This South Korean Man Is Raising 10 North Korean Kids | EVERYDAY BOSSES #29

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  1. this is a stupid question but if you escape, wont north korea find u or something? and by making this video to public… and their faces unblurred.. isnt that dangerous

  2. What I’m so fascinated about is how we live in a wicked world but yet there still is beauty and righteousness existing in every country and land. This man is definitely going to be rewarded massively in karma and everything in this life or the next just because he knows in his heart that is a right thing to do to nurture those kids.

  3. Very cool! I’m struck by his tenacity and moral courage to act on what he knows to be the right thing to do, even if it isn’t popular.

  4. Bruh yes ! This is the kind of life I’ve been dreaming of for years now. I can’t wait to grow up, get a good job and adopt kids and give them a life that I would have wanted to give myself when I was younger.

  5. i love the way the yougest said “whoahhh” when he saw the ribs lollll I hope the restaurant will survive the difficult time, i want to eat there! thank you to that dad as well who helps me to consider having a 2nd child without being fearful of the consequences lollll

  6. This is so beautiful and it makes me cry 😢 Kim Tae Hoon has a beautiful heart ❤️🙏🏾. More people like him in the world would make a better place for all ❤️

  7. Imagine one day when the boys get married, and they say “I would like to thank my father… Mr Kim Tae Hoon” instead of uncle. That would be the best moment in Mr. Kim’s life.

  8. It takes a big heart to adopt so many kids, especially since they’re from N. Korea. He changed 10 lives forever, trying his best to support and provide for them. This story is so heart touching. 🇺🇸💕

  9. Getting absolutely destroyed watching this beautiful Korean American man being such an amazing vessel for American culture while being the EMBODIMENT of the American melting pot, I just…. *dabs tears* the connection that food brings, the history

  10. At 10:53 Chef Linus has been featured in Asian boss new video, “this American BBQ restaurant from Korea is struggling with Covid-19…” please watch it as the boys from here visited him. Kindness is around us too..

  11. Wow! After watching this I feel so worthless and selfish. This guy is a saint! And those children are adorable! Their luck and blessing is being in the care of this guy!

  12. I know that so many North Korean defectors really struggle when getting to South Korea, like he talked about with his first boy. I think it’s incredible he provides such a beautiful, safe, loving home for his boys. I know that all of them must deal with the emotional scars from losing their families, so it makes me so glad they’re able to be in such a stable environment to grow up. Opening your home to children in need is the most selfless thing to do. Raising a few kids is hard enough, so the fact he took in 10 is amazing. I love this family.

  13. I cried when the boy was interwieved and I see the pain from his eyes; then I cried even more when I saw how happy he and his bros were when chef came ♥️

  14. That guy is a saint. Seriously, you can tell he really wants to help those kids, all of those shoes, its such a trivial thing but making sure that each of the children have multiple pairs, and reminding them about school…the little things that may not be present in every foster home. On top of that he’s doing it by himself, it looks like he’s a stay at home parent, how is he able to support them? Based on the discrimination mentioned it looks like it will be difficult for them to get financial aid.

  15. This guy…I have so much respect for him,it’s not easy being a parent especially to that many kids.

    They are very lucky😊
    I hope only goods will continue to happen for them.

  16. the fact that she made the first kid continue to talk about his before life was kinda sad since he doesn’t know where his family at. I can’t imagine how he would be feeling in front of a camera 😭

  17. I am from Pakistan. I really want to help sirian children, giving them a place to live and growup. Give me ideas how could I can achieve this.

  18. Not everyone can do such thing specially if your not really blood related. Respect for his kindness and his word of living with a meaningful life. Hes a good man.

  19. From my understanding Korea is one people until the west came in divided it, same they did everywhere they went

  20. Imagine being an only girl living in that house with all the boys. Then a boy breaks your heart and all of your brother beat him up😂

  21. “in north korea if you are built up that means you belong to a wealthy family” this statement showcase the poverty in the country. People must be starving there🥺

  22. they had a documentary!! “Ten North Korean children and their uncle, Kim Tae-hoon, redefine the notion of family in the documentary “Our Family.” Provided by Mountain Pictures”

  23. He can at least teach them to make their own bed and responsible to clean their area. From what I see they have plenty of time before going to school and they’re not toddler anymore.

  24. Not sure why, but my eyes being watery since the beginning of the video.
    Thanks a lot for bringing up this topic and showing us the good thing in humanity 🙂

  25. What a selfless guy to give unconditionally to these lads. I wish them well and hope they prosper in South Korea and are able to get good jobs and give back to the people of S Korea.

  26. Great job Kim Tae Hoon Ssi!!! It is with people like you that makes the world a better place to live in. And thank you Chef Linus!!! For putting such a big smile on the boys’ face with the meat!!! Very proud of you both! ❤️🥰

  27. Wow good for him. I read the book “The Girl with Seven Names” and it really opened my eyes to what people go through to defect from North Korea. It’s crazy. And that girl was older – I can’t imagine what it would be like for young kids.

    Also props to that chef for making them BBQ! I mean Korea is known for its BBQ too but I think American BBQ is WAY different.

  28. I admire and respect that man and all those kids, I hope each and everyone one of them has a happy and successful life💕

    Also that one boy towards the end of the video in the white T-shirt is low key hella cute, also the little boy is ADORABLE

  29. Thank you Asian Boss for showing more North Korean content. I am not asian myself, but being from a very notable area in the middle east, I understand that north and south regions can have different views of eachother, but in the end we all need to remember that we are one people no matter who is governing. Love will always be stronger than war. I salute Mr Kim for opening his heart and welcoming these children that have had far less fortunate backgrounds.

  30. This video made me smile from beginning to end, and I havnt smiled in years and im in a deep dark hole of depression but this, this made me feel happy for once in a long long long time

  31. I am very thankful to this man. I just can’t imagine what would be the life of these kids without him.

    To the 10 “sons”, be good always. You are very lucky.

  32. I’m so happy for these boys, but I can’t help but to think about the family they left behind. I’m sure their parents are proud and happy for their babies, even while they are still going through hardships in North Korea. I hope the Koreas reunite within my lifetime so I can witness all the families come together again.

  33. im 16 and i always have this thought of adopting children around the world when im in my 20s. i really wanna be a foster parent, i cant stand seeing abandoned children:”(
    please pray for my future wish *thankyou

  34. I really appreciate the stories about NK defectors, and hopefully these stories help to deal with the stigma of where they are from.

  35. Bless this father and his sons! He’s giving them a bright future after what they’ve been through! Thank you for sharing ya’lls story 😀

  36. omg this is the most interesting content AB has ever produced . Im Filipino and I loved how AB put Fil content on this channel but this one is just mindblowing . Salute to the guy who adopted those 10 NKorean kids . Its just Wow ! more blessing for that guy . And I saw some photos of Mary I think he’s catholic .

  37. I don’t see why they are seen as a minority as the country was one country not to long ago. Humans see difference way to easily when in truth we are all humans.

  38. Hindi naman siguro sya Bakla? Sa panahon kasi ngayon hindi lahat ng mukhang tupa is talagang tupa. Yong iba lubong maninila. Pero if ever taos sa puso talaga ang pag aampon nya, sana magampon din sya ng mga babae. Para msaya lahat ng mga bata. No Hate Just saying

  39. teach them to help you out doing the household chores.Its very hard for you if your the only one who are doing all the responsibilties there.

  40. I pray that the Lord may bless this man and all the kids he’s taking care of. May the Lord keep hil by their sides and allow him to be a blessing to the kids and many others and that blessings flow into his life. He is one great man with a kind heart. Bless his heart, Jesus. Amen.

  41. This is the sweetest video I have seen in a long time. The dad is doing an amazing job and all his kids are very handsome. I live that he takes care of them because children need a world that will love them no matter what. I feel sad for the mother too because i know that must have been a hard decision. I hope everyone in this family (and the mother as well) get to live long, enjoyable lives

  42. I’m not from North Korea but I know what it’s like o be taken out of a country and given a better life. This is wonderful and bit home. You’re doing these kids a service

  43. I wish I was in a better position to help Kim Tae Hoon and his kids, but I wish him to receive everything that he does in double, and for the reunification of Korea.

  44. I just watch some of the north Korean people has a good looking, there nose is good. While SK, more on plastic surgery.

  45. I want to thank this beautifull man for open up his heart and just care….he made a big diffrents in these kids lives…its heaven on earth….wishing this fam all the health and happiness….enjoy life….FIGHTING

  46. North Koreans flee from one ideology and are immediately brainwashed with another ideology – Christianity. The Korean government and human rights group have no problem with this because they are all Christians. Can Christians do charity without conditions – converting the beneficiaries to Christianity? Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims do charity without condition – they don’t convert others. Christianity is the only religion that leads you to heaven? Then why aren’t you Americans converting the Dalai Lama and his followers. According to the Bible, they will go to hell, together with followers of all other religions.

  47. My father’s only son, my brother; was placed in the foster care system by my mother (because she was a b*tch) when I was very young. I am on a mission to find him, and reunite with him.

  48. I am fasting today, so I was very hungry, but seeing everyone eat made me feel full, cause at one point or another in their lives they probably didn’t have enough to eat or were having eating disorders cause they didn’t get the right nutrition, and it felt good to see them have a good meal after all of that.

  49. This made me wanna cry and wanna do the same thing. It filled my heart with so much love and compassion but mostly gratitude too, towards The big man above. Asian boss thank you. Keep giving a space and a voice to the things that the noise of our world is keeping us to see and to hear. All the support from Montreal, QC!

  50. Excellent content. Real people, compassion and Love from little known heroes. Young and older individuals…
    Wholesome and transcending. Keep up the great work, Asian Boss team!

  51. I really like what he’s doing. Something like this isn’t the norm in Korea as it is in say the US where there are foster homes. And to see a man devote his life to 10 kids from a whole different world is really amazing. I’m glad he found his calling in what he’s doing. I hope the South Korean government supports him. I wanna know about their family 🥺😭

  52. I feel like this could be an anime: a normal high school girl comes over and has to help out and live there for some reason, and heals all these boys who soon fall in love with her.

  53. Asian Boss is in my top 5 best youtube channels, the quality it provides is next to none and I just love what they have been producing. Well played to everyone.

  54. This guy is what all men should look up to and want to be. He did what he wanted because its in his heart to take care of these children. What an amazing human being and the kids in his care are the lucky ones and im sure they will repay him with the love.

  55. 5:40 i keep on repeating this part and studying his face and answer.

    Why do I feel uneasy despite the good works he does?

    I just hope he will protect them over sexual harassment and he won’t take part of it himself.

    Maybe I’m overthinking stuffs and may God bless you. 🐱

  56. One thing I love about the BBQ guy at the end, he represents a future for these kids. His grandpa was North Korean and unlike what they’re being told by South Korean society, he made something of himself, had a family, and went to America.

  57. It amazes me that in a country full of Christians the old ways of the Korean culture still have a habit of sticking around. Like being mad at someone for adopting children that are not their own? Totally the Christian thing to do. We’re all adopted into God’s family, we’re adopted sons and daughters of father Abraham. South Korea has the largest amount of Christians per capita in the world, this shouldn’t even be a problem but it is

  58. i feel that these boys were raised wrong. at that age they must learn to at least keep their room clean and tuck their beds the problem is not with the boys but with the guardian. they are not disciplined to need to be waken-up, nobody in the video helped cooking or cleaning up the dishes. becoming a good part of the community starts at home.

  59. This man is so well-spoken, and he has the kindest eyes. I really enjoyed listening to him tell stories- I fully understand that one cannot judge a person from one video alone, but his soft voice and carefully picked words were enough to convince me that this guy is a calm, sincere person that hardly raises his voice. And the children that he’s taking care of certainly picked up those traits.

  60. 5:18 Translation here is a bit iffy. He says he’s a sophomore at his school, but he actually says he’s a first year. The reason for this is that in South Korea, there’s no such thing as a “sophomore”. Instead, it goes from freshman, junior, then finally senior. The reason for this is because South Korea actually has three years of middle school education and three years of high school education, which is different from the US’s two years of middle school and four years of high school. I get what they’re trying to do here as people in the US don’t know this information and would assume a freshman in the US is no different from a freshman in South Korea, but calling him a sophomore could be misunderstood as him being a junior since second years in South Korean high schools are, as I said before, juniors.

  61. That’s so kind of you :’( im really impressed. Plus I’m also impressed by how korean students manage to sleep for 2-3 hours. No wonder you guys can succeed

  62. “My parents didn’t like what I was doing” Um ok your son is literally a hero and an awesome dad to these kids y’all got some cold hearts

  63. *today i will take my son and my son and my son and my son and my son and my son and my son and my son and my son and my last son to a barbecue place*

  64. I wanna grow so rich and help people. I know it’s not about how much money. But I want to buy houses, give gifts, get something previous or do something someone always wanted. Anything is possible and I speak into existence. He is so wholesome. I would help them. May God bless them. Stay safe everyone ❤.

  65. I pray now from this exposure more people will help this angelic man. I wish them the very best in life. Does he have an Instagram for us to keep up with i would love updates. I know I’ll be volunteering my time to him when I visit Korea x

  66. South Korea is a very advanced society, but some are still ignorant and arrogant.I really don’t understand why they discriminate their North Korean brethren. These people are humans too. Most importantly, they are of the same race. They are kind to other foreigners coming to their country, but how come they’re less welcoming to North Koreans???

  67. What an amazing human being. Thank you sooo much for sharing this angels story. I wished there were more you out there sir. You have truly earned your wings 🙏♥️😭🥰

  68. It’s so sad that people in South Korea discriminate the North Koreans, they should be showing them love and already know what kind of hell they have been going through in North Korea

  69. He is very nice & kind person ❤️
    I know he is take care person & he want the kids have more relax time at EARLY MORNING BEFORE GO TO SCHOOL
    But some of the kids is teenage/grow up!!
    He should TEACH them do simple chores for breakfast
    Breakfast is very fast & easy to prepare cooking. It won’t take much time.
    These kids should switched each others doing breakfast at morning & clean the dishes
    Im not judging person. I was think it not hard for them at this age
    MAYBE BECAUSE THE MAN HE WANT DO IT BY ALL HIMSELF. But he should teach & ask kids do some chores, it basic daily life. They’re not small baby kids

  70. Its mesmerizing what love can do. Love that breaks barriers. I hope these kids grow up to be fine gentlemen who’ll change their divided country’s future for the better.

  71. I’m crying as Chef Linus is serving them meat. The kids really seem to enjoy the food. The simple joys in life that we take for granted are not so simple for some. Thank you to all who are involved in taking care of these kids. I will make a donation.

  72. Blessed man with GOD hand he cared all boys with relax and enjoy without boundaries_ he is the Angel_ in the world_ GOD blessing you uncle Kim

  73. He’s struggling now, but imagine in the future when he has 10 grown sons and even more grandchildren to look after him. Hope he stays strong!

  74. .. Mr. Kim is very admirable,,even though they”re not related,he is so caring for the kids,,he even called them “my kids”.. SALUTE!!!!!

  75. 🤣
    the interviewer confused about North Korean words make me crack the hell up
    don’t mean to be insensitive thou
    but he should be able to learn more North Korean words , not the culture , just words

  76. I am really glad this kind of good people are still alive in this world and helping others, good work and respect and a great great salute ❤❤❤ much much love from India 🇮🇳

  77. I would absolutely love to own a grouphome for north korean defectors, theyve been through so much and its so saddening to know whats truly going on there and this video is really inspiring
    for me

  78. His story is really admirable and touchy. I cant say anything for his selfless love for his unconditional affection he gaves to his children. I might consider this way of life maybe soon.

  79. Wow! I love his story. It proves that life is more meaningful when you live it for others. I just hope those ten boys will multiply the kindness that Mr. Kim Tae Hee has been doing to them. God bless, Mr. Kim. And to the Boss Asian, more power to you.😙 Mabuhay, from the Philippines 😊

  80. You see those American Families with 10+ kids and they use those kids to do chores and raise each other, but this man cooks, cleans, and cares for kids that aren’t even his. I hope they’re all doing well. I cry

  81. What a wonderful,brave man to go out of his way and take that step into adopting those wonderful children.
    I cried 😭 so much watching this. Keep spreading the love my friends.

  82. This person is a true hero but a lot of people would not get emotional & shower their love & affection on him ! Is it not strange & too shameful ! These shameless creatures would exibit their outburst of emotion when they see the rescue of a dog/cat/koala/duck/orangotang/pig etc. It’s pathetic, shocking & is a slap on the face of humanity.

    This man is an angel incarnated in a human form. May the lord shower all that is precious on him & protect him from human looking disguised demons.

  83. I admire this guy who has a big heart to take good care of this children as his own,GOD BLESS YOU MORE and may the good LORD will surely bless you for having a good heart!FIGHTING!!!❤

  84. Are North Korean defectors still subject to the South Korean mandatory military service as citizens? Or is that one of the few exceptions?

  85. This is really beautiful and blessing. I support with full my heart to all North Korean who risked their lives to cross the border and show my full respect to those S.Korean who are actually nurturing them adopting to a completely new environment on their own. I really hope before I die I get to choose my nationality as Korean, not South Korean. :'(

  86. So they can now taste the Imperialist and Capitalist’s American BBQ hahaha.

    PS. You’re a very good person in taking good care of these 10 boys.

  87. I hope the 10 boys remember what this kind soul did for them and return the favour when he becomes an elderly someday…Hats off to this man who takes care of 10 children when (some) mothers in this era can’t be bothered to give her very best to her only child…

  88. I’m already 22, but I don’t feel the need to be with a partner. Like damn, it never even crossed my mind, but I’d been planning to adopt children and many stray animals though. It’s not that I’m afraid to die alone, but it’s because I’d like to provide less fortunate souls out there a family. There’d be no mother figure though. But I have my mother and sister to help me provide that longing just in case I am not enough as a mother figure/ father figure. Maybe this too is my life purpose. I’d just start working hard from now on to give them a comfortable life in the future.

  89. I think “Why do you clean bc you have so many kids that SHOULD CLEAN FOR YOU.” Come on dad! Some gal is going to have to marry them someday!

  90. God bless this man. Those kids are amazing gifts that will soon become your own blessings. I hope south koreans accept them whole heartedly. They are already poorly treated in their own country. Have pity on them

  91. I’m crying so hard, thank god there’s people like him. He is a true superhero, bless his heart. And these kids are true fighters! I felt so bad when the boy said he hasn’t seen his mother since he was 11.. the life those poor north koreans have to live when they are just innocent people who don’t deserve this. I hope one day everyone there will be free.

  92. 우리가족 영화에는 철광군이 어렸었는데 지금 영상에는 벌써 고1이네요!
    적응도 잘하고 잘지내는것같아서 좋아요

  93. I wondered why my cheeks hurt so much, then I realized I have a huge smile on my face xD
    Kim Tae Hoon, you are an amazing man, we love you and your adorable family!

  94. Why do they want american food? Asian food is far way better and healthier. Well, I guess neighbor’s grass always looks greener… :I

  95. When Asian Boss came by the house to give them a gift was the sweetest gesture ever. The fact that Asian culture still looks down upon other cultures due to conflicts from the past and current frustrates me. None of the boys asked for that life and that fact someone was willing to take them in and care for them just because he enjoyed it. That right there is humanity.

  96. Please teach these boys to straighten up their own beds, take turns doing the dishes and each takes turns doing the washing on Saturdays. They can each have a basket for their dried clothes to fold themselves. Ooooo I wished I could be there.

  97. Ooooo If I was able to, I would go there and help this guy with the boys. Also, I hope this restaurant owners does this once a month. I am so proud of all of the boys and their care givers.

  98. It always makes me sad when I hear adopted kids in Korea are discriminated against, kids are kids, they need love like we all do. Kim Tae Hoon is a True Korean Hero.

  99. South Koreans who discriminate north ones should be punished.I really admire all the people who scapef from the dictator,they’re so brave,they should be appreciated more. Hopefully one day Koreans from south can understand more their background and how much these people suffered

  100. It is a tragedy, for a wonderful race like the Koreans to be split into two because of political ideology differences. It is one of the most heart wrenching stories of this century.

  101. I don’t understand how these kids escaped from North Korea when the border is guarded and barricaded. And the area next to the DMZ is the most heavily militarized in the world.

  102. boys, wash your own dishes and do your beds when you get up!! i would think these north korean boys are more grateful but it seems like they got used to taking things for granted.

  103. I have so much respect for him. He is so selfless that he decided to adopt those kids. He finally realized what was his purpose in this world and that is by helping those less fortunate kids who keep on fighting for their lives even when they are young. I wish someday that I could find my purpose in this world and that I wish it is to help other people too. God bless you Kim Tae Hoon for doing that everyday.

  104. grateful for this man, but distraught tat families have to be torn apart, do they not receive assistance from the government? the mother had to go away for work…did she actually forfeit her child? and the boy separated from his sister, was there no way for them to be together or stay in touch?

  105. I just wonder why the boys did not help with the household chores like how to make their beds like folding their blankets and putting the bed
    sheets in order and also help with cleaning the dishes. Spoilt?

  106. Wow! This guy is amazing! I read this book called Escape from camp 14 and knowing a little bit of stories about life in north korea, I am so glad that people like this guy are selflessly helping this kids who went thru so much.

  107. Kim Tae Hoon, you’re pretty amazing, and very inspiring to people all around the world. THanks Asian Boss for posting this so that even those of us in little New Zealand can see the wonderful people there are out there, making such a difference!

  108. bro let them come over to where I live and I’ll give them some carne asada with some rice , beans, guacamole, salsa, limon and chile. I’ll cook anything for them 🙁