Today’s Well Adventure, OMG!!!!

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  1. Brian , maybe you can use the right sizes radiator hose plus Stainless gear clamps as a couplings for the PVC PIPES, one at the bottom and one at the top, easy for servicing later on, to avoid tangling the electric wires?

  2. I was thinking about how they done the well.why couldn’t they take two blocks for each side an then run the rebar back up the two blocks then set the bottom blocks then use the form an pour the cement in that way

  3. 😁😁 A little lube for those pipe fitting seals will help them not to pinch, roll, or tear. Don’t forget the pail with holes in it, and put pump inside the pail. Just have to make sure the float switch will still function properly.


  4. Epoxy – – hard to shape into place, you’re wiping it away when you try to apply it. My best solution so far is to put masking tape over the wet epoxy and then form it through the tape. This works especially well when you are applying to a vertical surface where it wants to sag away. On wire, it can give you an external form to work the epoxy into. The tape is fairly easy to remove afterwards, about half the time.

  5. Instead of using a latter to go up in the tank I’d build a scaffolding using the strongest wood to prevent a fall. Build to last for safety. Accidents happen as we get old thinking we can still what we did when young. Death is what comes to use for ignorance.

  6. It’s to frustrating to watch I would of flipped. A simple job made so hard. You just need the correct black pipe to go with the new compression fittings

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