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  1. I’m glad to see you living your life to the fullest, it’s great.  I hope you get a lot of friends to join your group. More American men should really look over seas for happiness.

  2. Do Philippines woman ever come to the states looking for someone?  As I don’t have the money to travel it makes me wonder how common it is for woman to travel to the US looking for a partner.

  3. Hi reekay and congrats on the months you both are off to a great start i am happy for you both aw i most have missed that post on the start of that singles think it looks fun and wow coming up to 500 videos i cant wait to see what you come up with for that i bet it will be good thanks for all the videos you do i bet i have seen mostly all of them 🙂

  4. Congrats on and three month anniversary. You two seem perfect for each other. I can’t wait to see what you have planned, I am sure it will be fantastic. It’s been 20 below at night here and can’t wait to go back to Philippines on March 1. Take care.

  5. Lol,im glad to read these comments,i thought i was only being on planet that doesnt do facebook,,,that was a unique idea Henry,,hope comes more good stories then drama or horror,,and in that i m sure youll get a real quick idea of how many decent people are watching your videos,,i can imagine well lets expect the worst and we wont be disapointed,,,,it will be interesting at the least….Your a genuine decent guy,,thanks for vids,,please expats represent well,,crossing my fingers hehe

  6. Hi Henry. I’ve been watching for only three or four weeks, and I’d like to know how you got the nickname, ‘Reekay’. I’d normally try to sift through your videos to find the answer, but like you said you have 500!!! Thanks!

    1. @Alessandra Domanico for about the last 19 years, i was called ‘Enrique’ (henry in spanish) since my ex-wife (from mexico) and her whole family knew me as enrique. when i arrived in the PH, “reekay” became the short version of ‘enrique’ and stuck, so i just went with ‘reekay’. 🙂

  7. Great idea on the singles idea and that you don’t really have to be the match maker . Wow 500 vids , I guess that means I watched 500 oh 499 ha . Congratulations Henry …

  8. I think it’s a good idea. I started watching your videos after seeing some that pertained to travel to the Philippines. Those helped me quite a lot while preparing to travel there for the first time. Since then I’ve kept up by checking in occasionally and watching your videos pertaining to other stuff as well. You have definitely gained quite a bit of insight while living there. Yeah I think it’s a great idea for singles to have a place to meet that isn’t being driven by some type of monetary gain on behalf of the owner of the site. I may actually send a single friend or two towards your Facebook site !

  9. Henry,

    Cool idea, mate. I thought of doing the same thing more or less but as you mentioned I worried about troublemakers etc…As I spilt my time from The Philippines and Thailand. The gals in Thailand are tougher to gage so I was worrying about guys getting taken advanyage of:( Though, maybe I’ll do it your way who knows….

    -Cheers Mate

    1. @Steve A there are no guarantees when communicating between genders for ‘dating’ online, but with facebook you can ‘kinda’ get an idea of who they are based on their posts, photos, interests, etc.

  10. Im sure that will be a hot item,,,especially years from now when people having aniversaries saying “We met on Reekays page” has some huge satisfaction..thanks again for sharing love yas

  11. reekay….  why are we expats???? we aint from comunist country, we are from usa we are free, just wandering… love the vids you post here. i’m here in iloilo city proper… Jay

  12. congrads on the soon upcoming 500 video!  I have only bee a follower of you for a short time, but I get plenty of useful information from you.   I am planning to travel there in the first week of June to meet with a lady.

    1. @Leonard Tygart thanks. i ‘just now’ finished the final edits and am now compiling it into one video file. depending on upload speed (today) should be online in about 4-5 hours. hope you all enjoy Video #500. 🙂

  13. Really great man! I just requested both. Sometimes I’m hesitant to request Youtubers on Facebook because of how many they have already. Good luck!

  14. I think that’s a great Idea Henry- thumbs up to that, and I’m sure
    a lot of people will be interested, and make some good friends at
    the very least.

    1. @Grant Bedard thanks. it’s getting off to a good start. about 100 people in it now and some great conversations going. 🙂

  15. CONGRATS BUDDY  I really admire youre efforts you take to make life that much enjoyable for us all. Youre ethics and principles i really do respect. well done!!!!!!!!! 

  16. I’ve signed up for the FB page mentioned in announcement 2  🙂 I hope you will allow me to enter, Not sure wether I’m on the friend list, but I love to talk to people in the Philippines since I’m moving over there by september this year. 

    1. yes, lyn and i are having a great time together. all good there. ‘reekay’ is from my name in the usa, which for over 14 years was ‘enrique’. but here they called me either reekay or ricky so i just just accepted that as close enough. another buddy in the usa always called me ‘kique’, very similar.

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