This Top Coronavirus Expert From South Korea Will Answer All Your Questions | ASIAN BOSS

You need to watch our first interview with Professor Kim for context:
Special thanks to Professor Woo-Joo Kim from Korea University Guro Hospital for sitting down with us again. Subscribe to his official YouTube channel just in case he makes important announcements in the future:
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  1. Subscribe to Professor Kim’s official YT channel here:
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    1. Thank you so much to you and Professor Kim. I hope he can be blessed to come up with the antidote for whole worLd. May God Bless him to help us all in the world to be above this covid19.

    2. Muchas gracias Asian Boss por este video. Ojalá las autoridades de salud en mi país pudieran tener este nivel de experiencia y claridad para tratar estos temas cuando se dirigen a la población o son entrevistados. He aquí un profesional de la salud, hablando de lo que sabe DE SALUD.

    3. @War On Convention Films so is the UK. I think in part because they have no supply to meet demand. Mostly though because they are ignorant.

  2. I’m so glad I found this channel. It’s wonderful to hear from people who actually know what they are talking about and not having journalist pull the incorrect or sensational pieces of non-verified theories for headlines.

    Ps. Can Professor Kim be my new bestie?

  3. Thank you for posting this. I learned more about the disease through that video, than all the info that has been shared in the US since the disease spread here.

  4. One of the clearest and most informative sources I have seen for educating people about this new virus. No wonder it went global! Thanks so much to the Doctor and Asian Boss for doing these interviews.

  5. Honestly, I didn’t care much about South Korean. I always thought they are very well off, but behind in everything, like a jack of all trades but master of none in Asia. Therefore I didn’t pay much attention to them, always admiring my weeb-love Japan for their order and administration. Still, I cannot deny that they showed superiority. No bias (or maybe a negative bias), no preconception, just cold, hard facts.

  6. Wish Dr.Fauci can be like this Doctor,not afraid to tell it like it is!But then again Mr.Trump has a lot to do with it not letting Dr.Fauci speak his mind.

  7. Chances of dying in US from heart disease: 14%.
    Suicide: 3%
    Carona virus: . 66% (less than one percent. If you are younger than 80 and in reasonable shape it is even lower.

  8. At the end of the video Professor Kim mentioned that we are seeing an alarming trend of new viruses appearing every few years. Can he explain the reasons for this please and what measures we can take to prevent this happening? 😳🌍

  9. 22:18
    Hmm, this logic isn’t very good. There are diseases that have high death rates like cancer that don’t necessarily fulminate (kill very quickly) their victims. Unless it’s necessarily the case that a virus that has a high death rate also kills quickly, then we could imagine a virus that is impossible to stop (relentless) but that still takes say 6 weeks to kill. That is, a virus that in most cases will, with 100% certainty, kill their victim, but that does so relatively slowly. If not, then I would guess Ebola, which has high death rate, kills extremely quickly?

  10. Highly contagious.
    …”These results confirm that COVID-19 patients have live virus in stool specimens, which is a new finding in the transmission routes of 2019-nCoV. In addition to close contact and contact with respiratory secretions of patients, the virus can also be transmitted through the potential fecal-oral route. This means that stool samples may contaminate hands, food, water, etc., and may cause infection by invading the oral cavity, respiratory mucosa, conjunctiva, etc. This virus has many routes of transmission, which can partially explain its strong transmission and fast transmission speed. This study also verified that the nucleic acids of 2019-nCoV can be detected from stool samples (2).

    This finding has important public health significance. Suggestions to strengthen the control of fecal oral transmission of 2019-nCoV include strengthening health publicity and education; maintaining environmental health and personal hygiene; drinking boiled water, avoiding raw food consumption, and implementing separate meal systems in epidemic areas; frequently washing hands and disinfecting of surfaces of objects in households, toilets, public places, and transportation vehicles; and disinfecting the excreta and environment of patients in medical facilities to prevent water and food contamination from patients’ stool samples.”
    From CCDCWeekly paper -Authors Yong Zhang et all

  11. That was a great interview. Thank you, Dr. Kim and Asian Boss. I don’t know if Dr. Kim had anything to do with Korean medical policy, but so far South Korea has had the lowest death rate of Covid-19 patients. Some say it is the anti-TB vaccination, others say it is the detailed follow up on contacts of patients, proper social distancing, etc. Many of these policies are not new, but are being properly implemented in Korea. Whatever it is, we have to judge the medical professionals’ efforts by the results. So far, Korea has been the most prepared. Even so, Dr Kim’s comparison of Covid-19 to a marathon is sobering. Best of luck to us all.

  12. Maybe you could ask if there is any further knowledge about the correlation between countries with a universal TB vaccination program and lesser Covid19 cases. Great interview by the way.

  13. I would like the professor to work in Europe and educate the authorities here. In UK still there is no need to wear a mask in public and around 800 people die every day. The most worrying thing is that they talk only about reducing the number of cases at one time and not about winning the battle. I know it’s hard to do it cause it’s marathon like the professor just said but seems like in South Korea the aim is to win not to buy time. Best wishes to dr. Kim and to Asian Boss and we are waiting for more. I didn’t expect another interview but I had to watch it right after it popped on YT for me because the previous one felt like I have real advantage over the uneducated people in UK. The subject of new viruses appearing is very interesting I even saw a paper connecting it to Sun activity due to viruses in upper atmosphere, which seems a bit surreal at least in my opinion, that’s why knowledge of such professional is always precious and worth to spread.

  14. I seen first video , now this follow up
    This doctor is only expert I believe at these times
    Genuineness in his response
    South Korea should respect him award 🥇

  15. I am resus negative blood group we dont have antibodies ive had the infection since February, breathing problems,hot and cold sweats,headaches,sore throat,3 months,so incubation for me feels perminant,as my healing is slow because my body doesnt produce antibodies,so how do i get help,no help in the uk,very little lock down and even the police are walking about in pairs chatting to each other while everyone else is shopping,some with masks some without,thats why the uk is being hit hard because no one cares

  16. As with the first interview , once again clear , straight talking and informative. No pretending with this prof.. He is telling it straight even if its not what we want to hear. Once again ,thank you so much. Look forward to your next interview , and hopefully with positive news for the world. Trust what you say. Thank you.

  17. I was so happy to hear the doctor speak out about the use of masks. I am in the USA and was pulling my hair out over the mask confusion. Sure they were afraid the previous N95 would get bought up. But I knew masks would help a little. Maybe just that that 20% that brings the R0 value down enough to slow the spread. I could get my employees to wear them outside , but not my family. I know that his statement was persuasive. I even disseminated his comment on Agenda Free. A funny thing happened shortly after: The US announced that masks should be use. It was time and I honestly believe it has slowed the spread.

  18. Professor Kim talks with such humble grace, no ego, purely compassion and the desire to help and educate. And you ask the most crucial questions, I love the way Professor Kim smiles and nods in approval at the importance of everything you ask. These videos have been such an invaluable source of information thank you so much I have so much gratitude and appreciation for your work 🙏

  19. I was waiting to hear him again. Thank you Asian Boss.
    Dr. Kim is zen like. He is calm and composed. While he tells us the facts, he’s kind and genuinely caring. Amazing. 🙏

  20. God loves this humble doctor. He is very honest with his knowledge and advices.
    He says what he know and doesn’t when he doesn’t know. He emphasize on correct info to be spread. I like the way he criticize Trump as he speeds with the telling and confirmed infos.

  21. DR Kim just spoke about that the covid-19 virus prefers acidic enviornment. If one had a more alkaline diet such as drinking Kangen water – could this possibly help immunity?

  22. Boss, could you ask Dr Kim about the Polio Oral Vaccine being suggested by researcher Robert Gallo, which gives a temporary immunity against Covid-19, until a final vaccine is found. Thanks

  23. Thank you so much for this interview. This doctor is the most humble man and also a genius. We all need to follow his advice. Great interview by Asian Boss.

  24. Thank you professor . So, if we need like 3000+ viruses for the actual non antibody tests , we can’t really know if it is infections or relapse really. Could you ask him what he thinks about chlorine dioxide to treat Covd19 and if this compound have been tested to kill the virus.?.

  25. Excellent interview, discussion. So clear and based on the science which is most important to me. Is there any way you and/or your colleagues can provide a summary transcript in English? As I’m reading the subtitles, thank you, they are excellent, but not able to be taking notes, or it would be a lot of stopping and starting the video, there is so much valuable information provided here, I’ve already shared your video but many people missing out on the valuable information – thank you again! .

  26. There is an ocean of misinformation out there so THANK YOU for finding a credible doctor to inform us. Please do another follow up. Every single of his words is a life saver!

  27. Why is it irresponsible to have chloroquine available for people who get COVID 19 ?Trump was looking into having every possible treatment for people.

  28. This wonderful doctor is honest,logical, rational and makes things very easy to understand. Korea is very lucky to have him. He should be leading the WHO response to Covid 19.

  29. Great information, questions and production. Great job also with the subtitles, its format (with the semi-transparent band, making it much easier to read) and the text editing. Really good. Thank you much.

  30. Wow this was a very informative interview. I loved the fact that Dr Kim kept only to the facts and not feed any speculation. If there was something they don’t know yet he stated as such. Amidst the sea of misinformation out there particularly coming from the leader of the worst hit country this is really refreshing to see.

  31. We need a brief fact check video based of all these findings. Many impatient people won’t spend their so-called “precious time” watching a real informative interview. There’s lot of misinformation going on, even at some government level, which is worrisome. Someone should take this Initiative and make the video go viral. It will take only one spark to raise the real awareness.

    Thank you Asian Boss and Professor Kim.

  32. Professor Kim is not rushed in delivering his message.. It’s like a teacher giving their knowledge to their student..
    Thank you Asian Boss, thank you Professor Kim.. Hope you all stay healthy..

  33. South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong are doing well in managing this pandemic. Other countries should learn from their experience.

  34. Spent days listening to “experts” for answers, total waste of time. Dr. Woojoo Kim answered all of it in one interview. I’m deeply satisfied and infuriated at the same time

  35. His very humble straight forward manner speaks volumes. Sadly, such an interview could never take place in America on our major networks without some politically motivated gotcha or really dumb rambling attempts to prove or how “smart” the host is. Thank you Asain Boss. Informative, fact based insight from a humble real expert versus the self important non-pandemic experience opinionators we are subjected to adnausean here in the US

  36. Impressing interview, big thanks. Here in Sweden the health dept. is pushing, as ONLY alternative, a scheme of ‘mass immunition’ and nobody knows what’s the enda will look lika. Sweden has today more deaths than the combined of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. I do NOT hold any confidence in this (‘Swedish’) strategy nor to any reps of the health dept. This is truly a outmost poor country…

    1. I read Sweden is practicing herd immunity.
      When I read that, I almost became speechless.
      I’m not surprised about a Swede like you becoming so pessimistic and seriously worried. If I were you, who lives in Sweden, the best thing I would do are washing hands religiously, wear disposable gloves when out in the public, wear Mask all the time, esp in the buildings/stores where people are around, and even wear sunglasses/glasses as this can protect your eyes from germs. Social distance. Stay healthy. And good luck.

  37. I wish you would’ve asked about (1 of 3) Remdesivir (2 of 3) How can an educated person who is not a medic, keep closer tabs on scientific progress against COVID-19 (e.g. how to spot & ignore non-peer reviewed articles, how to choose info sources based on scientific prestige, where to find info about professional [pre]clinical studies being carried out right now to see how long before they’re completed and then how to find the conclusions)? (3 of 3) Is it possible to assess if one’s immune system is generally operating at its max or, more interestingly, operating above some key absolute thresholds? It’s dead obvious that without a vaccine one can’t prepare its own immune system for a fight focused against SARS-COV-2. That being a given, the question is: Can one objectively generally prepare their immune system to be in peak shape and is that a good thing to do against SARS-COV-2? By objective I of course mean being able to test if various key parameters are in order. For example, vitamine D deficiency is strongly correlated with lots of serious issues including immune system dysfunctions. What else can we check beside vitamine D? How can we assess the impact of higher sedentarism, poorer diet, higher alcohol consumption (all brought on by quarantine) on our immune systems? Maybe these questions simply can’t be answered with strong guidelines. That would’ve also been useful to know.

  38. He speaks of people relapsing and they test and they have the virus again, so has Korea got some test which the rest of the world hasn’t got that is reliable?

    1. did you even watch the whole video? He talks about some people that have relapse and it’s not due to the “faulty” test kits in Korea. It’s that some people seem to relapse like that, as he explains. Experts like him are still finding the new info on the virus, as it is very new and nobody knows exactly how it really works.

  39. This Sir speaks as a real scientist. He knows how to transmit his knowledge in a simple way. Congratulations to this channel for this interview .

  40. Another thanks, the news are clear and you ask boss, the right questions to the doc : thanks from France, we are following the progress .👍

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