Times Change, And It’s Time To Get Out Of The Pig Business

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  1. So sorry and sad to hear this news Brian…..I have watched and followed the piggery all the way.. I know the love and hard work an finances you have put in ..Your are sure right about the Covid problems to.. As an ex farmer i know and see the problems to sell now..I just hope you can.
    ..Tc all of you there best wishes.. Here to in the Uk Businesses broken and ruined by the lock down which is not going to fix the covid.

  2. Selling pigs makes sense. It will give you a chance to focus on fish pen. Fix azolla issues, borrow or buy a feed milling machine for azolla based fish food. Build fish food warehouse/ agri-vet and distribution center to support your needs, and make a small profit. Also less pigs provide time to think about property management idea for expats. No real material investment there, just time.

  3. Good morning brian . Well mate it a sad day for you but i believe you doing the right thing even though it painfull . The prices for pigs up here in cagayan valley are the same mate . No allowance is made in farm gate prices for feed or running costs . Until this happens you wont be the last to suspend operations . All the best to everyone there . Regards

  4. We had 20 sows slaughtered last year because of ASF. Now we just heard that the gov has no funds or food to help the people, so we’ll never get compensated. Sure glad I get US Social Security benefits so we can live normal.

  5. Tough decision Brian, but have to face facts, you have said many times, about getting out of pigs eventually anyway. Too emotionally attached etc.
    Would ask, once the azolla operation is running again, could you grow enough to feed the chickens you plan to have, with possibly enough to feed some tilapia( in another larger pond, located in your old rice field).
    Fish is generally more affordable for Filipinos .
    Also mushrooms.
    After the Bohol earthquake the DA, was encouraging mushroom growing for affected farmers. Might be worth looking into the feasibility of utilising your pig pens.
    Read in the Bohol Chronicle, the tourism secretary visited Panglao.
    Talking about allowing direct flights from say Japan, Korea etc in towards the end of the year.
    That would get good for the bohol economy!
    All the best from pangasinan

  6. Itโ€™s sad to hear that Brian but a reality is we are all suffering ….. my work has dried up in the uk and itโ€™s been 6 months I cannot visit PH to see my girlfriend. Keep a few sows as you say try and sel just locally and small scale and you have the facilities to bring it back later when this is over. Good luck

  7. Well its the new reality Brian you are wise to get out before the piggery depleats all your reserves,We must all adapt to change here my business is down and my dream of moving to Bohol for now is just a dream!You are in a much better place thanmy friends and family in Manila .Stay safe and well God bless Chris

  8. Heartbreaking to see after all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve all put into this, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Your reasoning is 100%, but it still hurts the heart. You just got the machine running on all cylinders, got the first batch out the door, and a lightening bolt came out of the sky and destroyed it all. Everyone is worried if they’ll be able to scrape up enough pesos to eat a bowl of rice tomorrow. It’s going to be a long time before lechon is on their menu again. Fish and chicken are the way to go now. The President has said the government is out of money to help people, so they’re going to have to start opening things up so people can work again and hope for the best. It’s going to be a long, slow road. You guys will do OK, luckily, you’ve got Cebu next door that will eat all the fish you bring them so you’ll bring them all the fish you can. Sorry to see this day come, but it’s gotta be. Stay well all, and keep on keeping on.

  9. Nothing wrong with stepping back to pure breeding shock and cut your losses! You have the set up so if the prices change you can rebuild really quick. Plus the learning process will not stop!

  10. The Covid19 thing is a political HOAX, Brian! The MSM news is saying that there are spikes in Covid19 cases, however, it is ALL lies, as not one hospital is being inundated with new cases! Come November 5th, (after the US Presidential election), the CV19 planned-Eric will be history, and wonโ€™t be mentioned past that date! Watch X22Report (on YouTube) to get the straight score of what is really happening! Legislators created public papers in January 2019 specifically mentioning Covid19, so they KNEW it was a planned-demic! Sadly, Democrats are ONLY trying to stop POTUS from being elected, as he is exposing the politicians (and Hollywood) for their satanic sexual ritual abuse of our children, harvesting them for adrenochrome, organs and pedo-fee-lia!

  11. Sad day. That is the farmer’s life. Scrape by with a profit every few years to just be able to keep going. Then when old retire and sell the land and pay of debt and retire with the remainder.

  12. Sad to hear but wise decision . Try advertising on Facebook . They have Bohol farm trading and selling pages there . I would sell all of them Brian 10 sows still going be a big expense with the money you save having zero pigs you can really grow the fish farm and diversify . You can always buy more sows in a few years . Good luck my friend and happy birthday maricel !

  13. I’d stay small on the pigs an go large on the fish pens,least the fish will pay off an maybe if things get turned around start the pigs slowly.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  14. You got to do what you got to do. There was so much promise when you started but the like you said the Seinfeld and the COVID was the nail in coffin so to speak.
    I am surprised at the progress with the milkfish. They are getting pretty big. Will you be able to use the Azola as a supplement with them?

  15. Why don’t you start cooking them, convert parts to sausage and sell to street vendors? You can also vacuum seal and sell as Organic to small to medium size retailers. Organic ground pork to ship to Japan maybe or to Manila and Cibu?

  16. Good move I agree. You can always revisit it as market changes. If you can get azola working, it will kept the few going and feed the chicken an fish. Seems at this point fish are where the money is. Augmented some by azola feed. Makes sense.

  17. A nice Birthday gift for you both. Less stress and better financial outlook. Also Tatay isn’t getting any younger. Hope you can keep most your employees still working for you.

  18. Can you sell JUST piglets? Seems like very little cost to wean a piglet and sell it right away. Might pay enough to feed the sows you keep and then some. At least then the sows you keep would not cost you. Also if you see pork prices going up you would have the piglets to raise at the drop of a hat that way.

  19. When the price of pork is very minimal, it is time to downsize the piggery business and go at it again when the Slump in price of pork is over. People have to eat and there is no way that pork meat will not be in demand when the Pandemic is over.

  20. What is the price of pork at your public market? Here in Davao, the farmers are getting low price for their pigs but the price in the market has maintained P180 to P220 per kg.

  21. A viable business is not sinking money into it and losing money month after month and year after year so step out of it and focused somewhere else

  22. The whole bottom.. Of the economy has dropped out.. World wide.. Just a sad day.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Being a commercial Farmer is tough anyway …

  23. A sudden bad case of sanity omg ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Good deal! If that new swine Flu in China takes over there plus all the natural disasters there may boost the market but who knows when. Chickens and fish ๐Ÿ  talapia and milk fish

  24. In my area they are beginning to experience a swine flu and they are killing off the pigs… this is a good decision Brian both business wise and emotionally. Who needs the stress especially over here. Enjoy your life here now and relax a bit with your beautiful family!

  25. Seasons do change, and I couldn’t agree with you more Brian….. That is just not becoming more feasible right now… Maintaining a few is a good idea incase the market bounces back up…. I’m with you on this…

  26. Sorry to hear about the loses. It’s too bad the azzolla wasn’t able to save you on the feed cost. Even that is giving you problems. I hope the azolla does work out soon and then you can have a feed free piggery. I made a comment before about spreading yourself too thin. It’s good to diversify but not in this day and age. Best of luck to you in the future. On the bright side you can still do YouTube and film the pigs you have left as well as the Azolla pits. Let’s see how the fish pens do.

    The only time I see that you could possibly think about doing pigs again, is to perfect your azolla production. The feeds are always the killer in farming. I know you know this, but others reading this might not.

  27. Covid infection rates are horribly up in the Philippines, out of control in the Southern US , even here in Canada where we have excellent health care coverage we are just plugging along, you are next to Cebu, the #2 region for exponential infections and who knows what the National Gov’t is covering up there, tourism there is hit hard like everywhere, so less money to spend and less mouths to feed, O top of that every other Pinoy has a couple of pigs and many have about 6 or so for their bznz. I’m inclined to think organic Vege gardening and specialized fruit trees like rambutan , dragon fruits and passion fruits tilapia might be a better venture,oh the azzola production might take off if you iron things out

  28. I think your location is not good in pig farming and I suggest that you need have a share in cooperative and you will earned from the feeds that you purchase..

  29. Thatโ€™s a good move Brian. Thank goodness you listen to your wife. Sheโ€™s pretty smart when it comes to money. You have Charlie now and must look ahead for his future.

  30. Doing business of any kind in the Philippines is extremely difficult, regardless of what it may seem like on the surface. There is no shame in having a go at something and realizing it is just not doable for what ever reason(s). We are not spring chickens anymore. And the more I think about how hard I have worked over the years to be able to comfortably retire to the Philippines in 2024, the least interest I have in doing anything other than relaxing with a nice cold one to quench my thirst.

  31. Butch is the best way of investing your pigs.,.you might sell per kilo for 150 / kilo and i know many will buy because it is affordable for neighborhood and in the market…sell it online, hire a butcher to do that….

  32. Hey Brian have you ever thought about just raising pigs an sell there meat in the markets. You know you can have 2 butchers at 2 different markets maybe slaughter 2 each market a day an perhaps turn profit that way

  33. Wow, I have been following your piggery and I thought you were pulling in big bucks, I was even thinking of doing one also when I came there. The Covid is killing many businesses!

  34. the end of an era…it makes sense, though…this virus has changed eating habits for the foreseeable future…restaurants, cafes etc are closing…fewer people want to go out to eat…and those restaurants, cafes etc were a big market for those pigs, I would imagine…baby chicks may be the way to go…more people wanting to raise chickens on their own so they have their own protein at home…people may be eating staple foods bought occasionally at the store (rice, beans, flour etc), along with the greens from their own garden, as well as meat from the chickens they raise…now if you lived in or near cebu, it might be different…

  35. Wow Brian, this is depressing news, I feel for you, it must be tough. I thank you for telling it like it is. We just bought a sow and the stud guy just came buy to check my sow out, said he’ll be back in a few days she’s not ready. This whole planneddemic thing is really screwing peoples lives up and it’s discouraging as hell. I believe the covid 19 part will be gone November 4th the day after the elections. Who knows what they’ll replace it with. Wish I had something comforting to say. Your son and you will get more time now, he’ll love that for sure.

  36. Hey Bryan, how about investing in a freezer and turning them into pork chops, spare ribs and ham… Most people can not afford a whole hog but can afford a few kilos of pork

  37. Sad day for M&B, I still remember the whole heard government buy out in early 80’s of dairy cattle a friend of mine cried when they loaded his cows to be turned into hamburger.

  38. Hard decision to come too but the silver lining is you have ready made breeding pens for chickens. Just a bit of netting from top of the wall to the roof

  39. So, not a total shutdown.. but more of a scale back and change of direction… All businesses expand and shrink to the market demands.. good that you recognize the trends.

  40. Itโ€™s tuff all over at the moment moment Brian, but I think you and Maricel have made a wise choice, as you said, just canโ€™t keep putting finances into something that isnโ€™t making you guys a profit, hope everything works out for you both and big Charlie. Take care and God blessings โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  41. Yes, I agree with you.. Too much work in farming… I grew up on a chicken farm here in Ohio.. We just grow crops now to keep the land in CAUV which is a tax break…

  42. Onto the next venture. ๐Ÿ‘
    The government has locked us down here in Victoria, Australia. Killed of thousands of businesses probably mine too.
    If aussies donโ€™t start to push back soon we are guna be screwed.
    Just found out I need a work permit just to do my job.
    If I could get outa here now I would.

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