The Tagbilaran Fish ‘n Veggies Market — Philippines

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  1. Hi Henry,

    My wives family is right there in Ogpoon Last name Bucog. They live in the big white house off the Loboc river. Love this Video…yes!

  2. Thanks, I just kinda shot it at the last minute as I was on my way to ICM after having walked in all the way to town during the heat of the day. Had fun though. 🙂

  3. I like shopping at the Palenka (sp? ) . The smell can be overwhelming so go early while things are at there freshest. I think most of the shrimp are pond raise. The chickens and pork are also so it pays to know who you are buying from. Even visit their farm so you can see what they feed their animals and care for them. Keep a small towel with you to wipe off the sweat.

  4. Those little dried out minnows are like potato chips.. I had those in Japan.. Also the crab too… You eat them whole and are NASTY! 

    I think you should have a towel to wipe up the sweat. I know I would need one. 

  5. Awesome,
    Thank you, this is what I was looking for food wise… Beautiful!

    Those white carrot looking things that you knew were not jicama are daikon radish, which is the root they shave the white, crunchy, juicy stringy stuff you get with your sushi plate in California.

    It is apparently good for calming upper GI discomfort, and you can poach thick slices in bonito seasoned broth with some soy and a little sugar.

    My GF used to make it for us.

    Those chilies and shrimp are making my mouth water.

    See you for dinner tomorrow!

  6. You found your  ‘Palengke’ a tagalog word for out door market place.  Get five pounds of shimpy , 3 pounds of squids Henry and I’ll get some beer..a

    1. Two weeks ago they were sold out of garlic in Dumaguete for 2 days.  Even so, still much cheaper than back home.  When I can, I buy the biggest jar of minced garlic I can find.. saves me time.   🙂

  7. Watching this video noticing the sweat on your brow, a memory came to me from my 2010 trip to the Philippines, where I was near Angeles in a market, and my g/f demanded I purchase and use a sweat rag to keep my forehead and back of my neck dry, so I would not get sick. And since I took her advice and did not get sick the month I was there, perhaps this is some good local wisdom. As always, one of your loyal viewers thanks you for your videos and information. Salamat.

    1. It was explained to me without science backing it, Sweating (Rash) – The loss of fluid through sweating also increases infection rates due to poor hygiene.  One of the things I am sure you have noticed is how clean most Filipinas are. Just an opinion.

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