This Indonesian Barista Runs a Cafe On One Leg | EVERYDAY BOSSES #55

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  1. This is something that is just new for Asian countries. Just because you are disabled doesn’t mean you cannot work or contribute to the community. I’m glad it is changing in these countries.

  2. I am simply encouraged by this video.
    Thank u so much asian boss to provide this video to each and every one of us.
    I am so blessed to see this kind of content and very moved by this kind of inspirational video.
    Thank u so much guys.
    I am a big fan of indonesia..
    Keep up the good work my fellows.

  3. LOVE πŸ’• YOU ASIAN BOSS!! U r channel really helps everyone in this world to understand life, lifestyle, culture etc, difficulties etc.
    U r doing great job by making these kind of videos…..πŸ‘
    And this man, really is very brave and kind!!
    We all need to understand that , there is no single human being in this earth without any problems… everyone has their own problems…
    Life makes u take decision, which is YOU!! …. It depends on what decision u take….

    People who are reading my msg and people out there…pls don’t forget this and be strong, u need to overcome every thing in ur life….
    Thanks asian boss!!!!

  4. Could you do a video on local Korean’s opinions of half-Korean kpop idols? I am interested in being in the kpop industry, but being half Korean, half Caucasian I am very aware of some people opinion’s on my ethnicity, and I’m curious to see if an ethnicity like mine is a big factor in what most people think of kpop idols like me. Some half Korean kpop idols are Jeon Somi, Vernon of Seventeen, and Nancy of Momoland.

  5. my leg get amputated when i was in high school too.
    and get driving to become a doctor my self after many visit and therapy in the hospital.
    now i am a doctor with one leg, is crazy how life led you.

    you can’t change what happens in the past, but the future still depends on your choice in life, so pround of him to overcome everything

  6. This was a wonderful video to watch. Thank you so much for this!
    This man is obviously very intelligent and resilient and that light in him brought two other very intelligent, kind humans to join him in the journey.
    Truly a story of great human spirit. πŸ’š
    We need more people like those guys.

  7. Regardless of having any sort of disability from an accident or disease, we’re all human in the end so we should treat each other well. It’s more important to live by how people behave than what they look like. I’m impressed that even with the horrible accident, he was able to create such a great business and a means to make a living for himself and his friends. I wish the best of luck to them and _Kito Rato_ .

  8. This is so good video πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and even that person know how to do things even he knew he dont have 1 leg

    WHEN god take 1 thing from you they give something that no human have and that is mindset to become successful

  9. May I ask a favor? Please make an episode about 48 groups from AKB48 to their sister groups in different cities/prefectures to the other countries. As well as their songs being translated to other languages as well. Thank you very much!!

  10. Saldi Rahman, you are an amazing individual to have overcome challenges and in the process to help others and be an advocate for people with disabilities. I also love seeing the kid towards the end of this video in the coffee van with their dad – they too may want to be a barista entrepreneur like their dad, a powerful msg the dad is providing, that if you put your mind towards something, you can achieve anything despite any obstacles you face! Keep up the great work and thank you for this amazing story! Hi from Adelaide, Australia β€πŸŒ»πŸ¨πŸ¦˜β€πŸ–πŸ˜Š

  11. It’s unfortunate that something this tragic happened to you. I love your fighting spirit and I wish you all the best in life Κ•β€’α΄₯β€’Κ”

  12. Can you please make videos about these, AB?

    Japaneses’ thought on Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Japaneses/Koreans’ thought on a proposal to build a tunnel from Busan to Fukuoka

    Indonesians’ thought on terrorists who killed Christians in Sulawesi

    Taiwaneses’ thought on UN

    Indonesians/Koreans’ reaction on a Korean company that destroy Papuan jungles

    Germans’ opinion on Thai king in Germany

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