This city was buried ALIVE – Pompeii TODAY

This is Pompeii Italy today. Pompeii was an ancient roman city that was burried during the fateful volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Our next Italy travel vlog will take us from Naples Italy down to the Amalfi Coast. Get started today with:​

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  1. I thought those who died were killed by either building collapse or the pyroclastic flows that followed the volcano’s column collapse. Were there any lava flows? I’ve always understood there were none.

  2. Great job on this video! Naples and the surrounding area is by far my favourite destination that I’ve ever traveled to! It’s so unique, the food is incredible, so much history, and there are so many places to explore!!

  3. Volcanic hot ash… WOW! That must have been so terrifying for the people of Pompeii. Great video and thanks for the Video stock library

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  5. I love history like this, archeology! This is so well preserved, this place. Beautiful. I love italy, i have been there once but i don’t know, it’s just so pretty. There is something about Italy.

  6. italy is very beautiful. It nice that you are also giving us history . I watch most of video it amazing the country you visit you inspire me to work hard and then to travel . one day I want to visit italy so beautiful . the food must be delicious italy known for their food .

  7. The city of worst pompaii civilization was mentioned in the holy Quran
    Quran 36:67
    And we willed, we could deformed them, paralyzing them in their places so they would not be able to proceed, nor could they return.

  8. Cette histoire de Pompeii est semblable à celle racontée du peuple du prophète Lot que la paix d’ Allah soit sur lui dans le livre Saint du Coran.

    # Et Lut (Loth), quand il dit à son peuple: « Vous livrez vous à cette turpitude que nul, parmi les mondes, n’a commise avant vous ?

    # Certes, vous assouvissez vos désirs charnels avec les hommes au lieu des femmes ! Vous êtes bien un peuple outrancier. »

    # Et pour toute réponse, son peuple ne fit que dire: « Expulsez-les de votre cité. Ce sont des gens qui veulent se garder purs ! »

    # Or, Nous l’avons sauvé, lui et sa famille, sauf sa femme qui fut parmi les exterminés.
    84 Et Nous avons fait pleuvoir sur eux une pluie. Regarde donc ce que fut la fin des criminels !

    This story of Pompeii is similar to that told of the people of the prophet Lot that the peace of Allah be upon him in the holy book of the Koran.

    # And Lut (Lot), when he said to his people, “Do you surrender to this turpitude that no one among the worlds has ever committed before you?

    # Certainly, you satisfy your carnal desires with men instead of women! You are an outrageous people. ”

    # And for any answer, his people only said, “Expel them from your city. These are people who want to keep themselves pure! ”

    # We saved him and his family, except his wife who was among the exterminated.
    84 And We rained a rain on them. Look what was the end of the criminals

  9. Agreed the best pizza is from naples. We tried a community place called lantica pizzeria de Michele and they only served two types but oh god it was heaven
    Also yeah pompeii was great too but oh the pizza!

  10. Please do visit Pakistan.
    Pakistan has many archeological places to visit such as muhanjodoro and harapa.
    There are also many beautiful cities to visit also in North. Such as gilgit , hunza and skurdu. U will love to visit those places.

  11. Guys I want to say that Neaples is incredibly beautiful.
    You must know that this city was born with the legend of Ulisse. The part of the sirens. The famous story that tell of how Ulisse didn’t fall in their trap.
    So this city was born as “Partenope” more than 2000 thousands years ago, and it was founded by Greeks. Then it was destroyed and re-built as Neaples (Neapolis in Latin, that means “New City”) in 475 B.C.
    This city had many populations that brought an unique identity to the place.
    I invite you to go to this city and see how beautiful is with the streets, the churches, the buildings and of course… the food.

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