This hatred of foreigners by China is unacceptable!

The hatred towards foreigners in China is escalating….

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  1. All peoples everywhere put their own people first. What the hell are you talking about? Europe for Europeans, Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans. There’s nothing wrong with Nationalism. Driversity is not a strength and the truth is it’s their country, they have a choice on who they allow into their nation. It is not racist for them to keep their nation Chinese. Every East Asian country is like this, not just China. The reality is all groups resist influx of outsiders and prefer their own. It’s like this in Vietnam, Japan, etc. If you guys think multiculturalism works, you are mistaken. Winston you should know the reality of racial identity and conflict more then most, you are from South Africa. It’s not “racism”, it’s just human nature and China belongs to the Chinese people. I’m not saying I support the C.C.P. but as a Nationalist, I see nothing wrong here minus a couple of unnecessary slurs being thrown around.

  2. I have watched several of your videos now and I must say you are really convincing me that the world needs to unite against China, they are way more dangerous destructive and damaging than I ever could of imagined.

  3. Serpentza – you channel has become very negative. If you hate the country so much just move out and go back to South Africa and bring your Chinese wife with you.

  4. I will never go to China what for they are horrible look what they have done maybe they have to leave the west soon if we behave to them like they do to us in China.

  5. Very true. Millions of Chinese live in London, and get privileged treatment. Very few Londoners live in China and get relentlessly targeted and oppressed. Problem is many Chinese do not travel or understand the West. Third world people have significantly damaged the West, but also made ‘some’ good contributions. However, it’s a 1,000,000 to 1 balance currently so the Chinese that hate whites need to just get used to globalism. I am all for border control if it’s done fairly.

  6. You need to know three things and it’s easy to understand why
    1. China is a homogeneous society
    2. Most people still have scarce mentality
    3. You don’t exist to 99% of Chinese. Most of them have never interacted with a foreigner their entire life. They won’t think from your perspective

  7. I was subscribed to you, hadn’t seen a video in a while, so I searched for you, and guess what, I wasn’t subscribed anymore? WTF is YouTube playing at???

  8. I know it’s not the point but why would anyone want Chinese citizenship…one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had was that I lost my passport and couldn’t come back to civilisation

  9. Anyone noticing that the majority of these menacing, racist screeds are coming from boys and men?

    I’ve found overwhelmingly that the people who are most welcoming to me in China are female. And the people who despise, oppose, and try to start trouble are men. Old men, young men, boys. Toxic masculinity is off the charts in China. Then, you add racism, nationalism, blind faith in a totalitarian fascist state, entitlement, and bitterness at the gender imbalance and women mostly feel like prisoners in China.

    The women are told primarily by the men that their only value is to breed and tend home. Many men (but not all, of course) cheat on their wives as an acceptable cultural norm. Women who pass the age of 25 are told they are leftovers and unwanted.

    Misogyny is a pillar of modern Chinese society. How many women are in government leadership positions in China? None. They don’t even attempt to hide that.

    Notice that the Chinese men go full racist, full death threats when they think black and white foreigners are coming to “steal” “their” women. This is a constant thing in China. If you go out with a Chinese woman, you and especially the woman will get angry stares and rude comments.

    The women I’ve met in China as friends, coworkers, and even romantically have expressed desperation and some have said clearly that they loathe Chinese society and wish to escape. I have heard this CONSTANTLY. Women’s rights sometimes get shat on in the west (and especially online) where many man-babies regard it as a dalliance, but there are many nations around the world where women are abused at every level. China is one of them, for sure.

    1. what makes it worse was the 1 child policy was used to artificially inseminate the female with only male offspring so women have much less of a voice in China than in other societies. Anyone who approved of One Child Policy has helped create this problem in China.

  10. If there’s an upside to this CCP Virus, it’s that the other nations of the world who have made the mistake of allowing China into their systems will finally make the decision to divest from China. Democratic, non-racist, non-misogynistic, non-corrupt countries deserve that money. Of course, no nation is without flaws, but China is easily the most flawed nation on earth. Bar none.

  11. 4:30 Look they all make the same grammatical error “I am A Chinese”. If you’re gonna insult someone in English, at least get your sentence correct otherwise you look more like an idiot yourself.

  12. Even the government is racist in so many ways, you can’t even stay in most hotels as a foreigner. If you search online for hotels so many say “no foreigners”….how racist is that…

  13. Chinese expats whine endlessly about the “racism” they experience in the West while simultaneously avoiding the fact that they come from a culture that literally refers to whites as pigs.

  14. Then they come emigrate to America carrying their racist attitude towards all races. They want to partake of all the freedoms enjoyed in their new country, but they do not want to reciprocate. they just take advantage of all the good things their new country is giving them.= and give nothing in return.

  15. Don’t worry. Americans are quickly learning to hate the Chinese. When that unemployment level hits peak we will see the globalism narrative collapse.

  16. I am very confused why anyone would believe this video, I think he is very unfair, he did not explain the real reason, and the special situation of China.

  17. Imagine a black man in the CCP Army marching in their annual military parade? The CCP will not tolerate a mixed race military. Why? Because they’re racist.

  18. Serpenza has already become a criminal in China now. His videos are quite scammy, that’s why he’s nothing but an unwelcomed loser in China. Yelling on social media made him a pathetic clown. Hope you guys outside of China could know the truth, keep your eyes open, keep your mind clear.

  19. Wow, there come a lot of haters who just have fantasies on Asian females, but can only be a loser and use keyboards to complain about his life failure on China.

  20. This discussion is silly. You view it in purely Western liberal terms and seem unable to think in any other way. China is an imperialist country that will grab whatever they can without any regrets. If other countries are stupid enough to hand them land, resources and knowledge they will gladly take it without any sense of debt, guilt, remorse, paying back or any such thing. CCP trains their people to act this way.
    A bit of racism is just natural and healthy. The West is digging its own grave.

    1. That is doing a disservice to Taiwan and Singapore. Your accusation to CCP would be more powerful if you cite how Chinese grew up without CCP’s “training” are like.

    1. @mul wak Dont be angry at them for being allowed to voice the exact same opinion we have but cant voice becouse we have to be “tolerant”

  21. Seriously, there are racist people all over the world. Stop saying they are hypocrites because you’re doing exactly the same. Every country has a very dark side to it. People like you just want to shade on other countries.

  22. They’ll really hate foreigners when the planet inevitably declares war on them and the largest ground invasion in human history happens.

  23. Double standard. Loser Serpentz guy trying really hard to make money on YouTube now by doing all anti china videos. He is freaking idiot. Should I say The hatred of Chinese by foreigners are not acceptable? He is spreading the hates. I could say that most foreigners in china are welcoming. But serpentz and laowai86 both are ignorant, double standard. You should be shameful for what you doing now.

  24. What you are discussing in your video is very disturbing but that is the sad reality of life. I can list you a whole bunch of European, African and even the US who have the same things going on. They all seem to go about it in a different way. We all need to learn to love one another and consider the fact that before our colour, geographical location or wealth, we are first and foremost human beings. The African bleeds red, so does the Asian or American,European or any other race you can think of. Let’s learn to love each other and the world will be a much better place, peace✌🏽

  25. I live in China, and feel no hatred at all from Chinese people day to day. All over the world there is hatred shown towards other races, be it Asian, Caucasian, African, middle eastern, etc. especially online. Right now in my home country the UK and also the USA there is a raised level of violence towards Asian people during the COVID-19 struggle. Even Nurses in the UK have been physically attacked just because they are Asian. This is a World problem, and it is manifest in different ways. Please lets try and spread less hate so we can encourage less violence in the world. Serpentza, I hope that some of your future videos you can talk about your experience in the USA. I have never been to the USA and would love to hear more about it.

  26. Sorry idiot, we don’t hate anyone but you . Not only China but every country in the world won’t welcome someone like you. Congratulations you have successfully become another kind of animal who’s taking anti-China as a full time job. It seems like a “good job” for you to make good money but it turns you to be low and disgusting. If you have any other skills to survive, you may probably look a bit more decent. Sorry to tell you that not everyone is blind and fool. And you are not the only one who has visited China. Don’t act like a god to teach everyone. Wise people are just laughing at you but not believing in you. Sorry about that!

  27. Put some energy to find out something interesting behind your government and urge them to fix it, which will probably make you much richer or at least more decent

    1. @Chloé Gaquerre ” I believe we had it coming.” that phrase is commonly used if one whants to say that something bad happened but deservedly so.
      Sounds like you are aware that “Diversity” isnt good for us but we deserve it for being mean to brown people or something

    2. Chloé Gaquerre You didn’t answer my question, everything you said was negative, how will things be great? And who’s arguing I was trying to have a discussion. No foreign influence on the East is going to be good for the west I don’t care what you would like to cherry pick.

    3. Kabukichō I believe we had it coming. You’re all acting so brave now that things seem to go south. But a few years before you had no problem buying cheap shit made in the third world, while we here were losing our jobs, and you said nothing as the west/nato fucked the middle east. Ignorant people like you don’t even realize that africa and muslim’s history is deeply intertwined with Europe’s. When Charlemagne took power, one of the first ruler who engaged in diplomatic relations with him was Bagdad’s. Most of our culture originated in the mediterranean area, including the Levant. Christianity is not european either, but it helped us unify many countries. Spain was magnificent during both its islamic and christian period. And now ? Take a look at what we’ve become. We sleep around, have abortions when we feel like it, and waste our lives in idiotic entertainment. WE have given up on our culture. We could have remained a cultured people, but oh no, we got lazy and took everything for granted. Hell most French can’t even read properly anymore. And that decline began many many years before immigration regulations got softer. So yes, I think we’re beyond saving, and we could do with a foreign influence. You’ve obviously never lived in France. We’re doing better than you think and we won’t let bitter internet dwellers like you make us paranoid. But it’s pointless arguing with you.

    4. Chloé Gaquerre So you believe Islam and African migrants which will out number you in the future will be a great thing for France and Western Europe?

  28. Bro TBH I’m Chinese Australian and your videos at first seem pretty toxic.
    Why don’t you try making videos on actual solutions?
    It’s not wise to take something overall good, focus on one negative aspect, and then obsess over it.

    You seem intelligent and quite enlightened – but brah try to inject some positivity into your videos – but i guess people don’t subscribe or support you on patreon unless you incite some emotion?

  29. They could be encouraging foreigners to come in so they have scapegoats to blame for the coronavirus coming back to them. Basically making a lie saying the coronavirus came back and was caused by foreigners entering the country. When in reality they never had it under control.

  30. Who in their right mind would take a Permanent residency in that cesspool of a country.
    If I am born Chinese I will do anything to get out of that country.

    1. 120 mllions chinese people go abroad annually in the recent year s,no. 1 in the world,99.999% go back,what does it mean? 40 years ago,most chinese can’t even have enough food and wear.

  31. We should stop taking in people from China until the Chinese government is dealing with the racism, animal cruelty, The student cheaters And the hygiene.

  32. In Australia we let Chinese settle here. But China doesn’t reciprocate. We need to ban China investment they keep buying up our national assets like milk supply, ports, etc…
    Yes Chinese have double standards. We need to cut China off. Cut their immigration. Cut their buying of our assets.
    They don’t assimilate anyway, they come here and try to make Australia like China

    1. u3962521 why China would want to “reciprocate” a bunch of peasants who kept beating up Asians and other Chinese immigrants or students, you can go and read the news about how the Australians treat Chinese in Australia, what do we owe you? You don’t like us, we don’t like you, it’s as simple as that.

  33. 120 mllions chinese people go abroad annually in the recent year s,no. 1 in the world,99.999% go back,what does it mean? 40 years ago,most chinese can’t even have enough food and wear.

  34. The chinese people have been subjected to a lot of hatred from the west. i would say that it is a healthy response for them to have a distrust of the foriegners as ill will does not engender good will but the opposite is true of china. They promoted good will and the rest of the world is sending back vile racist and zenophobic responses. Dont believe me where do you think brexit comes from. Right wing extremists and soon to be exterminated OAP remanents of the cold war and ww2.

  35. China is the closest thing to aliens we have on Earth. Like think about it, what the humanoids in another star system could be like, and Chinese people and their CCP government and way of life seem to fit the bill.

  36. why would any foreigner just come to china and decide they want to live there?? its so much different linguistically and culturally wise. while as the US is an English speaking country, and has been a popular immagration destination for decades.
    what you said was some bullshit.
    you’re not a high ranked in an IT company as you said. later you moved to china and started to make videos about how China is great and all. but later you found out that you make more money making videos discriminating the Chinese, therefore you changed your channel’s theme completely. you made those anti-Chinese vids in English while in China, pretending to be a very professional teacher teaching nursing skill, thinking literally nobody from this planet will find out. if you don’t like it here in China, go back, discriminate us somewhere else, stop faking everything

  37. The USA has a few immigration channels:

    1. Birth-right
    2. Asylum/Refugee
    3. Investment Immigration – usually needs to invest around 1 million in the US, you will likely not get the money back. Even if you invest, you might not get a green card, the waitlist is about 8 years.
    4. Work immigration which only applies to jobs that Americans could not fill, companies have to prove that they could not hire domestically
    5. Diversity visa – does not apply to China.

    As you can see, Chinese residency is not significantly harder to obtain than US residency. Maybe I am missing something, please let me know if I’m wrong.

    1. Oh is it? Yeah your nation is most god-blessed wonderful nation, and you have nothing know about my nation and just have said it that we are evil nation, oh you make me puke

  38. Love these videos man. Interesting discussions plus watching you ride is very nice. I haven’t been able to ride in over a year. So this is super nice

  39. CCP could not survive if they allowed foreigners to have permanent residency, so they don’t allow it. simple as that. on the flip side they are communist who want a pure china only pure chinese ppl, but have a economic society based off of a political theory derived from Karl Marx who is german, TF kind of crap is that.

  40. I have watched the videos for some time and have lived in China. I cannot understand why these two ever wanted to live there. 14 year. Geez. Now they want to go home cos they weren’t allowed and got bitter? Well anyway, I really enjoy these videos and you guys are spot on, but seems like a bitter pill to swallow.

  41. Have to add…. people in China don’t think they are “fighting the evil capitalism”. They believe in “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” by Deng Xiaoping, which is the kind of capitalism you see in china

  42. So much for love for China
    …..when this guy came to China more than ten years ago,they worshipped his white ass and he savoured and licked up every drop of it,able to establish a new life with a status as a king among men,now the same country has rejected him,instead of feeling pain and heartache and longing for the past,instead he turns around 180 and shyts on everything.

  43. I said this before and will continue to repeat it: as long as SO MANY chi knees ‘E’ people do help their despicable gov/party by spreading lies and hat red i will no longer differentiate between them and their overlords. This doesn’t mean EVERY SINGLE ONE of them does this, but there are way too many obviously!!! 😡👎🤬

  44. It’s a shame that foreigners can only become guests and can never become part of the Chinese nation. Perhaps this is the trade-off for Chinese extreme goodwill to the foreign guests.

  45. Racism by anyone is totally stupid and self limiting . People need to open their eyes and recognize the truth . Harmony leads to continuity and disharmony leads to destruction (of the self) .

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