The USA vs. The Philippine: Pandemic Response Part 2.

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I walk around the South Lake Union area of Seattle, I talk about the differences in the quarantine statuses between the Philippines and here in Seattle.

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  1. There are several reasons why phl is more ‘stringent’ than usa

    1) healthcare system and other vital resources are grossly inadequate, hence the focus on ‘preventive’ compared to the more challenging ‘curative’ aspect

    2) population density is definitely higher hence social distancing measures are much harder to implement

    3) coupled with over ‘friendly’ pinoys’ ambivalence towards others’ personal space, so there lol

    4) overall sanitation and personal hygiene (urban blight) is likewise inferior hence the threat of outbreaks is much greater

    5) usa safeguards individual freedoms, making it difficult to require everyone to wear masks lol

  2. Yes..there are lots of companies with locations there in SEA…Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, Alaska Airlines (yes, actually HQ’d in Seattle..NOT Alaska!)…even the tv series Greys Anatomy set there!…LOL.

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