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  1. Great channel with good content, i watched a lot of your videos before visiting Thailand during February 2020.
    i can see why you are ‘Thailand Rob’, once i got there, i didnt want to leave either!

  2. Thaillywood’s best film yet , It had everything laughter, fun, location, music ,and fabulous actors …. and some audience tears …

  3. Click bait with that thumbnail! I saw Fong and was like… YES! but… sadly… it was just Rob 🙂 lol Great compilation bro… thanks for that!!

  4. You know man, the music, the editing , the ladies, this was your greatest work yet and you never said a word ? I felt uplifted, free, happy for you, thanks bro from scotlandstan ( used to be Scotland) think I may be joining ya sometime soon

  5. Awww that made me think Rob your always a jolly fella but deep down your quite shy and reserved and that part of you goes along well with this video. M

  6. I assume this is your new trailer or intro. Images great, if it your new intro its to long, i would do quicker cuts and make it shorter. Some of the text messages where to over the top for me. But I liked it.

  7. Nice production.. Didn’t know you had it in you.. (well, now you don’t since its all out there) but still nice..Two thumbs up 👍👍

  8. All i can say is outstanding and I`d like to see more of your advencare in the land of thailand. Sorry my spelling suck but i wasn`t toat right ,you have to use a Dick traces decoed ring .ROCK ON ! ROB from the classit man at the studio in Ohio.Lov at you and god bless one day we may meet. Just be your self and ROCK ON…

  9. Nice promo Rob, very well put together and slick! Did you get some new editing software, or have you just been taking lessons/practicing? Either way, well done and enjoyable!

  10. Very nice, one thing do NOT take out the “SQUIRREL” captions in your video’s. I’d say it’s a trade mark, your signature if you will.

  11. DAMN!!!! That was super nice and unique (at least for me it was). Great to see so many of your friends and people you have met. The “movie” ending was a surprise. DUDE… the facial hair is a very good look for you. Stay healthy and happy.

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