This Didn’t Go As Planned – Mae Hong Song Motorbike Tour Episode 1

#Thailand #MaeHongSon #CBMedia
Day 1 of the Mae Hong Son Motorbike Tour starts with me leaving Chiang Mai…

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  1. That flat black looked dope tho, too bad it was deadly. Enjoy watching you clear the traffic’s mirrors by a hair, I enjoy some good anxiety aka adrenaline

  2. Honestly man i enjoy the journey to the spots as much or more than the spots. Getting lost keeps it exciting. Change my mind !!!😂

  3. Entertaining vlog Chad. But!! May I point out the way you say route is wrong say it like the word out but the e on the end of route should be said as if you were saying root.yes I’m from the like what you do very much.rides for kickz is copying you you may cross paths on your

  4. Good call on plan to continue tomorrow. Hoping for dry roads and good weather! Get some video of the place you stay. It is all about the adventure.

  5. Because of you and a couple other people, I am selling everything I own and hitting the road in the motorhome I just bought. Time to explore and I can’t wait to experience Thailand as well!

  6. Stay in the moment where everything is great and your wisdom is refreshing. At the end of the video your comments were perfect thank you. See you tomorrow.
    Stay safe.

  7. Since you’ve said you don’t ride that much, be careful of the painted lines on the road when they are wet, they get extremely slippery.

  8. I paid £375 for a Shoei helmet in the UK…You pay $18 for a helmet with a Shoei shaped Index logo on. Chad just buy a $2 Tupperware box, it’ll be stronger.

  9. When you get back to CM – just outside the walled is a Temple called Wat Umong. Well worth a visit if only to see the most un-Buddha like statue you have seen. An emaciated representation resides just off one of the Stupas there.

  10. You’re right Chad you have to take it as it comes. I’ve travelled China extensively the past 20 years and you learn to roll with it. Tomorrow will be a better day👍🏻

  11. You made the right decision dude. Better safe than sorry. And there isn’t no hurry anyway. Too many farangs in Thailand have scooter accidents. Stay safe.

  12. Coffee 10 years ago was that Nestle stuff in a tube, now you can get really good coffee just about anywhere along the road. BTW it rains in the rainy season LOL.

  13. You’ve got over 100000 subscribers you selling merchan dice and you’ve just gone and bought a tissue for a crash helmet I think riding a bike in Thailand you’re going to regret it the heads two most important part what are you thinking RIP

  14. Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate.

    An idea for the future: if you ever drop off the grid for a week or so (ie, post no video for a week), reemerge with a mustache!

  15. CB, did you look at weather ahead of time and it looked okay or is rainy season just impossible to predict? Never been to Thailand during this time of year.

    Good luck rest of the way my guy ✅

  16. 4:57 Holy cow Chad!!!!! How did you just do that??? I’ve tried it six times nowwith three different types of blue jeans and I can’t get a single one to go on like that. Now I’m dizzy. I’ll try again at the end of the video……. LOL

    Okay……. video is done, let’s try this spin trick again………… uummm, nope. SMH. Guess I’ll leave it to the professionals. LOL

  17. is it sad that with just the mention of “a garden,” i knew exactly what garden you were talking about? 😆😆😆

    Also, phuket has some awesome twisties, but the trouble is being able to hit them when traffic is low (which is hard to judge and kinda rare)

  18. Love the attitude… sometimes sh*t doesn’t turn out… Love the opportunities you do get… My wife just got tested for covid on Saturday, we won’t know anything until at earliest tomorrow… We are young, we should be okay… anyways, guess who gets to go bomb down his favorite hwy tomorrow with his favorite person, in his 350z, because he shouldn’t go to work tomorrow? Sh*t sucks, sometime life gets worrying, just try to live your best life.

  19. ‘That truck has a blow off valve’, just as you said that i knew you were about to notice that truck had 10 organic dump valves facing right at you.

  20. You could be in a hurricane and still be luckier than us in states… a bad day in Thailand with chad is still better than a great day in Florida during COVID

  21. I came off my bike on a mountain top in Mae Hong Son last year. Hit a pot hole. Broken collarbone, 3 broken ribs and broken scapula. The Thai orthopaedic surgeon did an awesome job and 9 months later I’m swimming again and almost good as new. Riding in Bangkok is fine as long as you concentrate and don’t go too fast.

  22. The spur of the moment aspect of these videos is one of the many things that make these videos so much fun! Keep up the great work!

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