I had some major malfunctions of my gopro cameras yesterday…What a headache it was. This is also my last video I
will be making in MECQ..that’s right baby we move to GCQ starting
tomorrow June 1st….FREEDOM !!!



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  1. Brian we have been on general community quarantine in Bohol now for a couple of weeks now and yes you still need your quarantine pass or here you can be arrested also if you donโ€™t have a mask in place

  2. For a country with so much disdain for following the rules and procedures, there is so much bureaucracy even for the most mundane things …… Which in the end you probably end up bribing somebody to get it done

  3. I’m docking your pay check …
    Dude, you scared me!
    I listen to you often times at work …like now. I heard, “it’s my last video” and went into “Oh No!! He Can’t Stop Now” mode!!
    Thank goodness I am the only one in this department …and there is a knock on the door …someone heard me …geeez!!

  4. Enjoy your videos! My family and I used to live about 5 houses down from where you live now on Don Bonifacio. We live in Memphis, TN. I like watching your videos and seeing how much it has changed. It’s been over 30 years since I’ve been back. Thanks again for taking vids of my old neighborhood.

  5. There is a Blue tooth scanner you can buy for a scooter such as yours on ebay. I am a Master Auto Technician. The data you want to look at is Fuel Trim and anything with lack a power issues. I would suggest to have the fuel filter changed and also look at any type of misfires in combustion to understand the lack of power issue! Hope that helps!?In regards to the blootooth scanner it is a good idea to just purchase one and an app can be downloaded to your phone. You can capture data In live mode and llook up the information online. I bought a blue tooth devise for 20 bucks which is cheaper than a expensive scanner for my van at work and it was a life safer.
    I am not sure about your motorbike but I just researched it and they are available here in the U S. I strongly suggest you get one for your own use. You will safe lots of money! Let me know if you need advise my email address is

  6. Not going to lie, we were worried you were actually going to stop vlogging๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‚ Haha Nice video Brian! Cheers from your friends in Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  7. Hey its Darrell in lapu Lapu again , good blog. Yeah the levels of quarantine are very confusing, especially from one province to another , even city to city in same province, and from agency to agency. Reminds me of too many chiefs not enough Indians LOL
    AS far as your car you might want to look into buying an OBD2 diagnostic can Google and print trouble codes . I got one for my 01 Silverado and it paid for itself 1st time I used it . It was a nice Bosch & cost 170$ from an autozone in u s but I know is cheaper onlinexqnd there are cheaper ones out there
    That way if u dont do repair yourself they cant b.s. you to death on repair cost
    Food for thought, take care

  8. Hi Brian! When you said ” It’s my last video”, I went ๐Ÿ˜ซ, before I listened to the rest of your sentence! ๐Ÿคฃ
    I bet Hannah Grace is excited about goung back to school. Bless her heart.
    A hello to Lot- Lot and Hannah Grace. Really enjoyed your video this morning.. You do a great job with your camera. Very clear and so is your Mic. Take care of yourself and the family! ๐ŸŒน

  9. A slight correction: (1). Island groups – Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao; (2) Regions – I through XIII; (3). Provinces – Example: Surigao Del Norte, Pampanga, Davao Del Norte, etc.; (4). Municipalities or large Cities – Example: Angels City, Butuan, Bagio, Pasay, Manila, Sta. Monica, etc.; (5). Barangays, Poblacions or Sitios… (6). Puroks.

  10. you caught me, lol. I thought something went really bad.
    Congrats on being somewhat Freed from the ChiMMP virus lockdown.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for another great solo bike ride

  11. LOL well I hope things will go well Sofia’s area also moving to GCQ hopefully all goes well I can only hope the friendly skies will return so I can get back there as soon as possible

  12. The country is divided into provinces. Regions are groups of provinces used for statistics but not an administrative entity. Each province is divided into cities, which include rural areas. Each city is divided into barangays. Puroks are neighborhood areas in the barangay but I’m not sure if they are actual governmental entities.

  13. Familiar place from HAU, Holy Rosary Cathedral, Holy Family Academy, Nepo and downtown Puregold mall. I was a student in the 80’s in Angeles City. It brings back memories, thanks for the tour. ๐Ÿ‘

  14. You need to do more cooking shows with your wife , and even throw in a kids version with Hanna , my 11 yr olds are learning all about the foods of P.I. and learning how meal time is a family thing with much respect for the food .Its funny when I go to the local Philippine market here in Indiana ,my girls want to go and try all the chippys and sweetcorn ..hahaa

  15. All the vloggers are using the same click bait phrase this week….they are either copying each other, or youtube is making the recommendations to them….This is my last video…yea sure

  16. Unfortunately here in Quezon City, as a 66 year old American, I am still in the “house arrest” day 79 for me. Healthy people should NOT be quarantined. Why is USA mostly open but we are not. Why are we wearing masks which the WHO and CDC have declared unhealthy and unnecessary. Petty tyrants love the power trip.

  17. Check Engine Light on or off? I’m going to take a guess what your car problem is, lol, your car problem is the Automatic Transmission! A year ago, I was having problems with accelaration, Check Engine light Off, I step the gas and the car doesn’t speed up as it usually does. I changed air filter, spark plugs, catalyic o2 sensors, etc.. I was thinking of uncapping my exhaust manifold, pre-cat, to see if the problem was with the catalyic converters but I’m too old to do that, you know how hard it can be to take off them weathered bolts/nuts. Then, I changed the transmission oil and this shop couldn’t understand my description of the problem or replicate it. I drive my truck and know it like the back of my hand, soooo.. .Finally it came down to finding/feeling the auto transmission wasn’t shifting gears properly and took it to another transmission shop and they knew what the problem was. I needed a costly transmission overhaul. Not saying this is “your” problem but I’m taking a stab of what your problem could be. lol, Have a Great Day!

  18. Ahhhhhhhhh lol. Scared me bro. Felt my heart sink. Then laughed and felt happy again. Glad you arent ending your videos, i really enjoy them

  19. It never fails to amaze me that you enjoy walking near San Nicholas Market. This is what I enjoyed doing myself 40 years ago growing up in Angeles City.

  20. We have been in GCQ here in Cagayan de Oro on Mindanao for awhile now and the Barangay Pass is still required to get into grocery, mall, etc. Only one person is allowed out per household. There is still the limitation of only people between 22-59 being allowed out. Tommorow after MGCQ everybody should be allowed out. Of course every mayor pretty much does whatever he wants so there is no guarantee.

  21. Hi Brian, thanks for the videos! It might get crazy in the next few days with restrictions being lifted.
    My wife seems to think that there are factories on Clark. She says she has a relative working at one. I’ve never heard of that . In the videos I’ve seen you take on Clark, I’ve never seen one. Do you think when you can get a chance, maybe you can explore that? Thanks and you guys take care! Dave H.

  22. C’mon Brian, they are not starting school when the schools say. They are trying to convince you/everyone to (enroll) because they want your down payment money…tuition. The schools are broke and most people never paid the balance of payment from last year when they cancelled the classes. Plus they are saying most classes will be limited to only 1-2 classes per week to social distance and you will need to do online.. or homeschool type the other days. And the schools want the same tuition amount. And the Filipinos are all saying whoa wait a minute you will have reduced classes, well we want reduced fees….I’m certainly not enrolling my kids with that type of bullshit…they will definitely not refund your payment , when Duterte cancels school longer.

  23. hey Brian, when you pass the pulong maragul bridge. I saw Billboard sign with a future building to be built. Thanks be safe

  24. When describing barangays, it is alot like USA. You have USA (Philippines), then you can break USA down to the 6 major Regions (3 island groups, Luzon, Mindanao, Visayas), those regions are divided into States (Regions-18 total), those States (Regions) are divided into Counties (Provinces), those counties (Provinces-81 total) are divided into townships (City Areas) and then those (City Areas into Barangays). The Parenthesis is what the Philippines call them. Simply put, USA (Philippines), Major USA Regions (Island Groups), States (Regions), Counties (Provinces), Townships (City Areas) and then (barangays). Same breakdown, different names. There is 18 Regions and 81 Provinces in the Philippines. For the Philippines, Philippines, – Island Groups – Regions – Provinces – City Areas – Barangays. For the USA, USA – Regions – States – Counties – Townships.

  25. Brian, if itโ€™s the same way in Angeles City as it is here… all the vendors & stores eventually are opening. At least the hardware stores are open especially DIY. What I think is nice for you is you can get on your motorbike and drive around. Here nobody can go more than half a kilometre down the road without being stopped at a checkpoint.

  26. Such a pain at times. Had to throw out many good videos. There is a learning curve with every update .. I learned I can’t use my old mic adapter with the gopro8 if I install the media mod update.

  27. The catalic converter could be plugging up. That would cause that system. Just for info I am a Automotive eng, / ASE Mastertech.

  28. Annoyed already and I’m just 3 minutes in. You clickbaited me for the last time. When I visit,. I’m stopping by so we can have a chat

  29. Hi philly in the philippines I had the same problem with my laptop and my go pro the would not get ti together .I still have issues with it always . But I’ll get it sorted out soon .great moto ride welldone mate take care looking forward to seeing more it’s great how your have mounted the gopro on your guard well done geat pictures.scott expat in the philippines.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‘

  30. Jeepneys have doubled the fare to account for the social distancing measures. Less fares equals barely an operating budget. So it’s been doubled. I don’t know nothing.

  31. You got it backwards lol 3 main island groups: Luzon Visayas Mindanao
    Within those island groups are provinces- more like states. Because there are a gazillion of them, they grouped them into regions. In each province are small towns – its political equivalent is the barangay because within the barangay is a political structure.

  32. For what is it’s worth my bro and sis in law were able to travel from Bataan to Pangisinan together on motorcycle. They had on them their marriage certificate and travel permit and had no problems getting through all the checkpoints. So apparently it’s allowed 2 riders as long as they are married.

  33. Sad to say. So sad 2 say. This is my last comment…… My last comment…..

    In MGCQ. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ.

  34. PH to US
    Purok = neighborhood
    Baranggay = community
    Town/City = County/City
    Province = State

    Region is a group of provinces within the main islands.
    Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao are the main islands, more like east/central/west Coast in US to better explain it.

  35. My take on the Philippines is you have 3 zones: Luzon for the north, Visayas for the central, and Mindinao for the south. Each zone is divided up into regions, which are then divided up into provinces and cities independent of provinces, which are 1st class highly urbanized cities such, as Angeles City. Each province is divided into cities and municipalities, each of which are divided into barangays. The barangays are divided into sitios and puroks. Sitios are small hamlets in rural areas, whereas puroks are neighborhoods within barangays of densely populated areas. For Angeles City, it’s zone is Luzon, the region is Central Luzon, is located within Pampanga Province, but because it is a 1st class highly urbanized city, is independent of Pampanga (capital San Fernando). Angeles City divided into 33 barangays, with the one that Brian and Lot Lot lives in being Balibago. Balibago is divided into sub divisions, but I am not sure if they are the same as puroks, or if puroks are smaller neighborhoods within these subdivisions.

  36. The Hero 4 may need a new SD card. You could try swapping the card with one of your other cameras, to see if that works. If it does, problem solved.

  37. You will have the haters out complaining about the title “last vlog”. Have to say I’m surprised Lot Lot has not got the scissors out to attack your hair!!!

  38. You clickbait son of a gun! I thought I was not going to be able to live like a foreigner in the Philippines vicariously anymore!

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