This Japanese Olympic Medalist Is Delivering For Uber Eats Because Of COVID-19 | EVERYDAY BOSSES #44

Miyake Ryo helped Team Japan win a silver medal in the London 2012 Olympic Games. He was hoping to compete for his home team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but after the Olympics got postponed, so was all of his training. He has been working as a delivery man for Uber Eats to keep himself afloat while he waits for the Olympics to finally take place.

If you want to support Miyake Ryo, here is his crowdfunding link (only available in Japanese):

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  1. Awww is there like a legit go fund me page for those who might want to help him?

    Edit: just found out that the link is on the description box and they’ve also added it on the comment section. Thanks AsianBoss!

  2. We want to thank Miyake Ryo for sharing his story. He is still working as a delivery man for Uber Eats to keep himself afloat while he waits for the Olympics to finally take place and we wish him the best of luck. If you want to support Miyake Ryo, here is his crowdfunding link (only available in Japanese)

  3. All the best..good job for being hardworking,these days u have to follow the wind to stay afloat or else u will fall down the earth and can’t keep up

  4. His advice at the end was so real and inspiring, things are pretty rough nowadays, don’t force yourself to be happy, just try to find that something that brings you hapiness and reach for it.

  5. With the assumption that fencers like him wear their own gear, it seems weird that fencing, which naturally involves keeping a distance, would be stopped.

    His teaching was good: no pressure, had the interviewer looking good really quickly. That bodes well for his post-competition career.

  6. This is what most Olympic athletes have to go through, even if they make it as a medalist. Once you return home, you have nothing else to show for it. If you’re lucky and end up like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, you can get sponsorship deals and never have to worry about supporting yourself, but most end up getting their heads squeezed while the committee is pulling in millions on their behalf. Same story applies to college sports. The schools get paid off of their students while the people doing the actual work are treated like slaves.

  7. I think it’s great he started Uber Eats Delivery. Just shows how resilient of an athlete he is…. it’s quite easy to loose hope and feel sorry about current circumstances. He’s got a top notch mental attitude. Also Being a delivery guy, he’ll be busy and cycling is a great way to stay physically fit and active. I’m rooting for him, sending positive vibes to him.

  8. There is nothing wrong with lowering your pride and ego to do what’s best for you. It will never change that he earn that metal. He is taking care of himself the best he can and that’s what is important

  9. Retrenchments here are at an all time high. People who used to have well paying executive jobs have been forced to take up doing food delivery to feed their families. Some with some health conditions haven’t been so lucky. Food delivery is a decent job and as long as it brings in income while keeping him fit, all the best to him. Will watch out for his name in the olympics.

  10. There is no shame in food delivery services. In fact, the demand has increased due to the pandemic and your job is much more essential than before. I’m talking about first responders on the front lines who work well over 8 hours a day, who come home and just want a nice meal that they don’t need to prepare. Thank you for your services and good luck in the 2021 Olympics.

  11. He’s really honourable in a sense. He stopped his sponsorships because he felt guilty for accepting money without doing anything. He’s very honest.

  12. This made me have goosebumps. Reality of life nowadays, all of us moving forward to live our daily life and pursuing our passions/dreams even in this pandemic times. Fighting! 🤗

  13. This might sound like a big deal for people living in Japan (maybe Korea as well) – but we here in America find it fascinating that he just parks his bike and goes on about his business. Meaning, he doesn’t lock it. You would never do that in America. It would definitely get stolen.

  14. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change…..quoted by Charles Darwin

  15. why does it felt like its miserable..? more respect to this guy, rather wait for the govt help, he opted to work, delivery is an esential job at this time..its temporary..

  16. Miyake Ryo, you are a very positive and confident young man, a good example for others who are in your shoes. I pray that the situation in the world right now will change very soon and you can go back to doing what you like doing best, fencing. Stay strong👍🙏

  17. As much as I admire his resilience and his efforts in keeping himself afloat somehow, the fact that this is an OLYMPIC MEDALLIST and he still has to do all these things but he gets paid a bum’s wage for them is saddening to me. I’m glad he’s got a crowdfunding account set up, but this is really sad. 三宅さん、頑張ってくださいね!ファイト!

  18. This Japanese Olympic player might have felt some despair for himself due to once he was an honored player to be medalist in the world sports event but now he should try this job to keep his living…so absurd. COVID-19 has wrecked all everything of countless people’s life. I wish he can go back to his position sooner or later.

  19. It’s hard to be an athlete, as he said they don’t get pay for being an athlete, it’s only sponsors who pay them. It’s up to them to have money to continue.

  20. This is so unfair for me, in my country (Peru ) only the wealthy people can practice this sport due to the equipment and mantainance , they never won anything important , he is an olimpic champion that rejected his sponsor support, I thought that in a country like Japan someone like him would be supported by the government :$

  21. Even people with much less physical health maintenance can survive being delivery persons during ‘pandemic’
    So, there was no reason to have things delivered except if you simply hate going outside

  22. How the world was happy and sad with their own daily struggles of life.
    How the world was preparing for their future.
    How the world was singing,dancing and eating.
    How the world was exploring places and learning other cultures.
    How the world was achieving success in technology, travel and media.
    How the world was falling in love.
    How some things were fine and some were not fine but still world was living, loving,laughing,struggling,healing.
    Pain was there but still the world was coping…
    Coz of some cruel people all the things has become worst…
    Still world is moving on.

  23. This is why Japan makes Anime and Manga. They always show how to never give up in your dreams and a lot of Japanese people are like that. They are well-mannered, respectful and passionate of the things they do. I love Japan, the people, and their culture ❤🥰

  24. Not sure why he stopped his sponsors, but started crowdfunding. Isnt that the same thing? Am I missing something? All athletes have sponsors, specially when they are still in the national team, it’s not a “shameful” thing. Someone with expertise please explain Japan Fencing federation/association to me?

  25. As an african fencer I really feel this one ! And let me tell you when the Olympic comes you will see the results on his legs been on a bike everyday (strong legs are very important in fencing )

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