This American BBQ Restaurant in South Korea Struggling From COVID-19 Gets A Surprise Visit

All the lockdowns and social distancing from the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating for small businesses all around the world. Restaurants are really struggling due to the lack of customers, and Linus, which is one of the most famous American BBQ restaurants in Korea, is in the same boat. Linus generously provided a free meal to a family in one of our previous videos. Watch the episode here:
When it came to our attention that he was struggling, we had to visit them to see how they were doing.

Linus is supporting a T-shirt campaign to raise money for local restaurants. Check out this link if you’re ordering from outside of South Korea:

If you’re ordering a T-shirt from South Korea:

Linus’s Instagram:

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  1. You know why it came back people think they beat the virus & they let their guard down & start ignoring social distancing. Lets be real this is our new normal not going to change it whether we like it or not. Its part of our life now. We have to learn how to have fun & not get sick.

    Also try delivery its better to saty afloat for awhile.

  2. Acts 3:19 Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, 20 that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus.

  3. Aww I remember I ordered foods from Linus for my wedding after party catering in Itaewon last December! All my guests from over the world loved them and I’d love to visit Linus again! The thing is I just found out the owner is so awesome just like their foods. Don’t give up! 🙂

  4. Stereotyping, racism and discrimination comes in all forms and color. Praying that Itaewon community and the rest of local businesses around the world survive this pandemic. And please support the local businesses and farmers within your community.

  5. hate to say this but it’s their fault anyway. going to a bar under lockdown and expect the government not to take necessary precautions. I mean, these guys should know better, the people who own the bar.

  6. The food here is really good! There was so much meat left when I was done eating and I wanted to take it home but my friend forgot it haha. It’s foreigner friendly and delicious!!

  7. Dear Linus. Please stay strong and keep fighting!! ✊✊✊
    New Zealand fans out here that soooo cant wait to come back!!

  8. I got hungry watching this!!! And I will not go where a mask is required!! Covid-19 is not as deadly as portrayed!! And I won’t eat with ‘sheep’….

  9. I have a question I know it’s off-topic…is YouTube really banned in China?…I just want to know …cause in Asian Boss’s previous vedio there were many people saying that YouTube is banned in China

  10. ㅠㅠ I feel terrible for Itaewon. Even tho race or sexuality shouldn’t matter, a Korean man at the club started the incident, and caused the cluster. But for some reason many Korean ppl, and the media, started blaming the incident on foreigners, bc Itaewon is the biggest foreigner area in Seoul.
    Even foreigner teachers here have been heavy discriminated against by their English schools and academies. After the infection in Itaewon, parents all around Seoul & Incheon were calling and telling the schools they need to get all the foreigner teachers tested (not Korean teachers!) for Covid-19 or they won’t be sending their children back. And this has caused most English teachers to stay out of Itaewon, because if anyone found out u even went to Itaewon later, u could caused damage to the company and possible lose your job. It’s so sad… I haven’t been able to go to Itaewon for this reason. But now that it’s died down I will gladly go back and support small businesses!

  11. Such a heartwarming moments! This is why I believe AsiaBoss as a media would bring a great impact for a lot of people, they give voices to many, and they could build a sustained community for everyone to contribute to each other well-being! Stay Curious!

  12. LINUS, May Allah make your business thrive again. You seem like a kind person so keep up the good work. We will continue to cheer you. LOVE from 🇸🇴 Somalia.

  13. 다양성이 살아있는 소중한 공간인 이태원이 힘든 시기 잘 넘기고 계속해서 모두에게 열려있고 모두가 함께할 수 있는 그런 공간으로 커나가길 빕니다. 좋은 영상 그리고 진솔한 인터뷰 감사합니다.

  14. the other day i saw a video and i was thankful smell-o-vision hadn’t been perfected. But this video makes me take that back. If i ever can visit, this will be my first stop.

  15. Itaewon Freedom, *(whispers)* freedom, freedom, freedom…

    But I can see he’s really passionate about his business and I hope this prejudice doesn’t continue to hamper everyone

  16. Sending much Love & Support all the way from California for Itaewon. Come on South Korea. Show your Love & support! Do not believe all the hype you are hearing!

  17. I was a foreigner in Korea but kinda far outside of Seoul (Pyeongtaek area). I only went to Itaewon if I had to for a class, store or restaurant that I specifically wanted to go to. Not just randomly because I really wasn’t into the vibe. I would rather be in Hongdae or even Gangnam. I guess I really wasn’t missing home enough and just came for the pizza and tacos. This is really sad tho.

  18. I felt emotional just seeing his reaction to those surprise visitors. He has such a good heart. I wish him well and get back to normal with his restaurant<3

  19. I can tell from the previous episode (mentioned in the beginning in the video) that Linus is a good guy.
    I hope and pray that he’s gonna be okay and pretty sure he’s gonna make it through during this pandemic. Sending love all the way from Indonesia.

  20. I’m really glad these nice people and this cool restaurant are getting support, but I just can’t focus seeing the mask worn like that. Isn’t covering your nose, and not just the mouth, kind of key for preventing airborne illnesses being breathed into that nose? I’m no expert on what severity the virus has in SKorea though so it might be fine for all I know.

  21. In the last minute when he was to going to serve the BBQ dinner to everyone…. OMG he looked so excited. I could see that he has been waiting to serve huge crowds for s longgg time. It’s as if he could relive his passion… Thank you Asian Boss.

  22. Just be happy and hard work with kindness
    Even though we all know money will never satisfy anyone
    Bt kindess always finds a way to make you happy
    Gbu to everyone who has kindness

  23. I’ll keep Linus in my thoughts and prayers. It’s hard on everyone, all over the world. But we will get through this together, and small gestures if encouragement like these can be so impactful in keeping hope alive and spirits high! We can do it!! Together 😍🥰😍

  24. The owner is so impressive and I hope the restaurant succeeds! I wished I could reach through the screen when the brisket and ribs came out. 😋

  25. I’ve been here a couple times and it’s genuinely so good. It was one of the last restaurants I went to before moving back home cos I wanted to have it one last time and I’m so sad that in the 7 months since I was last at the restaurant, it’s started to struggle. It was SO busy every time I went. 🙁

  26. Linus – stay well and stay strong – We in NZ are watching you all – Taiwan is increasingly being supported by many very powerful countries, against a common antagonist across the Straits – (personal – Tairua NZ)

  27. “Evolve. Feel grateful. Don’t give up. ”

    A good way of learning how to be resilient despite these challenges wherever part are you in the world.

  28. Now I’m hungry and very moved by this beautiful gesture. I miss Itaewon and I’m wishing the best for Linus and its entire neighborhood. For those living in Seoul, please go and support Linus. If you’re uncomfortable dining indoors, I’m sure you can order take-outs.

  29. We go to Itaewon everytime we come to Korea. I did not know about Linus’ business, but we will certainly come next time we travel to Seoul.
    Looking forward to it

  30. please check the description for a t-shirt fundraiser that can help his business!!!!!!! it’s in korean but you can auto-translate the webpage. his restaurant’s korean name is also on his instagram, which is also linked in the description

  31. Thank you for this heartwarming video in these difficult times. Linus is such a good person, I hope things get better soon for him

  32. I wish I could go to South Korea right now and pay this restaurant a visit. So many restaurants owners are suffering these days around the world. They are so passionate and hard workers. That is so sad.

  33. Omg. How have i not heard of Linus? I live in itaewon 3 months a year and this is the first i have heard. Going on 30 years now. Where is Iinus in itaewon? Hoping to visit in september, quarantine reqs permitting, and would love to go there. Would love some bbq when there.

  34. What a great interview and I’m so happy to see K again. I”m glad the spotlight was shined on the gay community because it shows that Korea, while making good progress, still has a long way to go in terms of LGBT acceptance.

  35. You can tell when something is off the chart delicious when the person eating just radiates with joy as they take their first bite.

  36. Great video Asian Boss! As someone who visited Linus 5 times during my stay in Korea this really hurts me 🙁 As a European this was my first introduction to American BBQ and every time I went there it was amazing! I hope they can get through this and come out of it even stronger than before! 화이팅!!!

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