This Man Provided Over 1.4 Million Meals to Starving Kids in India | EVERYDAY BOSSES #47

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Did you know that more than one-third of the world’s malnourished children live in India? We interviewed Chinu Kwatra who started an initiative called Roti Ghar to feed malnourished children across India. He and his team come out every day to feed hundreds of children in Mumbai and other Indian cities to ensure that they don’t starve on the streets. Up until now, they managed to provide over 1.4 Million meals in total.

Special thanks to Chinu for sharing his story. If you want to support Roti Ghar you can reach out on their social media

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  1. when covid and all this stuff is over, please try to make more videos on south and southeast asia, rather than just the east. but anyway keep up the good work🙏

  2. Have you noticed any “everyday bosses” who contribute to the society around you? Share interesting stories you discovered on our new community app called MOGAO. Here you can connect with other curious people from all over the world and be part of a super positive community. Download our app here:
    App Store (iPhone):
    Play Store (Android):

  3. episode that can make your heart melt and still hope that world will be better again with this people…this is the people we need not the people on the seat that watches people on hunger

  4. What would’ve happened if the regions of Sahara, Arabia, India, and Australia had never existed altogether? And if Europe, Africa, and Asia had been separated faraway from each other by ocean water? And if there was a continent at the North Pole and another continent in what is now Hawaii? How would history have played out from prehistoric to modern times?

  5. This make me sad because there are literally children out here with no clothes on they back and no food in a mouth and no parents to really love them or take care of them.
    This is what I want to do one day I want to help children who don’t have nothing.
    It heartbreaking😭💔

  6. We do have lots of difficulties but we the youth of india can help future of india to be independent and successful india in coming years… I really appreciate your hard work and would love to contribute in anyway possible.. keep up the good work… lots of support.. ❤️🇮🇳

  7. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that at the base of every child, they need Food, Water, Air, Sleep, Love, Shelter, and to feel Safe. Children will not learn or thrive without these needs met. Chinu realized this, and is now helping these kids by providing a huge need, to help meet the other needs. This is truly beautiful.

  8. Aren’t Bangalore and Hyderabad two of the wealthiest cities in India? Why does this man need to feed families in those two cities? What’s wrong with the people in those two cities? Can’t they take care of their own citizens?
    Honestly, this culture of (🙊🙉🙈) in India has to stop if India truly wants to move forward. Where are the pro-active young techies who sit on their asses all day, and doing highly ‘insignificant work’ to make a few rich people even richer?

    Why can’t they organize on Social Media and help this guy out with fundraising and volunteer work?
    Don’t be young and useless, and stop playing video games all day.
    Grow Up and Get off Your Lazy Rotund Butts NOW…!!!

  9. That kid at 8:58 is taking the food to distribute among family members. That’s what their parents usually ask them or more like MAKE THEM do.
    It’s sad that it happens but the problem is much bigger to solve and needs the involvement of many authorities

  10. Hats off to this man , a great person ,bollywood celebrities should also do some groundwork rather than donating money to ngos in name of charity, who knows what the ngo is doing with that money.

  11. How have 5 people already disliked this video in half an hour?! Who are they? Asian Boss Competitors? Bots?
    I hope to never meet them in my life

  12. When a person who is not that much rich giving food to children and other who are rich just posting post on Instagram and Facebook to get views

  13. Iam Indian and I think we need child policy to control our population. many problem of india is connected to population
    ,Like – hunger , poverty, unemployment .

  14. हमारा मीडिया तो सारे दिन पाकिस्तान और चीन करता रहता है ।

  15. This world is crazy… There are Billionaires bathing in a disgusting amount of wealth. Amounts of money which they don’t even get to spent in their life time, while somewhere on the other side of the world, innocent kids are starving. GoFundMe or anything up for this bro?
    Edit: Highest level of respect for this dude.

  16. It’s so nice to see someone with the gift of Generosity especially during 2020 where a lot of negative things happened. I hope there are more people like him who genuinely cares for everyone.

  17. This man is a hero in this world right now. I’m moved to the point of tears for the sacrifice of himself and his team. I’ve never met this man or his team but grateful to Asian Boss for sharing this amazing story. Sending love from the Caribbean!!!

  18. Brain development also suffers in children due to malnutrition. This young man is truly wonderful to support children, I hope he gets many sponsors. ❤

  19. No country should have so many kids if they’re a poor country to begin with. Why give them items if they’re going to throw away their trash on their their land and not clean and recycle.

  20. Oh, somebody is already doing it? Well done!
    I don’t have to worry about poor people EVER AGAIN!
    With full stomach they will be able to dream and poverty will be eradicated? How marvelous!!!
    If somebody thought of this when India gained independence, all citizens would be well off, no?
    So, thanks to this guy India will be a super power country after all.

  21. It’s amazing to see those able to help out like this.
    However some problems I see is the heavy implementation of the caste system in modern times and poor education in these slim areas.
    From what I understand, the caste system makes it impossible for some people to have the higher paying, professions. In addition, certain caste members are not getting the educating that they need.
    Because of these variables, I feel like women are getting pregnant too often without considering the financial repercussions; can they financially afford to have certain amount of children.
    While I’m not against people having children as they see fit, what I’ m more against is those that cannot afford to take care of children yet they do so and burden & strain the systems in place.
    Besides that, I feel like the Indian government should really do something about these slum areas. They need to develop these areas so that even the lower caste individuals have access to basic human needs, the means to feed themselves & their families, and to be a productive member of society by having a meaningful and fulfilling occupation.
    I realize that certain castes will make it difficult/impossible for these things to happen which is why I feel like the caste system should be set aside as a religion/spiritual kind of thing and not something that determines a person’s livelihood (or the lack of one). I think the caste system should be modernized while keeping some of the practices & beliefs in tact.
    Clearly there’s a huge social issue in certain areas of India (like other nations). Something has to be done.

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