This Japanese Chef Runs A Ramen Shop In A Wheelchair | EVERYDAY BOSSES #50

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  1. This is so touching yet inspiring story. I salute this man for his courage and confidence. The accident he had been in was his fate and he gone through a lot of hardships in his life. But in the end he didn’t gave up his hope. And credit also goes to his ex girlfriend for encouraging him to live his life without any fear. 😊❤

  2. “It’s an Honor to die, doing what you love” This man mindset is stronger than Steel. I grew so much respect for him and hope I could visit his shop one day.
    Wow, a very inspiring story Indeed. Thankyou AsianBoss for making this content.

  3. Asian Boss is doing such an amazing thing by showing us lives of these inspiring humans, this sure does help us keep the hope in humanity alive!!!❤️

  4. I was able to have a meal at his place when I was there. The Ramen was amzing.

    I wish I was half as strong as him. I went through depression and suicide also but still haven’t found my place in this world.

  5. Thank you, Asian Boss for always putting out quality content 👌🏼 The world needs to hear more disabled voices and you are a great, positive contribution to this effort! ❤️ However, as a social worker, I want to point out your description of Junさん being “confined” to a wheelchair. Wheelchair users are not confined to their chair. Wheelchairs are mobility devices that give people the freedom and independence that they otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s important that we use positive, appropriate language! *I’ll get off my soap box now 😏*

  6. Our circumstances are not obstacles to pursue our dreams. This video is really inspiring. I hope we all keep going to achieve our dreams, no matter how hard it may seem. Keep doing your best my friends.

  7. My respect to you Sakauchi-san. Kinda reminding me who still healthy to keep working hard to achieve my dream. God bless you and your family and staffs.

  8. I have a Japanese wife and lived in Japan for 14 years and love it so I’m bias towards it, but the Japanese really are amazing people. Their “bushido” within them is a real thing that makes them work hard and have loyalty and a sense of duty. 🇯🇵 ❤️

  9. I like this dude-he’s straight forward, and has a really down to earth, healthy perspective. I clicked on this thumbnail because he was sitting up so straight and proud and his confidence immediately struck me as something I wanted to see more of. And the ramen looks bomb 😩

  10. I love and respect the confidence in this man. You can hear his confidence in his voice and way he speaks. Would love to talk to him in person one day when I’m down. I’m sure he’s the type that would tell me to just get over it and do what I need to do!! Lol sometimes I need to hear these types of things.

  11. The amount of inner strength and endurance this man has is magnificent. What an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Asian Boss, for sharing his amazing story. I hope his ramen shop continues to grow and be successful. <3

  12. This man is such an inspiration!!! You can clearly feel (only by listening), that his story is the absolute truth without adding drama or telling how difficult his past was. Such a strong minded, dedicated, kind man. I loved listening to his story. I will pray, that you built a big Ramen Legacy as you want too. But why you don’t say, where his shop is located? Didn’t he wanted it to come out?

    Greetings from Germany

  13. this guy is so wise and strong- i can’t wait for the day where i feel exactly the same. i’m only a teenager now, but i don’t mind that i don’t know what my future exactly holds 💕💕 i haven’t felt this inspired in a while

  14. They never feature positive videos like this when featuring The Philippines and other aouth east asian countries. They always feature negative stories when it comes to South east asian countries. Asian Boss is a racist chanel.

  15. Thank you for sharing this vlog! I myself was half paralyzed in 2003 and struggling to find purpose in life. Yes it takes perseverance and drive to try to live a new life again. And after 17 years I’m still trying to find my purpose. I’m so happy for this gentleman that he has found his purpose in life!

  16. He’s not lying about the hermit crab syndrome… Pretty much every para/quad go through that. Some snap out of it within a few months and others never do. You got to think these people just had their entire world crash. They have to learn a completely new style of life and they are unsure if they will ever find love. Imagine never being able to feel sex/love again. For some people it’s just to much to overcome

  17. It’s truly amazing he’s able to do that as a T1 Para. That means he can’t feel anything from his neck down other then his shoulders. It’s extremely difficult to balance things when your a T1. I’m a T3 and it’s very difficult when your leaning forward trying to pick up and move things

  18. “If you have the courage to kill yourself, then you have the courage to do this. I know what you are going through, don’t throw your life away.”
    Damn, that is deep..

  19. I absolutely love his story of tragedy, defeat and triumph!!!! What an angel he is spreading hope, joy and love to the world. I pray the individuals who really need to hear this story will. Bless you! 💜🙏🏼💪🏽

  20. Well, any vdo related to food in Asia, one surely sees noodles.
    BTW nice!😄👍
    And I came here to see noodles only. And explored his life. I love him and the reason is simply that he didn’t lose hopes for life ahead. I love his strength and simplistic nature.
    Always love Asian Boss…… 💛

  21. I cry at the end of this video. I feel so touched by his Passionate. Perseverance. Strong mentality and hard working integrity. Even other normal human being might not defeat him in terms of strong mentality like that. U inspire me and many people who watch this a lot sir. Thanks asian boss for interviewing him. It really touch me and give me so much encoragement

  22. It was such an honor to be in the same room as Jun-san and listen to his stories. The ramen was amazing!
    Props to Hiroko and the production team for rolling the camera and the questions, even during shocking and thought-provoking moments 🙂

  23. We use October to celebrate Disability Awareness Month in America! I’m not sure if they planned this but it’s perfect timing to hear such an amazing story.

  24. I came to Japan in Feb as an English teacher. One main reason why I will be leaving this beautiful country soon is the extreme poor working condition. I will always come back to Japan, but only as a tourist to feel the old traditional vibe and uniqueness it has.

  25. I just have so much respect for Jun, he struggled with the cards that life has dealt him, but overcame so many difficulties to reach where he is now. Definitely an inspiration, not only to people with disabilities but also to normal people with his mental fortitude and positive attitude towards life. Really meaningful interview, well done Asian Boss.

  26. The roast pork addition really stood out to me. Like I love that. That broth is also probably fantastic with the parts he was adding. I hope to try it someday!

  27. Forgive my ignorance but how can it be permissible to tell someone they can’t have the job because they are in a wheelchair? I realize not all countries protect the rights of the disabled but I thought Japan would have some anti-discrimination laws. In the UK they might hire a person because of the disability but they would never admit it… but maybe that is worse. It just surprised me

  28. This makes me feel so pathetic feeling depressed about Myself.

    This man is th Real life Naruto on a wheelchair.
    If anything, I’d like to come visit and salute you Sir before I die. 💙

  29. Hats off for this gentleman, I definitely want to visit and try his ramen💪🙏🙂. Please give us address and how to get to his premises. Harigato!!

  30. a lot of people just whine everyday and talk how hard life is while doing nothing to improve it…while to other people, life is already hard enough, there’s nothing else to do but to improve it.

  31. This is so inspiring. I have an autoimmune disorder and a painful spine injury. I’m not confined to a wheelchair, but my life has changed drastically. What a great man.

  32. My father was paraplegic and ran a very successful business and life. He never once made me believe that there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do, he swam often (using his arms), went horseback riding and even went up and down the stairs (using his hand and upper body strength) at home if no one could help him. He had his faults but I definitely remember him for this. I have so much respect for Mr. Sakauchi Jun. Wishing him much success now and in the future.

  33. I’m the same age as Jun and a few months ago, I was in a wheelchair after fracturing my pelvis. Thank God my condition was only temporary. いつか、日本に行きたい。I would love to visit Jun’s ramen shop!

  34. What an inspiring person and beautiful soul. However with his sleeping schedule he has to be careful. Just last year and this year. two workaholics father and uncle of my friends have passed away from a sudden heart failure and passed away silently. One passed away in the living room right after coming home from a jog while my friend was in his room and the uncle’s incident was while at the workplace. They were in their 40s and 50s and very slim. The uncle that passed away at the workplace was a self-made millionaire and has 3 young children. I met him last year and his children just 1 month before he passed away and there were no signs that he was unwell at all. He was discovered almost immediately and the paramedics and ambulance came but nothing could be done. There were no official diagnosis as to why it happened but them being workaholics and sleep-deprived people definitely had something to do with their heart failure. I myself having worked in the kitchen and food industry for 4 years, with 2 years in a International Japanese restaurant chain group understand how exhausting it can be. I also had to do shikomi for ramen and know the entire process. I had to eventually leave the industry due to my decline in health as I developed spinal issues and my depression came back. Not to mention I also developed recurring chest pains that can be excruciating and it always happened more frequently whenever I was having a very sleep deprived week. Currently I now work in another less demanding sector. Sakauchi san needs to change his prep and work style further and hire another kitchen assistant for at least once a week at maybe just 5 hours even if his P/L is really tight. if not I truly worry for his health in the near future and he may eventually get burnt out.

  35. I don’t think anyone can do this interview any better than Hiroko did. Thank you, Hiroko.

    @ 16:02: American restaurants would have kept those slices frozen and will defrost in microwave before serving. This is freshly sliced and I’m sure the taste won’t lie.

  36. That’s messed up & so insensitive for some people to treat this man like this.
    He was in an accident. He didn’t intend on getting hurt like this.

    I am impressed with his work ethic, but he really should get a good amount of sleep regularly.
    It’s hard enough (seemingly) to run a ramen store. But to be in his condition on top of working on barely any sleep… That can’t be healthy.

    That’s great to hear this worker learned to be more open & understanding of people with disabilities.
    Even if you have some sort of physical/mental disability, that individual is still a person and you should treat them with dignity and respect.

    I have to say this man is very inspiring.
    Even with his accident, he had the determination to live his life to the point where he opened & runs his own ramen store.
    Still, I think this guy should try to take it easy and not literally work himself to death.
    It’s fine to be passionate about your work, but nothing in this world is worth dying over.

  37. WOW, what an amazing story. He is an awesome man with a strong soul! Thanks for sharing this. If I ever make to Japan, I will go to his place to have a meal!👍🏻

  38. One thing Asian Boss does so well is take the time to explore a subject or a person in depth. Listening to this man explain his past and his present was interesting and thought provoking. Thanks.

  39. I don’t mean to be rude, but one thing I’ll never understand is how he’s 46 years old and looks way younger and sounds younger than me. And I’m still a teen.

  40. As a wheelchair user myself, this is so inspiring. I know it can be hard emotionally and it takes a lot of mental strength to get through all those difficulties. This man is so inspiring for me but also for every person who struggles with the fact they’re in a wheelchair.

    You have all my admiration.

  41. Japan should legalize euthanasia for disabled people. *Several European countries such as Switzerland and Belgium have legalized doctor assisted euthanasia for the disabled, elderly, terminally ill, and in some cases, even just severely depressed people.* ~ So elderly people who can’t take care of themselves anymore and do not want to spend the rest of their lives rotting away in a assisted care/retirement home have the option of being euthanized fast and painlessly with the help of doctors. ~
    That is my retirement plan.

  42. He’s in a wheelchair, he’s not running a Ramen Shop, he’s Rolling a Ramen Shop

    Jokes aside, this guys is the proof that it doesnt matter what happens to you, 99% of the case you can get up and keep up w your life

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