This Floating Hospital Saved Over 100,000 Lives in Indonesia | ASIAN BOSS

As a result of its massive yet centralized population, healthcare remains inaccessible for people who live at the margins of Indonesia. This episode highlights the floating hospitals of the DoctorShare program to find out how they are fighting against this inaccessibility and helping bring free healthcare for all Indonesians. Special thanks to Dr. Lie Dharmawan for sharing his story.

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  1. It’s a really smart idea actually, sending hospital boats or ships to help less developed islands. I think our government could fund several or dozens of ships to do something like this until we could develop good infrastructure for the remote islands.

  2. The real life Hospital Ship. Dr Lie is the hero of floating hospital. He’s the real life Dr Song & Dr Kwak Hyun. May God bless him.

  3. There are people out there that still care, still want to help others, still have hope for a better tomorrow. This video is very emotional.

  4. My friend one of the volunteer she’s a surgeon in minute 2.35 she’s standing beside dr. Lie.. I’m so proud of Her.. ( dr. Retno Putri Arini Sp. B) and since the first time i saw dr. Lie in Kick Andy ( Indonesian famous talkshow) I really admire him and Hopefully many people can do the same part or more.. Thank you so Much doctorshare.. 🤗💙🙏🇮🇩 Indonesia butuh doctorshare

  5. 7 tahun lalu saya nonton drama jepang “Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo” (Clinic on the sea) , saya berharap ada seperti itu di Indonesia. Ternyata sekarang muncul seorang “pahlawan” yang membuat RS terapung konsep yang sama seperti drama yang saya tonton dulu. Terimakasih Tuhan.
    Pemerintah Indonesia wajib mati-matian mendukung projek orang ini, berikan fasilitas kapal lebih, tenaga medis dan keperluan biaya pengoperasian. Ini sangat bermanfaat bagi masyarakat-masyarakat yang tinggal di pulau-pulau terpencil.

  6. hey if you’re indonesian please let the ppl from other country to write their comments this video is made to show others, i would love to see ppl from another country opinion, im an indonesian too but please STOP

  7. very impressed with doctors and other volunteers 👍, God bless you Dr. Lee

    this shows a government that doesn’t care and very bad👎

  8. ‘You can get a lot of things done for the sake of the greater good, once you stop caring about who gets the credit’

    Dr Lie and the volunteers are the epitome of altruism…

  9. Terimakasih dokter Lie, saya boleh melihat kasih Tuhan Yesus melalui anda. Seperti Tuhan Yesus datang ke dunia untuk menyelamatkan manusia yang berdosa. Tuhan membayar mahal hidup kita karena kita tidak mampu. Sama seperti orang2 sakit yang tidak mampu berobat, dr. Lie dan tim datang untuk menolong.

  10. I always think that this man is the one suppose to be our Minister of Healtcare in Indonesia, so that he can duplicate what he does, cus he is simply man in the root and knows everything deeper than those who always sitting in back office. But well….

  11. If you think Dr Lie has a heart of Gold, you should read up/watch the story of how he was discriminated for having a Chinese surname, and couldn’t get into local med school, instead had to earn his way to Europe for his studies. And he didn’t blame the country, instead he came back to help the people. As he’d promised his mother he would become a good doctor, after losing his sister due to lack of finance for medical treatment.


  13. I was a Filipino in origin but was very grateful for d benevolent deed u done to your fellow Indonesian ,I salute u doctor for being compassionate as well your team may the whole world know ,notice follow your foot step so we can have a better environment

  14. I hope more doctors volunteer to this organization. I hope Indonesian government fund this. I hope they can purchase more boat and improve the facilities. I hope more people get more chance to improve their health. I hope more kindness are restored to this messy world. I hope this doctor live a long life and receive more than he gives in this life.

  15. God Bless Dr. Lie, what a great and well-spoken person! Thank you Ramzy and the Indonesian Asian Boss team for delivering this content. God bless all of you. Stay safe!

  16. Asian Boss Japan : “Meet the Japanese best gigolo”

    Asian Boss Indonesia : “Meet the floating hospital hero”

    Asian Boss brings so many perspectives to us. Wkwkwkwk

  17. Oh how I love these Indonesian brothers and sisters. This project is truly amazing! I shed a tear when the man said people volunteer and no one comes for money but to help. Another reminder that humanity exists and I have hopes for that. What a great example these people are to Indonesians and to the world. All respect to Dr. Dharmawan and to all the people behind this DoctorShare project. I am happy for the people who receive help and I hope more people help others too in the future. Thanks for sharing! Saya cinta kalian semua. 💗💗💗

  18. Someone please set him up with philanthropists foundations like Bill Gates. His act of humanities is what really needed in this world. 🙏🙏😭 also can he get nominated for Nobel?

    1. ini yang kumaksud….bahasa kita dari awalnya memang mengambil banyak kosakata dari bahasa lain…maka jangan makin kacaukan atau tambahkan kata2 yang tak perlu karena ditelinga makin tak terdengar keunikannya

  19. Next location of a new pandemic (if it’s animal related) Tomohon Extreme Markets.
    Close these cruel inhumane slaughter houses down now!

  20. After ten years of your sacrifice, turns out, you’re Real Doctor(s). Konon, setiap sarjana dahulu memang hrs spt ini. Mereka memegang janji alumni-nya.

    They need free charge satellite telephone (not TV), engineer and radio volunteer.

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  22. Many years ago, when I was a child. My father said, If someday you decided to be a doctor, you must know how to reject payment from the poor. And you must give a medicine without taking their money. If you can’t do that, put your decision on closet, and flush it away.
    My father not really good to make a good quotes, but I know what is that mean.
    I’m never be a doctor. Bad of qualification for medical school. But I’m learning some simple herbal medicine, just enough to teach anybody who need it. And that’s all I can do.

  23. Well one of the hardest medical problem in Indonesia is how to make a doctor keep stay at remote area, last year I’ve been go to some Puskesmas (a government basic medical facilities?) in remote area, and in some places the doctor only came once a month or some times they never come back,

  24. Someone should fund them to get a bigger boat so they could have more operating theatre in it.
    Good job Dr. Lie and all the volunteer on DoctorShare. May God bless you all.

  25. Hello Asian Boss. My name is Tony Sotelo. Just watched the episode about the floating hospital in Indonisia with Ramzy. Great news. That’s what gives hope to this world. My wife just got me hooked on your channel. We live in Los Angeles, California. We are both emigrants from Central America. She is Guatemalan and l am Salvadorian. We are both 52 years old. My lovely wife is a huge fan of South Korea and anything related to South East Asia. We both love asian food. It’s great to see a different format on YouTube that shows the reality of not just Asia but also Latin America shown by young people. Its really refreshing and impressive how you guys present your news and share them with everybody. Thank you for doing it. Keep it up and congratulations for such great channel.

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