Three Budgets for Living in the Philippines

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  1. If you, as a foreigner, emigrate to another country out of love, you immediately notice that the government lacks the social support that is lacking in Germany.
    So you should convince a Filipina to live and get married in Germany. because then she has full entitlement to social support.

  2. What would you say to a guy who was going to A. Buy a shoebox row-house so he has no rental issue. B. Definitely wasn’t looking for a relationship C. Was happy to cook at home. Is that $700/800 a month budget do-able then?

  3. Sir I need UR guidance Urgent . Sir my name is Gabrial An Indian I am Just 23 years The situation is my Father Expired my father left me With 440000$ Property that 9 apartments That bring in 2000 rent I have A Fieance In Philippines she is A teacher she earns Up to 250$ an I’ll get some extra Money Of 12000$ from my Land deal as token so I my plan was Buying a Land an Build a Small house there but my consern is That The Backup I have of 440000$ An monthly Rent Can I live a Confertable Life an start my family

  4. Can live with less than a $1.000 That is so low I do like it there my first time but too hot I did save money that I love savings and enjoy to be with my two brothers . I do take care of all there needs forever that I promise to do .Love Phillpines just corruption is so bad never change I hate it .

  5. Reecay what jobs would you recommend for an expat moving to the Philippines what job would you recommend in the after the expat arrives in the Philippines

  6. Nice little reminder of the 3 different types of budgets. Clicked the link from Face Book. Could you comment a little about single men who want to have their base in the PH but maybe once a year go to Bali or other countries? Thanks and please keep up the good work.

  7. hi there, how are you doing yet? I saw many of your vids and i like it. Where do you stay this time? Still in Vietnam? I really like to go there to asia in some years too, yet thinking about, what my littele extra income could come out of. Do you know or have you met any expats working as a therapist in philippines. I´m a acupuncture and traditionell medicine therapist in germany. Do you think it´s possible to get a permission for a little ambulance there? Would be great if you can share any knownledge about this. Have a great time there and stay healthy. Best greetings from pete

  8. aaaandd, as if to emphasize the reason to moving to the Philippines I counted 30 out of 50 women in this video as being obese. Yes, that’s 60% and this was way back in 2015, nowadays it’s more like 70-80%!!

  9. I’m in the Phillis now, I watched many of ur vids and found the info to be spot on. I started in Manila. Haven’t been anywhere near the party/club/ bar girl places. Have had very good luck at Mall of Asia. Met some really nice girls, have full time jobs, stable in careers and personal life. The go to work each day and then we spend time in evening together or I go and take them to lunch.They have never asked anything but to treat them nice which is how i approached them. Just being me a gentleman. have offered transportation and sometime they accept. I learned a lot from ur videos. Wasn’t sure at first. Thanks for all the good info

  10. You can live good on $600 if you live Filipino, if your a western dude your out of your space , you will need air conditioning , a security gated community, all your western foods, I see foreigners living here that have no idea what the Philippines is

  11. Thanks, as always, for anything Phils. Kinda think a guy (like me) could sell off everything here (am divorced, no dependents), then live over there with a surplus. And with a modest US, State pension here, live the life of Riley over there, and no matter where. No?

  12. Great video i am thinking about spending some time there my pension is 4,000 a month but will budget from 1,500 to 2,000 a month i am 57 single.

  13. I have had ideas about the following. If I stay here in the states I just might build a mobile home and buy some land and set it on that land. The minimalist lifestyle and tiny homes are all the rage. I did see a video of someone in Manila I think selling tiny homes. Would it be feasible to do a long term lease say 20 years and then build something mobile? Maybe two or three truly mobile structures that a man could own out right and have moved if laws change or relationships change. Plus if it was legal I’m sure they could also be sold to. These houses made of shipping containers can be pretty complex. I could see building one for 8k and starting off that way. Not too much of a risk and if I married then not so much uch risk with the wife. She owns the land but I own the house. Then when I die I can will it to my kids. Hoping in that situation that they love their stepmom. But who knows eh. Any ways I just cant see why an expat cant come up with some solution that still honors the law and the land ownership regulations. Here’s the truth about it all. No one owns any land except the government. Why as long as the government can tax your land encumber the land, or take your land away in an eminat domain scam y you never really own it. People in the USA buy mobile homes and park them in trailer parks and then build all sorts of amenities around knowing that they are never gonna move one of those homes. I’d say less than 10% ever get moved. Anyways like your content and have almost watched all your videos.

  14. I wish you had discussed something in between the micro-budget and 6000 a month…that was a big jump. I am hoping to retire with around 3000 or 4000 USD a month. I felt like you jumped right over my budget. But from your video, I guess that means I will be ok.

  15. My wife’s sister’s son broke his arm Hospital bill came to PHP 180,000. That’s about AUD 4,500. No free lunch in Pinoy hospitals.

  16. All good points! Just like in America, having a house that is paid for is a huge benefit. If you are married there or planning to get married, consider buying/building a house and paying cash for it. In the long run, it will make your life easier not having the huge monthly expense of paying for housing. Some rules apply everywhere I guess.

  17. For two persons, 6oo to 900$ is more than enough to cover rent and daily expenses in islands or in rural villages. If your partner is a Filipina, leave the budgeting to her. She is genius in that field. All you have to do is enjoy your cold beer in your porch over looking the sea hahahaha

  18. I have lived in the Philippines since 2001. My SSA is $767 monthly. I write books and sell them online but I started that three years ago and I still sell a book or three each month and each book give me another $7 so I usually have a sale or two or three even now three years later which will put another lets say $20 into my account on top of the $767 which would bring my average monthly working budget to lets say $787 currently 2018 The exchange right now is depending upon which day you look at it somewhere between 51 and 52 to 1…Now I’m going to use 50 to 1 for this example so I’m not over stating things. $787 times 50p is exactly 39.350 pesos a month that I have to live on. If you want to say 40k that’s pretty close but after the exchange at the bank rips me off for 1 peso or so and then when you consider that my bank is in Nebraska and I have to use my Nebraska ATM card internationally which they then charge me a fee each time…that’s why I used just 50 to 1 to stay within reason of what I end up with. Of course you have to leave something in your account so even if you wipe it out every month and only leave say $20 or $25 in the account that’s money you don’t have to spend right, so for me I work on a budget that I tell myself is P35,000 a month. I can count on taking taking that out of the bank if I need too….Now what I do is take three P10k withdrawals (That’s the limit at the atm per transaction) and I try and leave everything over P30k in the bank and let that build up until I need something and then I have a little savings so a big 10k purchase can happen any month and all it does is wipe out the account again and bring it back down to the $20 balance and that system starts over again. This last month I had to use all my money including all the built up money because I had to replace the Batteries in my Electric Bike…that was with labor P11500 and I think my balance right now is about $25 in the bank. Now I just want to say that unless you don’t know how to manage money well, I have a GREAT life with a Gorgeous 20 year old livein partner and I have more than enough money to live on. Sure I could spend more but you can always spend more. I have so much money that I’m currently supplying all the money for a poor family to build a new home this year..that’s my charity project for 2018. I have already put about 60k into that project and I will continue to put up to 10k a month into that project until the end of 2018. Now if I can live like that on less than $800 a month anyone can and to be clear…I live in a Rent to own subdivision…I’m just a renter but it’s a nice normal place to live walking distance to a 7 11 a star mall and a Brand New Robinson’s supermarket…i’m in a great location in Pampanga are of Central Luzon. I have an air conditioner that runs almost 24 7 during the summer which it is right now…May and my Electric bill is high sure but I’m comfortable. My electric bill last month was P7k My rent is only P 2600 per month…divide that by 50 and you get dollars $52 a month is all my rent is. I pay a water bill each month and pick up for my trash etc and it’s about $10 total or 500 pesos for that…I have Cable Internet hard wired to my house with a 20meg download speed and I pay 1500 pesos a month for that. My house has tile floors and textured ceilings and it’s a nice two room place with a bath. I have Hot water shower and normal flushing toilet…so don’t believe it when this guy tells you that I’m on a shoe string budget…I consider that pretty good living considering I would be homeless living on the street if I chose to live in the USA. I have more than enough money to take care of myself and my partner get what I need from the Pharmacy each month…and remember if I wanted more money I can open a small business here no problem. I can run a little food cart with my partner if I wanted to and make another 15 to 30k from selling burgers and fries on the street…or I could open a simple motorcycle / carwash…all you need is a location, a slab of cement access to a water line and a compressor with a couple wands and you can hire boys or girls to do all the work and still make a ton of money…No regulations to open business’s like that here. All cash. Not even as much as a business licence is usually required for a home based business. Hell bake bread and sell it out your front window if you want to make more money this is not the USA where you are regulated out of trying to run a home business. YOu can do almost anything here that you can think of. No health permits no business licenses no inspectors to deal with…and you can do that in 90% of the Philippines as long as you say away from the big cities like Manila, and Cebu what I have just said is the solid TRUTH you can count on. Anyone can feel free to contact me on my Fb Page. Just type in Randy Wilson Author or go to any of my websites or Amazon… hell just google Randy Wilson Author and you won’t have any trouble finding me. I’ll be happy to help anyone answer any questions based on my 17 years of living here experience. I have lived on 7 different islands in about 12 different places. Leyte, Luzon, Bohol, Panay, Negros, Samar, Cebu More than happy to answer question and give advice. Oh and by the way…I live here illegally…I’m just a professional Squatter who came here and over stayed my Visa by about 11 years now…last time I came into the country I had a brand new Passport which has expired now (they are only good for 10 years) I don’t even have a drivers license anymore…no ID of any kind just an ATM Card my Bank Fed Ex’s to me about every 4 years. I do online banking and I have never met anyone from the bank who I deal with in North Platte Nebraska…reason for that is my bank where I opened my account got eatten up by another bank during the meltdown a few years ago so the new bank only knows my account and my email address and I keep in touch so they know where to send the Fed ex truck with my new ATM card. Living here is easy on less than $800 a month and I’m not talking surviving unless you think having a beautiful 20 year old partner and living in air con is just barely getting by in life.

  19. Good video, I have a rental in the Philippines up in Luzon our budget is on the lower end not because we are forced to, that is what we are happy with. If you want the life style continually being a tourist of course it will eat up your money. $800 Australian a month will give you a good family life but don’t have that as the limit of your budget. I have enough that allows another $800 a month in reserve. The warnings are don’t come here stretched to the limit with limited amount of income there are always emergencies, For me I come to the Philippines for 3 months as a try out to find out for my self what the cost was going to be and I was surprised at the atmosphere here how I was accepted by the locals. You also have the opportunity to help out with a little charity like with the local school. It takes a little getting used to that a lot of children go with out enough food. So think about it these families who are lucky to have work make about $246 a month they just live and survive.

  20. I plan on banking a lot of my retirement pay each month, if I can’t make it on $1850USD then I better just go back to Texas….lol

  21. Wonder Why so many Americans — opting to retire in Phillipines—-I prefer to stay in my own country— Only going to other countries to visit as tourist— You are just a foreigner in the country and has no privilege as a citizen in your own country— Further more— If You run out of Money—— Then you had a host of problems in your hands !!

  22. I majored in Teaching English as a Second Language and I’m certified in the States (NYS). What are my job prospects there? How much could I earn each month as an ESL teacher?

  23. I started living in the PH since Feb 1974 while stationed in Subic Bay. Returned back to the USA in 1986 I met and married a lovely Filipina lady and one month each year we return to visit her family and my friends. Big changes from when I was there (Pesos) 7.50 to 1 dollar. Now of course it’s 50 to 1. My income alone is $3000 a month and my wife is a little less. We own 3 homes, 1 condo and property there that we are planning to build on.

  24. i got my girl there we have a computer business there in Philippines my question is i am 55 years old i plan on bringing 100 grand therewe are doing any where between 10 and 15 thousand peso per week with printing and the services we do there other than just hourly computer use so i plan on retireing there i am thinking with my budject and income we make with our business i tbink i be all set living there due to our life style we have two kids and i say per week we spend over 5000 peso for eating and things so with our business and my money we plan to open a foid cart and sell rice cakes or dim sum also for extra cash i also write short stories and will earn from that also so i plan to be back in December of 2018 stay two months then back in United States to work this be my plan for few years till i have my daving of 100 grand then i am off to live in Philippines for the rest of my days live it there in Batangas we are family owns a huge farm so i have a house there now just watched your vid and enjoyed it alot keep them coming thanks for the tips

  25. I enjoyed your video, I will be retiring there in the Philippines for good in about 3 years. I will be on a pension from my job at around $2100 a month. I’ve been looking really hard at the Makati area, just love how there’s so much to do there. I’m from Texas and the place reminds me so much of downtown Dallas or Ft. Worth, it’s so clean and vibrant there. I would love to start a vlog when I get there and hopefully we can do lunch one day. Take care!

  26. Excuse me. I have lived in Manila. A tiny studio apartment runs to 25-35,000 PhP a month in Pasay plus utility bills and condo dues which is about $1,000. A tub of Australian made yoghurt costs $5 in Australia but $15 in the SM grocery in Mall of Asia. It is expensive because they are getting richer whilst the white man is broke.

  27. People here have no clue about budgets. A man can live very nicely in the Phils on 40k pesos or about E650 Euros a month. That would include a nice modern apartment or condo, all food, electricity, water, girlfriend allowance, cable TV, broadband, visas, fun weekends, clothing spend, a beer or two every day and say 1 or two decent nights out a week. The trick is this: AVOID WESTERNERS AND THE PLACES THEY GO LIKE THEY HAD PLAGUE.

  28. As a retired veteran, is there a va hospital in phillipines available to me and what area is it in?..i was stationed in subic years ago and that is only area that i am familiar with..

  29. So if I have $4748 in tax free income, I’m good! My wife is from Palawan. We will be retiring there in a couple years. I’m retired now at 38, but my daughter needs to finish HS first.

  30. Something I saw in the background at 4:00 surprised me. What other country would allow a recruiting billboard for the US Marines displayed in their nation?

    There is a lot of close history between the US and PI.

  31. You’re very realistic in your comments I agree but I spent 80,000 a month and that’s borderline it just depends how the individuals want to live unfortunately I need my luxuries

  32. What the heck am I doing wrong? I make $3500 a month and live in the Providence and have lived here since 2012. I got a Wife and 2 kids and we always seem to be struggling.

    We just moved out of a furnished condo and are staying at her Mother’s house. and just rented a house for 5000P a month. We are in the process of moving in now but our furniture budget is going to kill us for at least the next 6 months.

    Again what the heck am I doing wrong? Perhaps because I am a Disabed Vet and am 40 with no real savings could be the problem.

  33. What a life in the Pacific rim. California, theres’ no water there (big water shortage), migrant problems. News of wars, dictators, drugs, earthquakes, volcanoes, Hurricanes, Food diseases, women with diseases… Try Eastern Canada (Atlantic), lol, i’m serious.

  34. Butuan is like a busy little big city…not bad
    Went to an amazing beach called Punta Diwata there
    You will visit some of these beaches that are that amazing you’ll never forget them

  35. I stayed in a cheap Apartelle in Bantagas….was cash only…about $20-$25 pernight for me and my GF…it was very basic,
    Most of the time I like to stay in Adriatico St, Malate, I just prefer the vibe of Malate to that of Makati…
    Also be careful to stay in Pasay City, places are hell busy with traffic

  36. great video. I warn a lot of expats that living here is cheap but not free. Expect to spend on dating and save on rent and transpo, though. Earning money is a bear out here.

  37. hi Reekay how are you??
    Could you give me info with,money exchange in Cagayan De Oro from Australia dollars to Peso and the best rate.
    Much appreciated Peter from Queensland Australia

  38. WELL THIS TIME i WILL DIFFER WITH YOU A LITTLE ON THE BUDGET THING, i LIVE QUITE WELL ON LESS THAN $400.00 AMONTH , My social security is moor than that, but I tend to save a fiew hundred a month, so I can visit the US atleast onst a year, and while thair I ship a big box back hear with goodies, I like to fish and gardin, a little sigh seeing,and sometimes have a girlfriend.and then my expences do go up a little, I have my basic requirements, hot shower, flush toilet, and of course aircon, , and yes Iam Blessed to live in a bungalo that I am renting from an american Filipino friend, but befor that I still had a nice place with the same amenities, for just a little moor , renting from a Filipino. I eat verry well, anything I want, well anything that you can find hear that I want, and I love to cook , so that makes eating grate, it really doesn cost much to live hear if you use common sence,suggestion, it might be time to do a video on how to bbe safe hear with the resent up evil, me I dont go whair I should not, and I dont go looking for trouble, B Blessed

  39. One should also consider the effects of inflation, interest rates, and currency fluctuations. 20 years ago, I was living pretty well on $600 per month, now I must more than double that amount for the same life style.

  40. Thank you for the very good advice

    I am married … moved to Quezon City, I 100% agree with your budget synopsis except for one point… If you budget over $3000 usd you are then going into another category where you have people basically dropping to their knees in front of you. I see the “ultra” rich where they have salespeople follow them around stores.. where they got to NBI or wherever government and they get priority from the guards because the guards know they are powerful. Money buys anything here, it can buy safety or cause harm to someone if you want to back fight someone a backfighter is a term I heard here where you get mad… later on the person gets you back.

    If you have 50000 pesos you can live modestly, that is about what an engineer makes here or IT guy/gal…

    My advice to ANYONE in any class is to think this way, step outside your condo and as a foreigner it will cost you… taxi, jeepney, whatever… avoid “western” branded restaurants like Outback, they are too much, eat local, find local restaurants and your bill will go from 3-5000 pesos to 300-1000 pesos and the food quality is great here other than beef, steak is something you have to find either USDA, Japanese, or Aussie beef… the cows here are worked until the end of their useful lives, not raised for tenderness or their food value. Pork and chicken are the staple land animals… fish is obviously what it is, cheap to expensive …

    Buy a condo, but do NOT get into a fly by night builder who is preselling into 2020 or beyond, they do go under and you’re screwed. SMDC or DMCI are the two and only two non luxury brands I’d look at.

  41. is $700-900 good for me. single and all i need is basic one to two bedroom, basic necessitites as food and house stuff maybe netflix tyope connection and maybe go out once twice month but not lavish..movies simple shopping at mall maybe.

  42. well, with 600-700 usd you can live in Turkey aswell. you can swim, will be more secured and close to Europe. so what worths to move there ? pfff

  43. I think the “luxuary” life style is closer to $4000 and more. I feel like I live a modest lifestyle comparable to a “middleclass” in the US. ..

  44. If your family in the Philippines don’t have a job then you need that $1,500 a month lol. But I think our $500 a month is fine cuz my parents got a job both parents and my sister plus we have our own house that got build already and our apartment so we’re good lol

  45. 800 dollars a month ? LooooL in my country minimum wage is 700 dollars month ! Only opening a small business is the solutions for me to settle there with my Philippina Gf

  46. I can’t make it on $5,000 a month in the PHL.  But I live very well in Canada on that.  Between my family trust and my pension, I have $5000 a month for life, but the trust will continue endlessly.  Only the interest is being used.  Still the way in which Filipinos abuse me financially I can’t do it. And for that reason, I don’t want to. 

    There is an old, old man with a youtube channel.  I think he lives on the very least and I also think he is the very happiest.  His wife inherited some land.  He, penniless, offered to do the work and build a house, large shed and did amazing work with his own hands.  This seems to have entertained him and he seems to enjoy the crazy wildness of the place.  In his videos, big snakes creep into the scenes.  He seems truly happy.  He will be that way until he dies, which I imagine will be soon.  But he will be happy until his death and I am happy for him.

  47. Nice Reekay! I live in San Diego and have frequented up to Orange quite a bit. Before I met my Filipina, I used to take dates to “the block”. Its a great place to go for food and entertainment. I recognized where you were instantly, awesome stuff brother.

  48. Reekay my wife is a 36 year old Filipina and out of the two of us she is the saver. My monthly income is $1,000 USD and we save around $500 a month. We have been married for a year and a half now and because we are carefull with our money we where just able to go on a 3 week vacation to Thailand and Cambodia. Each year we plan to go on a major vacation for a couple weeks to some other south east asian country, maybe next year Hong Kong / Macau. We live in Baguio City which has a very nice climate if you don’t like extreme heat. while Baguio isn’t the cheapest town to live in the Philippines it is reasonable. Our apartment is 8,500 pesos a month water and power included. We rent from my wifes brother and don’t need air conditioning ever, we eat out fairly often 2 or 3 meals a week. Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut etc. If you are a happily married homebody you can live over here comfortably on $500 per month.

  49. Just my opinion of course but after living here in the Philippines for 7 years I say all these budgets are really low. As an example we only run one window a/c 24/7 and our electric is P8,500 per month. So depending on the exchange rate of the dollar we are talking $200.00 a month. Food and household supplies for the 2 of us P35,000 a month,or almost $800.00 a month. So we are talking $1,000 just for these two items. Now add in rent, transportation, Internet, cell phone, insurance, cable TV, perhaps dog food and vet bills, clothes, shoes, personal expenses, water, propane for cooking, dental care, perhaps some medicines, guard fee, garbage pick-up fee, and a number of other potential expenses depending on whether you rent furnished or unfurnished, or you possibly own your own home. Bottom line in my observation is far too many people are fooled into thinking they can live here like a king on $1,200.00 a month. I say no way. Look before you leap. Live here for an extended period of time before making a final move. Minimize your regrets. Have a nice day.

  50. Henry , what did you do or still doing for a living $$$ . The Reason why i ask is i see you flying upgraded Economy Class ( 1 way +$700 ) , you Travel around back and fourth visiting your Family and your Children in LA , then youre flying back to PH – AND – you safe Money . WOOOAAAHHH , How do you do it ?? Are you Divorced ?? Do you pay California Child Support ??

  51. Also Henry i would like to know how about going to the Hospital for 1 Week . You are not a PH Citizen , you dont have a Medical Card , who is paying the Bill – Henry ???

  52. What a bunch of Shit !!! it was always easy when working somewhere else like NYC / LA and move to a cheap Place , just check on the Snow Birds in Arizona . The best wage for a Filipino in the PH is working for a Call Center getting paid every 2 Weeks around 15.000 PHP if your Lucky , that means that she cant help you much , especialy if she has Children , ok .

  53. All depends were you live, In Mactan Island cebu city, you can bet a 2 bedroom townhouse for $4500.00 a year, i get by on $300- 500 a month easy

  54. Hello, if you were going to purchase a condo in Manila how would you go about doing it. I only see advertising for condos that are not built yet. I am looking for something ready to move in. Thanks

  55. Thank you Life beyond the Sea, I have been communicating with many many friends and also realtors there, They say cost of living is no more than $800.00 Usd but yes I thought to cheap thanks, I’m not rich moderate income and now know to increase my budget, Is there any hidden fee’s as in travel, taxes, visas, and passport ? thx Toby Cross from Norfolk Virginia United States

  56. How much interest can one get with a savings account in a Philippine bank? And can expats and foreigners save money in bank accounts in the Philippines?

  57. I plan to go there to visit in the future. But how about medical and dental expenses ? I have health, dental here. Seems like that is another issue there. Also, thanks for the info, your videos are great.

  58. I have lived here for 6 years, my total budget which is rent, food, utilities, private school for 2 kids, cable, internet, is 34,000 pesos a month, 5 of us, we all eat very good, now that does not include, spending money, or medicine or doctor fees, that is just living expenses.

  59. To anyone who is thinking about either permanently or temporarily moving to the philippines or any other country, I strongly recommend you to purchase travel insurance. It’s an investment that can save your life in case of an emergency. I can’t tell you how many homeless foreigners I’ve met while in Philippines and Thailand.

  60. Hi hiya doing I have a couple of questions about when I go back in the philipoines. now I am a. ssi. recipient can I go and get me a decent place to live I’m married over there my$899 this is. my. ammount here. in the states. you can’t live in it. in the philippines can you make it good .. and how can. I budget for a long time I want to live there and then come back is it right or wrong. as long. as I pay my first time
    I cannot afford a condo.could I live a simple life. that’s all I want.

  61. Hi..I have a 2200 month income can i live there comfortable wiht that a month of money??this is my social security disablilty,they said they could direct deposit my money into a international bank there?? ty


  63. If you know how to cook, you can save tremendously! I’m a chef/businessman so it’s pretty easy to do that becuz it’s one of the biggest expense. Utilities ain’t high. If own a condo, common area isn’t that bad. If you a house even better. Learn how to commute, with a tricycle, jeepney, Van, bus. It’s way cheaper than a taxi.

  64. Hey reekay glad your doing well,I live here in Davao city and I live on about 400 usd a month and I do ok,however my gf lives in general santos city and My lifestyle would great get better there because it costs less.I can get a western type apartment for about 7,500 php a month whereas the same thing here in Davao would be 25,000 .I am not much of a partyer and I like to go out once or twice to eat every week and I am able to get around good.I just think it depends on what you want.

  65. Would you review the symphony in Manila for us? As well as the local amauter and professional theatres? A video would be nice. I am not sure I could live on 5000 a month anywhere. (except India) I am a big fan and read all your posts. You are the best.

  66. I have to say that with all the robberies and deaths of foreigners in the Philippines as of late…it might be wise to decide NOT to disclose how much money one is living on, and NOT advertise when/where one will be going on vacations. That type of vlogging is dangerous IMO…be safe everyone!

  67. I am planning on relocating to the Philippines within 2 years. I have a few things in America I need to clean up first (credit card bills, house dispute with my ex, etc…).  I am in need of a good place to start asking questions. Philippine Embassy? Good websites? Any ideas?

  68. Hi I have been watching your channel and i find helpful and interesting. It has been 16 months seen me and my girl friend moved to the Philippines. We currently living in Bacolod City. We thought we set up a small business not to tap in to our savings. We set up a Sari Sari store. At first it was hard understanding the Business atmosphere of the Philippines.but because of my past business experience we are doing well and the business is developing everyday. Surprisingly the store generates between 60.000 and 70.000 pesos gross profit monthly. I know from European standards it is not a lot but it covers all our business and private expenses. Just wanted to share this…

  69. My wife and I live south of Manila. our rent is 7000, internet is 1300, electric 700, We have a large garden, we spend 3000 plus or minus on food and clothes and whatever comes up. We live in a decent neighborhood among the Filipinos. All in all we make it well on $350 a month. Immigration every two months at about $ 80 or 3600 pesos.

  70. Hi My name is Rick. This is the first honest view about the budget in the Philippines I have watched, thank you for clearing this subject up for me.I have decided to give up the fast pace life in Canada and give the Philippines a chance. I have been Scuba diving for over 20 years and seriously been thinking about getting my Dive Master licence in the Philippines and work as a dive master part time or full time not sure as yet Plan to do this for a few years. Then maybe open my own dive shop, witch I’m not quite sure cause I have own my own business in Canada for the last 25 years and is allot of hard work and stress. Or I  just may continue working for some one else. I have to do something I’m 45 and feel I’m to young to just retire. I want to work but do something that I love. I have planed to take a trip to the Philippines this year some time for at least two months to get my dive masters license and also see the country. If things work out and I like the country which I’m sure I will. I’m going to figure out a plan. Either move to the Philippines full time which means sell the business and house and so on and make the move or maybe live 6 months in the Philippines and 6 months in Canada. What’s your take on this ideal? what brought you there ?

  71. I have lived in the Philippines for about 3 years on several occasions. I lived both in the City and Countryside. While $1000 is doable, $1500 to $2000 is more ideal. You could always put $500 to $1000 back in savings if you don’t spend your monthly allocation. For those people with Retirement checks that reach close to $2000, They won’t have any issues. However, like Reekay mentioned. If you don’t have any consistent source of income, even $100,000 US dollars will eventually run out.

    Having some small cash flow from a Youtube channel that generates income or s small store can help supplement your quality of life and even replenish your savings. There are many unemployed people in the Philippines. If you can tap this resource and find a way to make a little money for yourself and giving someone a job can be a win-win situation for all. Doing business in the philippines is a totally separate topic. Lets save that for a different video discussion.

    In conclusion, If you shoot for $1500 per month with a Max of $2000, You could live comfortably while having flexibility. This range comes out to $18,000 to $24,000 per year. If you happen to live on $1000 x 12 – $12,000. That would simply mean you would have an extra $12,000 in the bank. Having cash reserves is the key to avoiding stress and enjoying your stay in the Philippines. I have seen so many poor westerners barely surviving in the Philippines and its not a pretty site.

  72. The main question is :
    could I live in my country the same standard of living using the same amount of money ?
    I am living in Thailand on a low budget and I have enough for my needs
    In my country I should spend 4 times or more to live the same life because tax and cost of life (rent, food. utilities, transport , entrainment etc.) all these things are much more expensive than here!
    I would say that you need to set your budget to your needs it does not exist a budget that fits for everybody
    then it is a good rule to have some savings in the bank for unforeseen.

  73. Here’s our expenses in MoalBoal. We have a house and lot (no rent), so for Elec.Internet,TV, Water, Mineral Water, Groceries (for 6 of us), Gas for cooking, and Helpers, it costs us about PHP 19219-20000 per month. So if you have a car/motorcycle, and you eat out, etc, it’s going to be a bit more per month. Also, it will cost a bit more to shop for groceries at the Gaisano Grand Mall. The market is better, just don’t go there with your wife, it’ll cost you more if they see you.

  74. One definitely needs a source of income while living in P. I. That will be a huge challenge for most, both foreigners wanting to live their and expats looking to retire early.

  75. Prices will continue to rise in P.I. inflation along with the value of currency will eat into your budget. I tell people all the time to keep working until you have a retirement income. You can never go back and change the past. I have seen many people quit work too early thought they were living in paradise but in the end it became hell due to financial problems. Don’t get me wrong it is great to retire early if you can afford it. I am so glad now i worked till retirement age it was a hard decision but looking back now it was a good decision.

  76. I stayed in the Philippines for a year and my monthly bill not including my expenses was $50 about 2,500 pesos just for electricity and phone. It’s much easier if you have a property and a small business that can generate income. You can survive with a business income of 1,500/2,000 pesos per day. It really depends on your lifestyle.

  77. Nice video but I would like to hear what the typical expat has in cash reserves.

    How about budget + reserves ($5000, $25000, $50000, $100000+)…

    I would expect that a budget < $1000/month + $5000 reserves might be problematic in the long term without other sources of income.

  78. I have never been to Asia. So far, always central and south America. Easy to get by with 25$ a day and i am on the move almost every day. But if i want a girl or two for the night, it will be more. Venezuela would cost way less for everything but i got attack and rob there so i am scare to go back. But stiil, it is the cheapest developed country in the world actually.Too bad so dangerous.

  79. Reekay, I love your videos and you have piqued my interest in the Philippines. I will be retiring from teaching after 35 years with a nice pension. I am seriously considering visiting the Philippines as I feel the need for adventure having never left the U.S. If I like it, I can see myself spending a lot of time there. Your information is priceless and really cannot be found anywhere else. Keep it up, and thanks so much!

  80. Hey Reekay / Henry….(Bruce from AZ)… I have a 49,000 pesos monthly pension! I am already here (3 months)…. Sick and tired of Manila!! But when I contacted a real estate guy (Justin) in Dumaguete – he started quoting me all sorts of ridiculous prices for a “Furnished Studio” with Air Con and HOT water…. Not what is advertised on their website!! I can go to 12,000 Pesos as a monthly rent… About USD 255.00!! What should I do as I am real friendly with a gal over in Mandaue City, Cebu!!!

    What’s my best move here buddy? I also like “sport fishing” and am originally from Bermuda!! I messaged you on your website back in late july – as to the best way to get to Manila!! Also…. FORGET Samal Island!! Like living in the 1800’s!!! “Smoke-on-the-water”!!


  81. Lol I spent 2K in 8 days in Philippines, which isn’t that much but compared to Indonesia (where I went earlier), it was much more expensive everywhere I went. If I were to ever live in the Philippines I think I’d want to be at least earning $2000-2500 USD a month to afford a really nice quality lifestyle.



  84. Hi Henry. I’m wondering what your budget is and what you do for income. Moving there, we will buy a house, so there will be no rent, but I have no idea about taxes, insurance, etc. Your food budget? It looks like you have quite a good life, so wondering what your budget is.

  85. after meeting my wife on the internet and spending two months rolling my wheelchair around Manila and getting to know her, l married her the day she got here to the US almost seven years ago! Just made a video of her first balikbayan trip back home. Hope you will watch it Reekay! she came over here and worked herself into a good job and now we travel as much as possible on her 4 weeks a year vacation time! Found an awesome girl! Because of your entertainment, we came to Dumaguete last February and really had a great time! Thank you so much for encouraging me to learn to edit and post my travels! l am a work in progress but getting there! Your support of this newby is mucho appreciated. Hope you like my newest video so much l find you on my subscriber list! Ha ha! Thanks again, Randy

  86. Hey Reekay! I wish l could live in Dumaguete, while we were there l looked at the possibility and still consider it but my wife got a great job after bringing her here to the US from the Ph, she actually makes frequent travel affordable for us! Mine is definitely a success story marriage after meeting on line! Hope government and things get better in the Philippines and you stay, we love watching your videos and love the Philippines! Your loyal fans, Randy and Pinky

  87. I understand so many deficiencies exist in the Philippines, but such deficiencies only exist if compared to other communities such as the United States. Clearly such a comparison is apples and oranges. I can assure you existence of poverty does not mean people are unhappy. So many OFWs yearn to be home despite their new style of living abroad. They learn and take it back home and build on their learning. When I first visited Boracay my first reaction was the lack of zoning and then I came to realize, the lack of zoning can also be a plus in a community. “Sige na lang” or “bahala na” are common Tagalog phrases that Filipinos would say. It’s the care free thinking that makes the Filipinos a happy people. That said, don’t assume they are lazy. To the contrary, they are very hard working if only given the opportunity. There are two main problems in the Philippines and it can be incorporated in just two words: Greed and Corruption. That’s just not the government or rich aristocrats. They are in the barangays, among family members, taxi drivers, etc…. One of the saying I heard which I believe is an attempt to change that thinking is “Dapat Tama”. That means it has to be right. Question is what is right, that’s the struggle. Please don’t get me wrong, greed and corruption exist in the United States, but our Society here is driven by laws and eventually and from time to time, these practices are brought forward and our society here cries “Foul”, yet they were involved. Life in general is not fair. The success is defined by how you manage. You certainly have done that and your ethnography study could be expanded and promote a better understanding of the people. So many expats found happiness in the Philippines because of their purchasing power and especially those who are white are idolized and since the fall of the Berlin Wall came to realize that not all whites are Americans. There are Filipinas living in Greenland and speaks Norwegian. Your postings and all the others (but especially yours) have been great viewing. I am just giving you some suggestion in how you focus your content because I think you are the most promising and fair of all vloggers.

  88. For a one man production team, you are probably the best I have ever seen. To be walking, talking and filming all at the same time is an overachiever multi tasker. I’d like to challenge you in your vlogging and that is to start producing segments related to the culture of the Philippines. Show family dynamics and how the societies within the Philippines exist now. Having been out of the country and my last visit being in 2013 at January, the country has changed. Not sure for good or bad, but certainly a number of families are doing well because the largest export of the country is humans. OFWs are such a commodity that schools cater to the profession dealing with Cruise Ships, domestic help and even contract skilled workers such as doctors. My family just recently sold a long time property belonging to great, great uncle and the descendants are all in the U.S. except for one and finally sold the property to a distant relative in the island of Romblon in the Visayas. I have seen more about the Philippines than when I was living there the first 11 years of my life. Your particular vlogs gives it a more reality through the eyes of a single man. Super job John. Hope all is well with you and you could consider teaching people how to vlog because you are great in this job. Noel from Northern VirginiaPS; Yes I have been in the Block where you shot this. Nice large strip mall in CA. Will be in LA Live! April 2016 for a conference. Enjoy the Holidays. Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Pagong Taon. Mabuhay John!

  89. I have been living in the Philippines for the past 15 years. Its funny as the average DAILY expense for our Westernized lifestyle here in a Pampanga Provincial City since we have arrived has averaged $ 85-95 USD per day for a family of 3. This of course was AFTER the expense of renovating my Rental home and buying a Ford Escape automobile. Includes a maid/cook, part time private driver. A very, very comfortable lifestyle I must admit. These averages haven’t changed over the years although the price of food overall has so we simply tweak our diets according to a more seasonally asian diet with whatever is in season. At this daily level of income I most never have to think twice about my spending, so I would categorize this as the LEVEL-3 budget you mention. A level-4 budget would propel one into a upper end most LUXURY style lifestyle at $ 4200 per month or above.

  90. i lived in the Philippines with two of the budgets you described: also the lowest (600 US $) a month for 2 people but not really because i wanted to save but because there was nothing to buy where i was living in the province ahaha and everything was pretty cheap including rent (3000 pesos a month 67 US $)) but there was no running water most of the time(90 % of the time) , brownouts. but with the 600 dollars a month i could even buy wine (the only brand available) 2-3 times week ahah, visa fees, electric fan etc. but i also lived with 1200 $ a month for two people in the same province but near a tourist place and i lived in a fully furnished apart, 200 metres from a beautiful beach, wine everyday, visa fees, international insurance included, cable tv, air conditioning, going out to restaurants sometimes etc. btw the brownouts are always included in the province even if you spend 3000 $ ahah unless you have a generator. where i was living even 8-12 hours a day sometimes even in the tourist place and average of 2 times a week

  91. Hi In Clarence I have Ben living in Gingoog Philippines for 8 months.Doing well on $750.00 month even have Phil Health insurance nice downstares to a house.flush water shower.home wyfy.cable.fridge.AC.and eat very good.I have a little left over Thank God ! Guys girlfriend would like for me to spend moor.Filipino women can help U spend all of your Pasoes “IF U LET THEM” but all n all life is good n The Philippines !

  92. opps lol Hey there have a question for you that I haven’t seen answered on any of your video’s, I have heard about the power problems and internet problems is there an area that doesn’t have those problems very much? I am looking at moving to Southeast Asia but I want to go someplace that I can get reliable power and internet and also that they speak fairly good English at least until I can learn the local language lol any information you can give would be helpful. Thanks in advance

  93. Kuya Henry: We are a family of 4. We have a montly TARGETED budget of 1100 month. Sometimes we have to stretch it out to 1300 but 1100 is doable! Just no fancy Boracay vacations, maids, drivers, 2000 peso a pop meals, SUVs etc.

  94. Great video. Your videos on how much your need in the Phillipines are very accurate. I’ve always thought a $1000 US a month is a nice amount for a single guy to live on. I am glad you mentioned girls. If you do meet up with a girl your expenses will rise. She may even want to marry you in the future and may want kids so you always have to have that in the back of your mind.

  95. I personally would not even think of living in the Philippine’s if i had a budget of under $700 a month as there will always be the od expense that could pop up. $1000 for a single guy is what my research is telling me is ( semi frugal, Good life, still having fun  ) $1200 a month is for a couple ( girlfriend } still having fun. $1400 to $1500 would be if you had more then 1 child and the fun has now stopped lol . I will have a budget of $2000 each month plus I have a rather large savings account. I am hoping to live on under $1500 a month as a single guy and still be able to save $500+ a month.

  96. I really like your videos! Keep it up !

    I was wondering if I can bring my 20kg+ luggage with fast ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran?

    Thanks in advance!

  97. Yes Henry it’s true you can survive in the PI on <1000 per month. Buts that's it - survive. I live in Malaysia for 6 months out of the year and can tell you with that budget you can't live in KL. I've also lived in Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand - all of which would be hard to do unless you live in the countryside with the bare minimum in amenities. It can be done but living in a shack is not my idea of enjoying retirement... but then again to each their own. I do enjoy your videos and maybe I'll start a series on Malaysia when I get back there in a few months. BTW Feliz Navidad y Ano Nuevo!

  98. I was just in the Philippines this past February I stayed for 29 days I’m looking forward to going back I’m trying to live there I have a girlfriend there my budget is going to be a little over $2,000 a month or about 2500 a month so I’ll be consulting with you in the future love your videos and the information that you give

  99. yes Chris is one of the guys he is doing well I think my self over 1000 a month is good hear in Australia I live on only 200 a fortnight but im not buying the food or expenses in fact I wont get payed as I haven’t worked my voluntary work as I changing where  im working so I haven’t worked wafting on a police clearance like NBI clearance mine had few problems so that takes a while but I think in Philippines I spent only 500 aust last September but we own our house there and its different for me I think cost are down a lot also bike is cheap to run

  100. Interesting topic, and sounds about right. You can live quite well in Philippines on US $1200 a month. Just need to focus on establishing your basic living needs like food, accommodation, bills etc. Then slowly expanding to other things like a possible motorbike or car. Resisting the urge to splurge, so to speak.

  101. I think everyone’s expectations differ to what their quality of life means, I for instance manage on £600 pounds per mth or 42.000 peso, ( not sure what that is in US dollars), I live with my pinay and her son (7 ys old) and my daughter who’s 4 yrs old, we have no rent to pay as I bought a small house (looked like a burnt out hollow block shack at first), but now 3 yrs later it looks totally different but still more to do, having no rent to pay is a bonus of course, the electricity each mth equate to 900 to 1100 peso a mth, and water 150, we live quite happily on this amount, we eat well, we have the odd trip away, we run a motorbike and I have a few beers each week with ex=pats, no stress no worries so far, 6 yrs and counting, as long as ur sensible and don’t try to keep up with the jones its very doable. every now and again I make a little more which is very nice, but can do with out it.

  102. California does not look too friendly, lots of weird looks doing the vlog with a backpack. Like the odds might be good some fool will is going blow you away for looking suspicious.

  103. I think the reason people ask if they can live there with a $600 budget is because that is their fixed income. What they are really wanting to know is can they have a better life there or here in the States with that budget. A studio type can be rented from 2000 to 4000 easily. Water and electricity about 1500. So rent and utilities will cost about $100 which leaves a retiree with about $500 for food and necessities. You can’t do that here and you can’t live here with a $600 budget.

  104. I’ve been working since September to save up for a move to the Phillipines luckily I met a Filipino in the Phillipines last year that’s hooking me up with a call center job, since I know Spanish and English well he says I could be making more money than your normal Filipino not to mention a good asset to the bpo. He’s has a friend that is going to rent out a house with a pool to me for 100 usd in a nice part of manila..
    I don’t plan on working much at the call center just enough to pay for my food for the month at least although I won’t be eating out much..
    As for rent money that money is saved up to pay up front I’ll have to check out the place first if it’s not what I expected I’ll just stay in my friends condo..
    In order to make a move to the Phillipines it’s essential to have money set aside to buy a scooter once you get there because not have one will kill your monthly budget (living in Manila).

  105. The cost o living there has double since 2002 accept maybe Rent.
    My land is paid for yeah it a lease but ocean front can catch more fish than i can eat same with crabs and squid.
    Have some cafes and bars that offer me work.
    Playing music and out smarting fish not that bad a life, with around 40 plus K peso pension should be okay.

  106. At first i though u still in philippines lol naw just joking hehe 🙂 great video, but what about how to a person should bring for a 30 day vacation to the philippines? that might be awesome video,

    I know the cost & answers would vary from person to person & depending on what they be doing there, so there not a true answer however i know there must be an estimated amount of money people should bring for let say, 30 days in philippines, video may be helpful to us on this topic but i ask her, how much should a person bring for a 30 day vacation in the philippines?

    For me the cost seem to add up to no more then $5000 USA dollars coz of ( Food & bottle water, weekly activity, transportation by taxi & buses, seeing attractions, Flying there to philippines, & me staying in 5 hotels & 4 condo’s )

  107. Nice discussion Henry. I certainly am not the type of person to even attempt to live on a micro budget. I’m well aware of the lifestyle I want to live… and would not be satisfied with all the restrictions which come with such a low budget. To each their own, of course… but my minimum steady income number is $1,200/month for my wife and myself, prior to making the big move. And that would be with a decent savings as well. With that said, I’m the kind of person who enjoys eating out often, plus a constant supply of San Miguels 🙂

  108. I think you need to say your budget in Peso because obviously the dollar varies from country to country

    The British guy has said he can budget 575 a month which is 40,000PHP
    In Aussie that is just 19,800PHP so a huge difference

  109. If you are not a party goer or not looking for multiple women than I agree $1000 a month is fine

    As a man in his late 20’s I would struggle with that budget living in the PI

  110. Did you change camera Rekay? This video is more clear than the others.. I think.
    You got go pro right? My mom retired at age 67 and roughly receiving $1100 a month from Soc Security and I its still not enough for she still ask me for money at times shes in Manila. Which I don’t really mind.

  111. Great video. I would like to know how living costs compare to living in Makati? I like the big city life and wish to spend most of my time in Makati. -Nils

  112. Ya My rent is going to be $450 to $600 a month LOL I want to live on the water (Ocean)….. Good video Henry How and now I know I have have a passive income of at-least $1600 to $2,500 a month, Which I have in rental income in Florida plus some of my companies turn over. But you forgot to mention if you bring over more then $10,000 in cash, Uncle Sam taxes you!

  113. wow. This outlet mall must be very new… I lived in OC for about 10 years and went to school there. Last time I was there was about 8 years ago and there was no mention of it then….
    Re the cost of living in PH, there must be some sort of hyper inflation going on there.. It’s catching up with any other country. In my opinion , considering the quality of life there it’s over-priced. In most parts of US (outside the large metropolitan) one could live with $1800 a month and have a small used car as well. How do the locals afford that?

  114. I’d say you were spot-on… $1200 a month is a GOOD number to live in the Province or small city. But in MY OPINION, that Small City Provincial life is HIGHER QUALITY than those who simply swapped one Big City for another Big City (example Los Angeles for Manila.. and that’s a down grade)$1200 a month.. air-con apartment, fresh foods at the Merkado, a motor scooter, plenty of money to eat out, see movies, once a month exploring, having a sweet and wonderful girl friend, cable TV, internet, cell phones, bills, and a little extra for unforeseen like a hospital visit or prescription meds. etc etc

  115. Henry, how does quoting working so early in life effect Social Security payout? I know i have my 40 points myself. I have been working since 1992. I know my pension income will not be counted towards SS. So i’m just curious if I quit working all together at 44 what will my check be like at retirement age. I know they have calculators for this and its something I have looked at.

  116. Nice video. I can only say that you can easily notice the difference in womans beauty in California vs the exotic philiphina woman in the philiphines. I stay better with philiphinas.

  117. Hi Reeky good vid…..You hit the nail on the head….INCOME, without that you are screwed…..savings are for emergencies …Ideally you live on most of your income and save a little each month

  118. Reekay, you make a lot of sense but living with-in ones means is the same wether you have a job in the states or living off a fixed income in Philippines.The problem is a lot of people just can’t do it and if you are that type I suggest you don’t go to the Philippines. I will have a fixed military retirement when I move to Philippines. The key is to live under that and save 20% while maintaining the savings and building it. If you can’t do that I wouldn’t be staying there. The same people who have problems with credit and not saving (majority of Americans) should not be going to Philippines.

  119. Merry Christmas, Reekay
    I sure don’t need my own driver , cook , maid ,etc
    Having my own Van and motorcycle would be nice ,and a secure place to live.

    I do not act rich here in the States for a reason , that’s how a person saves money.
    Even people here in the States cannot seem to save money (most people do not have
    $1000.00 in the bank)from what I understand people in the Philippines tend to spend
    as fast as they get it.

    As a matter of fact if I went to the Philippines the last thing I want is to be viewed as
    wealthy…………………..awesome video.

  120. Pretty darn accurate. The biggest thing is to find a rental in your budget and then work from there. Live some place close to the things you want to do and have friends close. It doesn’t cost a lot to do fun things and eat out that are fairly normal including spending a lot of time on the beach. It doesn’t cost much to drive around on your motorcycle or scooter. The middle budget at the $1200 to $1500 per month is pretty comfortable and you can eat out a LOT.

  121. Thanks for a very practical and useful video. It is a topic I have given a lot of thot to. We were going to move to Mactan Island last year but three things stopped us. Some health problems I needed to stabilize, several murders within a few hundred yards of my wife’s house on Mactan and thirdly my wife decided she would like to work here in the USA four more years to get her 40 quarters in to earn social security. I get asked the question about how much it costs to live in Cebu very often. I have a two plan answer. $800 dollars a month just to survive. But stress that $800 is no car, no woman and no health problems. For me I need $2,000 a month to live as I want. My wife has a modest but nice house on Mactan. I want her to have a car, we want to go to local entertainment perhaps 3 times a month and to eat out four or five times a week. I also want to go to a private hospital if I need care and that is about $150 per day (and increasing). If I live 30 more years then who knows what the costs will be. I feel I need to have $2,200 a month and in addition to that enough to come home in the summer in the USA once a year. Perhaps $6,000 a trip. So I need 30K a year the rest of my life….. that is my number. I understand as I get older I might not make the trip home each year….and that is a safety factor. If I run short on resources I can skip a year or two. We are both frugal and could cut down towards the $800 a month if there is an economic collapse and we lose all our resources. We don’t plan on that but it could happen. If it did happen I think the Philippines would be a better place than the states. We have been in Cebu for a large part of 6 winters. During my last winter in Cebu I befriended a fellow from Idaho. He had married a Filipinna woman in the 1970s and returned to P.I. with about 90K to retire in 2004. His wife got cancer and the treatments used all his money up over a five year period. When she passes he was was planning to return to the states destitute and work at a low paying job to supplement his Social Security. He had been employed in a technology field where the skills needed had changed and he doubted he could get a job like he had had before. Plans don’t always go as expected when you are old. However he was different than I in that he would not adopt the Filippino lifestyle. He lived in a nice gated apartment complex with good security. He ate 90% western food and used a taxi extensively. His lifestyle was just a bit too much for his resources and his wife’ illness tipped the scales against sustainability.

  122. You must have been there in the morning because by the afternoon that mall is packed.  A little history on that mall : when they first built that mall it was called The City in the 70’s then I think it was in the late 80’s or early 90’s they tore it down and re-built it and then called it the Block. I grew up about 5 minute from there.

  123. Thanks for your informative videos.
    I think it is all about “How long is a string” It all depends on your circumstances and your way of living. Comparing different chanels I would say that your budgets seems to be a bit on the higher end. But the again how long is a string?

  124. Good video. One of my friends at the gym said he heard you could live on 700$/month in the Philippines. I told him I wouldn’t recommend it. I usually recommend around 1,500$ (which is what I recommend in my videos). Another way to estimate is imagine the salary needed for your preferred lifestyle in a typical US town (a suburb in the midwest, etc–not the most expensive places). About 40% of that amount should give you that lifestyle in the Philippines.

  125. I bought a condo in Manila. I will just use it as a vacation home. Saves in the long run on rent or hotel costs. When I retire I will spen more time there .

  126. People that have lots of money don’t generally step foot in the Philippines and sure don’t live observation after living there for 3-4 years.

  127. hi rickay ..first of all thanks for your videos wife lives on siargao island and ive stayed there for long amounts of time and I definitely think your budget is spot on $1000 a month u can survive and go out now and again it all depends on the life style ur wanting to lead being a brit also ive watched chris wrens vids also ..u have a good day and all the very best to you.

  128. Speaking to you now as a guy who, up until recently, lived on a micro-budget in the USA, I’m sure I could cope. That’s because I have a disciplined approach to spending and a bit of street-smarts (although the Philippines will be an education, no doubt). Now that I have Social Security Survivor benefits (along with some freelance writing work), I’ve moved up to #2, in Reekay’s list. I’m putting away savings at a rate that will ensure I have a cushion, no matter where I live.

    Sure, you can live on a shoestring budget. However, you can’t call it comfortable!

  129. Wow! The one thing that just hits me when you do these videos out in the public (while in the USA) is “WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE???” In the Philippines, there are just people everywhere! Sometimes it’s hard to walk. But I forgot just how open some of the sidewalk are in the USA. Nice video.

  130. Very good video Henry. I travel to Mindanao quite a lot and it is very inexpensive to live there, if you can deal with the daily brown outs. $1000 a month I believe you can live pretty comfortably. However, certain areas in Mindanao you will have to stay away from if you are a westerner.

  131. I think your very Spot on with you numbers Rickay ‘, I have a friend who lived there for 6 years and he moved around a bit too, he went there with 50 000,, and he lived very good there but is now back in the US. Because he could not maintain his life style on the 750.00 US. A month there?? Unless he said, ,, got a job! Lol. And the sick or dental factor is a big thing to think about. Great Clip. Thanks Gaff

  132. Seems like it’s easier to live on a small budget if you don’t want to live the western lifestyle, there’s an English man doing a channel where he lives on $575 a month, so far so good for him, nice man, simple life, sounds good to me 🙂

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