In this video…. trivia night is BACK and we start off in the music industry. Can you Name that band? Know any fun facts about musicians? Who are they married too and what albums are they famous for?
Come join the TD Community for a fun filled trivia night.

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Keep it real ya’ll


  1. Video in my subs list says it’s 5hrs 05min and 55secs long 😂 if you’re running windows 10 it’ll auto update without telling you. And you can’t really stop it eating resources including disk access.

    1. It’s back if you see this messge… was trying to edit out the end part but to no avail. Please enjoy the rest if you watch again.

  2. watching the replay, the questions was too hard for me 🙁 But was participating until I ended up going to unimart the korean supermarket, I was craving Asian food 🙂

  3. I waited about 30 -40 minutes for the stream to re-launch but OMS kicked in and went to slumberland. Sorry I missed this one, looked like fun!

  4. best selling albums question one footrot flats ? question 2 good time boy question 3 pearls of wisdom question 4 boys are back in town question 5 meaty goodness question 6 saltanas are nice question 7 pot smoking in jamaica question 8 zepplins are flying question 9 guns for hire question 10 akka dakka bonus question white sabbarth @tokyo drew I think I aced the questions lol 🙂

  5. Hey Drew. Really enjoyed this video. Really really enjoyed it up until you LIED to us !!! We never got to see the puppies !!! Grrrrr …. Take care Drew.

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