This Japanese Man Opened a Cricket Ramen Restaurant | EVERYDAY BOSSES #46

Last year, we spent a day with Shinohara Yuta, an entomophagist who eats and makes dishes using insects. Watch the video here ►
His dream was to open an insect restaurant which he turned into reality. So we re-visited him on the day he opened his business for the very first time.

Special thanks to Shinohara Yuta for sharing his story.
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Antcicada restaurant
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Hiroko (Host)
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Gin (Videographer, Editor)
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Christina (Videographer)
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  1. Big hypocrite! Would you love dogs and like eating dogs? Would cats be your favourite pet and then you open a restaurant just to cook cat meat?
    And this guy is doing exactly the same. He dates an insect and opens a restaurants just to cook insects. Imagine you being his girlfriend, he’ll cook your species.

    Just kidding.

  2. Hiroko! Always so brave! I’ve had chocolate covered ants before (but chocolate, of course). I’ve eaten roasted crickets once. Crunchy. But to do it on film? You are my hero!

  3. That looks delicious!!! 🦗🍜🍺👌🏼😋 This kind of food would be well received in Mexico, we have a millennial tradition of entomophagy. I’ll definitely visit this restaurant when in Japan. 🙌🏼😄

  4. I want to know how much the cricket ramen costs! And how much does it cost on his end to produce the items on his menu since he also feeds/raises the insects…

  5. Humble, hardworking, innovative, young, passionate, and feeds his community. This dude deserves a lot of success, hopefully one day he opens up a place here in LA so I can visit

  6. I was a bit confused with this video so I looked up for the previous interview with this man and found this.

    So basically this man loves insects and most probably have obsession with them and even had a cockroach as a girlfriend named LISA. But since cockroaches have a short life span, he ate her so Lisa could stay with him forever.
    I’m still so confused, I don’t even know how to react to that. The eating insect part is not the problem cause there are many countries that serve insects as their delicacies but the fact that he’s into insects, that’s where it takes a weird turn.

    I seen enough of the internet I’ll just stop here.

    But on a serious note this guy seems really nice.

  7. “He loves insects and makes recipes with them”. WTF !! You don’t eat a living creature that you love.

    As if Corona wasn’t enough.😒

  8. Asian boss is Korean propaganda media to play down China and Japan. They pretend that they pick and choose topic from all over major Asian countries, but if you look the list of video carefully, they only make Korean praising videos while most of videos are carefully termed in a tone either bashing/playing down China and Japan.

  9. Asian Boss: Last year we interviewed Yuta, a man who loves insects and makes recipes with them.
    Me: Cool! If there were only more people like him! We need to make more use of insects as sources of nutrition!
    Asian Boss: He even shared that he dated a cockroach named Lisa.
    Me: I… what.

  10. Tbh insects are not for me, neither as friend nor in my soup but I am glad to see how happy he gets while fulfilling his dream! 頑張ってね

  11. She should let them enjoy the food while it’s hot then interview them after.. having to pause in between bites to talk when they rather be eating instead made me anxious 😅

  12. Hello Asian boss, can you make a vlog about asking some koreans if they are watching other Asian countries drama. Please notice me. Thank you

  13. This man is sooooo unique and cool! Eating crickets is normal in my country though… I have just refused to try it… Lol😊😁

  14. Congratulations on on your opening of restaurant cheers 🍻 🎊🎈🎉wishing u much success 💐have a great day 🤘☮️♥️🍀😜🤟🦋

  15. Can you ask Vietnamese people what they think about ‘Chữ Nôm’, the previous writing system before the Portuguese and French came? And what they prefer more?

  16. it seems like very high end Japanese senses of practical humor to me. My erstwhile Japanese girlfriend would take me to bathtub and whisper shirako, shirako in my ears while giving me an underwater handjob.

  17. I genuinely feel interested in trying out insects now. I’m thankful to Hiroko and Yuta as I believe most of my interest is due to how open minded Hiroko approached this and Yuta’s willingness to share information c:

  18. Hiroko is such a good sport, I really wouldn’t have been able to eat the bugs but would have tried the ramen and broth. This was super interesting!

  19. That dude just opened his own restaurant with such a different and amazing theme, and most of the comments are stuck with the fact that he dated a cockroach.. lol.. Well he is gonna earn amazingly.. with his creativity..

  20. where is the restaurant took place? i think i will go there if Japan already open the border 😁😁😁curious about this restaurant 😃

  21. 8:15 There’s always a risk with eating any kind of food really though. Meat can cause cancer, carbs cause unnecessary amounts of weight gain, heck, the majority of people’s lifestyles have something in it which is a danger to their health. I think this put into perspective, there really is no issue.

  22. Wow! this looks awesome. When I clicked I thought this was about a cricket (sport) theme based restaurant in Japan since Japan recently introduced a cricket team at u19 level. This had a better ending that I imagined.

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