions for a long time. Whilst I have been working, there are a large number people that pretty much lost their jobs overnight and whilst our government has tried to provide some additional welfare not everyone is eligible for it and there will be large number of businesses and people that will be severely impacted for a number of years to come. One of the other downsides that has been seen is that there has been an increase in suicides, I haven’t seen an official statement on this but would assume that financial difficulties and not having social interaction are possibly some key factors.

  50. According to medical experts and scientists, the ‘stay at home’ orders are to slow the spread of the virus and to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with too many cases at once. The death rate would be a lot higher if hospitals could not treat everyone who needed treatment. Yes, it is frustrating, but it’s for the greater good, in my opinion. If someone you love gets sick, it’s better for them to be at a hospital that’s at 100% capacity than a hospital that’s at 300% capacity. Having said that, governments should be providing adequate financial assistance to people if the orders cut off their income.

  51. Thailand 54 deaths / 70,000,000 aprox people equals a death rate of 0.0000007714% Total confirmed cases 2966/ 54 dead 0.018 % death rate

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