The Unsolvable Azolla Problem

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  1. You’re wasting your time and money on a continuing failed experiment with these pits. What do Filipinos love more than karaoke? Eating!! If ya wanna make money, ya gotta sell something that the native people want. Time to ditch the pits and plant fruit trees or a root crop.

  2. I asked a YouTuber Azolla farmer how to control brown spots in Azolla. He answered me back and said to take cow dung and burn it to fumigate and to take the ashes and spread them. He seems to think its from the larva of a moth. But I do know that smoke kills fungus. In the Vietnam war soldiers used to smoke there feet by a fire to kill foot fungus. The channel name is—–Grow your own food with Farmer Samir. The video title is.——-Organic way to control Azolla Insect pest.

  3. With a lot of ponds you could make a go with just duckweed. It’s gonna suck having to use all those pits for a small return daily of duckweed. The only thing left in my mind to grow with you extra land is Malungay. You can cover every piece of land you have with it and grows without you touching them. That can be your next project.

  4. The Aquatic Hatchery In Ubay is very promising… A good alternative to the Azolla to maybe complement your fish pen on your Milk Fish production? This is just some crazy though.

  5. “I’m gonna pull the plug on the Azzolla”! We’ve heard that before. Your too tunacious for that my friend. I was able to watch the one eared sow and her new piglets video before it went private. And I agree it is relaxing and uplifting to feel that energy of brand new empecably innocent life of any kind.

  6. i don’t know if juan lakawan’s channel is going to provide the solution…his channel seems a small time operation with azolla in small containers…however, here is a link to another aquaculture filipino video, a youtube channel of a guy who raises and sells ornamental and aquarium fish–which i assume are shipped off to japan, the USA and europe etc…in order to feed these fish he raises and then harvests mosquito larvae–apparently a high protein feed for his fish!…he seems to have a fairly large operation…

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