Savannakhet is the capital of Savannakhet Province, Laos. It sits on the Mekong River, bordering Thailand. The city is also known as Kaysone Phomvihane, the name of the 20th-century president who was born here. The riverside Xayaphoum Temple, with its traditional curved roof, has an adjacent monastery. Northeast, the centuries-old That Ing Hang stupa is a carved monument thought to contain Buddhist relics.


My name is Jonny, I am 40 years old living Hua Hin, Thailand. I have been living in Thailand past 7 years.

🔵Some FAQs

Q. How do you make a living?
A. I have investments in housing & properties in Australia

Q. Are you single?
A. Currently I am in a relationship with my Thai girlfriend

Q. How long have you lived in Thailand?
A. I have been living in Thailand for 7 years, I spent 2 years in Phuket, about 2 years living in Bangkok. Now I am in Hua Hin Thailand.

Q. Why did you start YouTube vlogging?
A. I think I will be able to show the best and worst of Thailand though my eyes. A new perspective on Living In Thailand.

Q. Do you speak Thai?
A. No, but I am currently studying it at school.



    1. Nice work buddy LOL:-) Loving the videos on the Philippines mate, keep up the excellent work:-) have you been sent the 100k button yet?

  1. Great to see you back , not much happening there by the look of it . The breakfast looked great I could eat that right now nice vlog as always

  2. The dinosaur museum was interesting not for what it was but why. Somewhere in Lao there is a man who is really passionate about dinosaurs. His neighbor’s think he’s crazy, his wife likely left him when he told her of his plans to build a grand museum. And yet he persevered, toiled for 2 whole weeks to build his dream. Someday I’d like to meet that man & shake his hand.

  3. Jonny why the hell are you so likable. That was one of the worst videos you have made and yet I liked it cuz you have such a cool personality. Be safe out there!

  4. Laos is kind of weird, I would love there to be more, but there’s nothing there, I guess that’s part of the charm. Some waterfalls, some nice people who never quite open up, erm, good bread, beer and baguettes,. Anyone who says it’s ammmaaaazing, is lying.

  5. A quiet little town a bit like where i live in australia on the murrumbidgee river in new south wales.That mekong river is a massive river mate

  6. Savannekhet is hooping compared to my old girlfriends rice commune home village an hour east of there. It was like visiting another century. Other than the cock fights there is nothing to do.

  7. Ye weird town.A whole new shopping Mall building near the Thai embassy but has been empty of anything the last 3 years that i know of .Took the night bus from there once overnight to Vientian .Has beds for sleeping.Beds so narrow l had to book two of them side by side or else i would end up sleeping with a stranger 🙂

  8. Hate to say it Jonny, but you are wrong. Its the best dinosaur museum in the world. No other museum has made me laugh so much. There are more genuine fossils in the office I work in 5555

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