1. Hi Brian can you get a bigger size pallet ? In Australia for farming Barramundi there is a very large selection of pallets to keep increasing the size of the pallet as the fish grow bigger. This means they have to eat less pallets and is better for feeding and less

  2. Brian, Try this idea, Hang a mosquito net like a curtain inside the pin against the current at least 1-2 ft below water lever temporarily during feeding time to prevent the feeds getting washed out by thecurrent, then pulled it back after feeding..

  3. wow Brian those fish are ravenous hungry hope you guys are going well hope you’re safe hope all are not sick or anything Mike from Wisconsin God bless you guys and God bless a little Charlie

  4. Its a good idea. Feeding efficiently is obviously key and am aware you have spent many hours trying to get best method. It just seems like someone would have invented a wide dispersal feed device/system. I.ve looked and doesn’t seem to be out there.I think you are on the right track on breaking into smaller pens and smaller time gap controlled batches. Its definitely a learning curb kinda situation. Hoping you catch a break finding a way to make this work and yes think the containment idea may be of some help.

  5. 6 months at just a low feeding schedule of 3 times a day and 1 pound of loss per feeding adds up really fast. 3 pounds a day and 182 days 10 sacks, and youโ€™re feeding more than 3 times a day. Yep stop loss measures are called for. Sinker pellets that doesnโ€™t get eaten on the bottom would rot or feed bottom creature you donโ€™t want including bacteria. Thatโ€™s why I like the floater pellets. But loss of 10 sacks of feed per crop thatโ€™s not good.

  6. Checked again—— many articles saying you CAN feed Guano to Tilapia or other farm bred fish also Hog and Sheep manure and the fish WILL eat it . Being nutrient rich apparently the fish have no problem with it. So, bucket up the Manook and Baboy poop and feed the Tilapia—no bill to pay, no waiting a month for it to be delivered to the Port , it’s all in your own back yard? Heck mate, I would at least try it.????

  7. Brian, just wondering mate, how are the plans, or have you junked the idea of solar lights for the fishpen? Just curious mate.Plus did you take on board the article I told you about Manook poop being a fish food? Serious mate I read it on Wikipedia so why not dry some out chop up a handful and chuck it in next time? Cant hurt to try and as you have a lot of Manooks, well, anything to lessen that insane feed bill huh>?

  8. That boy should wear life jacket incase he falls in .scary seeing him there brian.pray he don’t fall in that water.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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