Knowledge is good if you put it into practice. There are tremendous resources available to us in many fields on the internet. YouTube offers a great opportunity to learn more about living, self-improvement, health, food and eating, and much more.


  1. Haha Rod, That definitely isn’t you 😂 Interesting information Rod. I have been working in recent times on weight loss and eating a bit better. Slowly getting there. Cheers Rod 🙂👍

  2. I wonder how long you would need exposure to the sun to get proper amount of vitamin D?
    I walk a lot in a sunny climate. And what the hell are they eating in Malaysia?

  3. It was Socrates that said “Food Is Medicine” and the modern version, “You Are What You Eat”. Magnesium is naturally occurring in avocados, nuts, seeds, bananas, fatty fish, tofu, leafy greens , eggs, whole grains. These have small amounts of magnesium that is readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Our bodies were not designed to take large amounts of vitamins and minerals. If you car is designed to run on gasoline you wouldn’t use diesel fuel. Same thing with our bodies. Use the right fuel, ……..just a little hint….they are not sugar and complex carbs

  4. Thanks for more good info Rod, with a lot of time on my hands now, I watch many of this type of video now. I eat many of the recommended foods, particularly fruit and veggies, as I believe you can get the majority of what you need for good health from good food choices. I have recently started taking a good multi vitamin tablet that will hopefully have some benefits. Sufficient exercise is also important to maintain good health. Keep well Rod .

  5. Rod, been following Dr. Davis and Tomas DeLauer for about 6 months now. Very informative. Eliminating sugar was much easier than expected but eliminating wheat much more difficult. Are you making your own L.Reuteri? Your experience? I’ve used it for about 6 weeks. Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference anywhere. Too soon I guess.

  6. All good advice Rod….

    I was 109 kgs when I arrived here and was about to use the magic pen for diabetes…
    But away from my old diet in Australia I was FORCED to use fresh veges and fruit and only fresh meat….
    I dropped soy,,salt and sugar and eating junk food…..also asked restos NOT to add MSG..
    I promised to like their food even if it was not really good tasting..
    I learned that food does not come from a cardboard box,,foil package or cellophane pack…
    In just over 6 weeks I was down to 79kgs..

    Visited a doctor because I was worried about the fast weight loss..
    All the tests came back excellent….NO DIABETES….Negligible cholesterol….
    Then my arthritis slowed down and now no pain at all…..My knee problems went away..
    Too many other improvements to mention….
    Also I am the FIRST MALE in my family to have his 72nd. birthday…..Our records go back to Great Fire of London….

    So diet WILL extend your life .. And a good easy to follow food regime is easy to establish and follow…
    Lash out with the junk food once a week if you really need to…..

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